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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/17/97

by Dani


In the Intern Lounge, Eve flashes back to the night Julie introduced Dr. Bennett Devlin as her father. Julie tells Eve that she intends to tell all the interns the truth. She lets it out that Chris already knows. Eve plays the devil's advocate and wonders snidely how Chris and Julie got to be so close.

Meanwhile, Chris is at breakfast with Bennett Devlin. Solicitous, Chris offers to "look out" for Julie. Devlin is supremely confident, smug and barely tolerant of Chris.

Lee and Scott Baldwin are meeting with Cooper's attorney. They suggest that there may be cause for the Coopers to drop their charges; Scott beckons Ellen and Matt to the table.

Cooper's nurse arrives to change the sheets. "Not that you'd notice," she remarks and turns her back. Cooper's eyes open. He's obviously alert.

Act I

Kevin is settling Victor into his room at Forest Hills. Not exactly what I was promised, he tells his dad. If the walls start closing in, he adds, you can look at this Monet. He shows dad a small painting, a floral still life. Kevin says that it reminds him of the flowers around the convent in France. He also tells Victor that the accommodations are only temporary until more tests are run. More tests, is Victor's wry complaint. Kevin apologizes and Victor reassures him, reaching out to grasp Kevin's hand. "I'm OK," he says, "so are you."

Lee and Scott bring out a report from a forensic psychologist that characterizes Cooper as a violent psychopath. My client's mental state is not the issue, says the lawyer. Matt tells about finding the syringe with traces of insulin in Cooper's mattress. Scott adds that Tony Jones will corroborate Ellen's assessment of Cooper's medical condition. They also mention that Cooper has a history of acting on his impulses for revenge. They leave the ball in Cooper's attorney's court.

Cooper's nurse is yakking on the phone to a friend. During the conversation, she calls Cooper a "total veg." She returns to changing the bedding and when her back is turned, Cooper's eyes are fixed on the matches sticking out of her pocket.

Julie tells Eve that Chris may be arrogant, yes, but that he's also very caring, that he knew her secret and kept quiet. Eve questioned how Chris found out and Julie repeated what Chris had said about picking up on something Cooper had said while holding them hostage. Julie can't understand why Eve has so little regard for both Chris and her father when she really doesn't know them that well. Oh Julie, if only you knew....

Chris tries his brown-nosing best to get into Devlin's good graces, but to no avail. To Bennett Devlin, he is insignificant. Chris tells Devlin that he knows it can't be easy to know that Julie is living in a basement apartment and dating an ambulance driver.

Act II

As Chris tries in vain to ingratiate himself to Devlin, he finally plays his trump card. He tells Devlin that he may just be a lowly intern but he also hears things. He says that he can make sure that certain rumors are not repeated. He intimates that he knows something very startling about Eve. Devlin keeps his poker face and plays it close to the vest.

When Cooper's lawyer persists in presenting his client as a victim, Scott mentions that this case would make a good made-for-TV movie. Wouldn't it be a great plot, he explains, to find out that the lawyer was the last visitor to Cooper's room, that it would have been easy for him to smuggle in the syringe. Scott, tongue-in-cheek, says that he pictures John Stamos (ex-Blackie and friend of Kin Shriner) in the role. Apparently beaten, Cooper's lawyer hints that he'll try to get Cooper's parents to drop the charges. He leaves and Lee, Scott, Ellen and Matt congratulate themselves. Lee tells Scott that he did a good job, that he's saved the hospital a lot of damage. Scott praises Matt and Ellen, calling them "Nick and Nora." they toast their victory.

As his nurse turns away, Cooper sneaks the matches from her pocket.


Ellen seems very happy. Lee is happy and Scott says that he'd forgotten how much fun it was to annoy people for a living. He calls Lee an "old geezer" and they leave together. Ellen wants to leave, but Matt talks her into staying for lunch. Ellen hesitates, then throws herself enthusiastically into ordering food that she's been too preoccupied to eat until now, with success at hand. She says, "In my soul, this chick is doing cartwheels."

After making some subtle threats about what he knows, Chris is chastised by Devlin. "You are way out of your league," Devlin tells him. Still, Chris feels like he had Devlin on the run. After he leaves, Devlin takes out his cell phone.

A phone call interrupts Eve and Julie. It's Devlin calling on Eve's cell phone. He wants to meet her for dinner. She resists but finally agrees to meet him, with a totally clueless Julie listening from the sidelines.

Kevin tells his dad, "I'm trying to help you." Victor replies, "I never helped you." Kevin says, "The past is something we're stuck with. We either go back or move on from there." "Don't go back there, Monk," Victor whispers hoarsely, "it makes you sad." Kevin smiles, "I can handle it, but thanks." Then Cooper's nurse arrives. She says that dad will be moved to a more comfortable room after some tests and Kevin meets with Victor's physician. Now, what did she do with those matches?

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