Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/11/97

by Georgian

Acting on a hunch, Chris decides to snoop into a possible personal connection between Eve and Bennett. Meanwhile, a humiliated Julie rails at her father for giving her preferential treatment in front of the other interns. Julie reminds her dad how his continuing presence in Port Charles has put her in an impossible situation with her work at General Hospital.

Though Jake orders him to leave, Scotty stands his ground and icily accuses the doctor of being part of the Stantons' slimy conspiracy. Danielle leaps to Jake's defense, swearing to Scotty that her boyfriend knew absolutely nothing about Rex's plot until just a few weeks ago.

Posing as a landlord checking up on a prospective tenant, Chris calls Eve's former landlady and is intrigued to learn that his now penniless colleague once shelled out big bucks on a regular basis for a luxury apartment. Eve and Frank privately trade notes and agree that the condescending Dr. Devlin has been treating his daughter like an imbecile.

Danielle tells Scotty she's planning to leave town. Scornfully expressing doubts that the young woman would simply give up on the cash cow she's just discovered, Scotty calls Danielle's bluff by asking her to sign a legal document surrendering all her claims to Serena.

Chris gleefully contemplates how best to use his new ammunition after uncovering proof that Bennett was once Eve's sugar daddy. After Danielle signs the quit claim, Scotty reminds her and Jake that he doesn't want to see them ever again.


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