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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/12/97

by Dani


At GH, Ellen is getting ready to leave when Matt shows up with an envelope that contains everything that was confiscated from Cooper's room. Ellen is not thrilled and tries to leave it for tomorrow, but Matt persuades her to wait. He wants to watch to see if his theory about Cooper causing his own seizure is proved correct.

Joe brings Karen home from a long, long day at the hospital. He notes how she's settled into her new place and she remarks that she brought some of "their" stuff home from San Francisco. Joe says nothing, merely throws himself into a chair. Karen wryly admits that mentioning SF was probably a big conversation stopper. But, she continues, maybe I ought to tell you what I haven't said about my trip. There's a suspicious lack of response from Joe.

Kevin and Lucy are at GH, and Kevin is checking his dad's charts. They talk about being concerned over what Scott is doing. Scott is at the airport, watching Danielle as she waits for her flight.

Act I

As her flight number is called for boarding, Danielle stands and sees Scott's reflection in the glass window. She confronts him. She tries to reassure him that she will not do anything to hurt him or Serena. Scott proposes a theory that she was just a scared girl, all alone in the world, when Uncle Rex showed up and coerced her into going along with his plan. She's nervous, glance darting about. Scott asks who she keeps looking for, Rex? She leaves.

Jake sees Kevin and Lucy at the hospital. Lucy is definitely irked. Jake apologizes and tells them that Danielle is leaving town and that she signed a "quit claim" giving up any rights to Serena. This certainly pleases Lucy. As Jake goes to leave, Kevin stops him to report on Victor's progress and to ask Jake to consult. But Jake declines, saying that he needs to concentrate on surgical rotation. Afterward, Lucy notes that Jake is a man with a broken heart.

We return to Karen's apartment just as she finishes confessing all about her disastrous trip to see Jagger. When Joe has nothing to say, she goes over to his chair and finds that he's been out like a light through the entire speech. Perhaps, she muses, she wasn't meant to tell him any of it. And he looks so cute and tired. So she puts his feet up on an ottoman and covers him with a blanket. She pulls out the sofa-bed and takes off her shirt. We fade to black as she starts to unhook her bra.

Matt and Ellen have run into the brick wall called NO EVIDENCE. Ellen, typically, is ready to give up. If Matt could stand, he'd be up on his soapbox as he lectures her on giving up. Where would he be today if he'd given up against insurmountable odds. He then mentions thinking from another point of view, like Cooper's, then beckons Ellen to follow him.

Act II

Back at Karen's, she goes to lay down, keeping a fond eye on the gorgeous guy sleeping in the chair next to her sofa-bed. Now this is the weird part and I hope that I can make it clear. We soft-focus into a dream. In it, it looks as if Karen is sitting on the sofa with Joe or is it Jagger? Because we can only see him from the side. He is shaking her and she's crying out "You did it! You did it!" Joe is watching from outside the terrace door. The mystery man starts to hustle the hysterical-dream Karen out the front door. And frantic-dream Joe is outside the terrace door unable to get in. He's crying out, "Karen! No!" over and over.

Matt & Ellen take a security officer to Cooper's room. This apparently is arranged by Scott, who Matt says is really earning his fee. As Matt has the security officer help move the mattress, he points out a slit in the mattress. He carefully removes a syringe. Ellen is shocked.

Scott finds Lucy and Kevin at the hospital. Kevin goes to run errands and Lucy ecstatically presses Scott for details on what happened with Danielle. She looks over the quit claim, which Scott tells her would be thrown out of court by any competent lawyer. Why? Lucy asks. Because I wasn't too nice to her, and because she didn't have a lawyer present, Scott explains. Scott says that this isn't over yet, and Lucy says that Rex is the true culprit behind the kidnapping.


Karen wakes Joe up. (So it was HIS dream!) He wakes up in a panic and saying how scared he is and before you know it, Karen and Joe are kissing. The music changes to a sultry, seductive type that means these two are in it for the long haul.

Ellen is on the phone, telling Lee Baldwin that the new evidence is on its way down to his office. Matt is smug about proving his theory right and Ellen is almost giddy. She tells Matt to go ahead and tell her "I told you so." But Matt says instead how pretty her face is when she's happy. This causes an awkward silence until Kevin shows up. He tells Ellen that he feels like he's left her in the lurch and hands her his psychiatric evaluation of Cooper. The evaluation finds Cooper to be dangerous, unstable and completely capable of faking his seizure.

In another hospital, Cooper's nurse turns her back, asking, "Enjoy our sponge bath today?" She doesn't really expect him to answer, of course. But if she were to turn around, she'd see that his eyes opened and then closed again. (Personal note: I found that to be really creepy!)

Lucy leaves, telling Scott to go easy on Jake. Jake gets a phone call from Uncle Rex: "About that DNA work you're going to do...You ready to talk turkey?"

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