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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 9/15/97

by Dani


Whew! Just a second, let me catch my breath! In her apartment, Karen and Joe are kissing passionately. Karen is popping that hunk's buttons like corn. Strange that she hesitates and asks: "What are we doing?" Then she tosses her head like, "What in the heck am I thinking?!" and offers her neck to the starving Joe Scanlon, who hasn't come up for air yet. She, on the other hand, is gasping like a faulty air pump.

Back at GH, Jake is on the phone with Rex, trying to call his bluff. He says that Danielle is gone and there's nothing that Rex can do to her. He tells Rex that if he doesn't back off, "I'll break your neck!" He hangs up and then says to Scott, who's standing nearby, "You hear that? No one can hurt Serena now." Scott mutters an oath and grabs a package that is being delivered to Dr. Burgess from the lab.

In the intern lounge, Matt is reading from Kevin's psych evaluation of Cooper. (How do you do a psych evaluation on a comatose patient?) Kevin points out that Cooper's problems are rooted in his conflicted relationship with his father. He says that Cooper can use superficial charm to manipulate people and that everyone who comes in contact with him is in danger. Scott arrives with the package. It contains a report that confirms the syringe found in Cooper's room had insulin in it and was likely to have caused Cooper's second seizure. Scott warns them that they still have to prove that Cooper injected himself. How can you do that, asks Kevin, when he's been in a coma since the second seizure?

In Cooper's room, his nurse wonders if she saw his eyes move. She quickly calls for a doctor.

Act I

Jake calls out to a strange woman in the stairwell, thinking it was Danielle. It's not, but that doesn't stop him from slipping into a cotton-candy fantasy of Danielle coming down the stairs and giving him flowers. Oh man, he misses her! He's interrupted by a nurse who says the patient in room 213 is asking for him. He doesn't have a patient in that room, but he goes in to find Uncle Rex reclining, cigar in hand, in the bed. "Never hang up on me", warns Rex, "and only I can say when it's over".

Back in the lounge, Kevin, all gloom and doom, says that it would be typical of Cooper and his lawyer to claim that GH planted the syringe in Cooper's room to protect their chief resident! Kevin is called away to deal with his father, Victor. Scott says that it's about time he met this Cooper.

Cooper's doctor is examining him and pooh-poohs the nurse's claim to have seen his eyes move. He's just the same as the last time I saw him, the doctor states.

The single being that used to be Karen and Joe has toppled over onto the sofabed. Things are horizontal and percolating until a phone call from the hospital interrupts them. After Karen takes the call, they both seem to be reconsidering. Joe offers one of the most feeble lines I've ever heard. He tells Karen that he was dreaming. That he was out on the terrace and a man was trying to get her out of the apartment. And then you were there, he says. I thought I was still dreaming. (I bet he used to tell the nuns that the dog ate his homework, too!) But level with me, he asks Karen. If the phone hadn't rung, would you have stopped us? (So much for the "I thought I was dreaming" scenario!) "Yes," Karen lied, then thinking better of it, she adds, "I don't know." "Be honest," Joe says, "If the phone hadn't stopped us, we'd be making love." (Good place to put a commercial!)

Act II

Kevin arrives at Victor's room. "I got these papers," Victor announces. They're the admission forms for Forest Hills. Kevin explains that they were supposed to be delivered to him, but they must have sent them to the wrong Dr. Collins. "Don't you want to get better?" Kevin asks. "I don't know," Victor answers, "I'm afraid." "What are you afraid of?" Kevin asks. "Moving ahead," Victor replies, and adds, "the past is always with us. Doesn't that frighten you?" "Yes," Kevin agrees and he leaves the decision to go to Forest Hills up to Victor. Whatever you do, he tells his father, you won't be alone. (You have to really, really love Kevin!)

Scott arrives at Forest Hills Psychiatric Hospital and jabs Cooper viciously with a pen. Cooper does not respond. "He's good," Scott admits. Ellen and Matt get Scott to leave.

Back at room 213, Jake insists that Rex is powerless because Danielle is gone. Rex threatens to kill Danielle. Jake scoffs. Then Rex dials a number and a phone in front of Danielle's plane seat rings. The man in the seat next to her answers, hands it to her and Jake hears her voice on the phone.

Joe insists that he'll try to be a good friend, but how can two people be friends when they feel the way the do about each other? He starts to leave and Karen stops him by offering to answer his previous question: Does she want him as bad as he wants her?


Jake and Danielle barely exchange words before Rex cuts them off. He tells Jake that threats work, and that Jake is alive only because Danielle feared for his life. Rex challenges Jake to test him.

Back at the lounge, Matt tells Ellen that Scott Baldwin has "flair." She tells him that she never thought she'd have a friend as good as David Faulk, the man Cooper shot and killed. Once again, Matt rubs it in, you were wrong.

In the hospital corridor, Kevin is packing his dad off to Forest Hills. Scott asks him if he's worried about Cooper being there. Kevin discounts the notion that Cooper is capable of anything.

Cooper's doctor is looking for any reaction to Scott's stupid attempt to elicit a response from Cooper. Certainly, if Cooper didn't react to that kind of pain, he can't feel anything. After he's alone, we see Cooper's hand slide from beneath the blanket and grip the sheets.

Karen confesses that she wants Joe, but that as long as she's a married woman, she cannot be with him. Joe compares the depth of his love for her to the neglect she suffers from Jagger. Still, he nobely pledges to remain "friends." He begins to leave and she offers a feeble reason for him to stay. "If I stay, I'll kiss you again and this time I may not be able to stop." (That gave me shivers!) Must have affected Karen, too, because as soon as he's out the door, she opens her laptop and starts a "Dear Jagger" letter. Soon there's a knock at the door and she leaps toward it, crying, "Joe?" This is where we end for the day. If there is a soap opera god, she'd fling open the door to find Jagger. Unfortunately it'll probably just be mom.

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