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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/10/97

by Dani


At GH, Matt greets Ellen and he is supremely confident about his preparation for Devlin. As he leaves, Audrey brings bad news to Ellen. After Ellen looks at the paper Audrey hands her, she is obviously stricken and Audrey gives her a hug.

Julie begins to tell her fellow interns how she is related to Dr. Bennett Devlin--no, wait, Chris shows up and he tells her that he feels that they know all they need to know about Dr. Devlin. No, she says, she feels badly about keeping this information to herself, and as she begins to tell them the truth--no, wait, Dr. Devlin himself shows up and cuts her off.

Scott pretends to be Danielle's agent to gain access to her apartment.

Act I

Scott looks around Jake and Danielle's apartment. He sees her suitcase by the door. As he looks over some lab equipment, he recalls Karen's revelation about Jake's specialty in DNA research. He plays the answering machine, which happens to be Jake's mom, in a supposedly heavy Polish accent?, who thanks him for taking care of the immigration problem. He notes the picture of Jake as a boy and of the flowers in the trash. Danielle returns.

Ellen is reading the bad press. She tells Audrey that she wants to show the article to Scott. She's very worried.

Devlin begins his tour with the interns. He gives a terse introductory talk on internship and surgery. The interns are very quiet and solemn.

Act II

As Boardman and Devlin confer, the interns wait nervously for the Q&A period to begin. When questioned, Jake does okay. He's like a machine, very thorough. Chris also does well, adding a little personal quip to make Devlin laugh. Matt does well, but doesn't seem to impress Devlin. He adds a little more information to his answer and Devlin seems pleased. Karen forgets a textbook answer during her turn. Devlin looks pained, Karen looks mortified. Ellen said that Karen would know the answer by tomorrow morning. "Of course," Karen agrees quickly. Joe Scanlon answers well but is advised that he should see a case through to completion. When Julie is brought up short on her question, Dad jumps in to cover her inadequacy. Anyone who knows who she really is would know that Dad is protecting her. When he rescues her, Boardman does give him a weird look.

Scott comes down hard on Danielle. He questions her ruthlessly about the details of her claim to be Serena's real mother. She is flustered and he tells her that this is nothing compared to what he'd do to her on the witness stand. He says that if she continues to play this game, nothing will save her from him.


Matt is jubilant over his performance for Devlin. Seeing Ellen is preoccupied, he presses to see the article she was reading. What will you do, he asks her. To that, she quotes Bruce Springsteen, "No defeat, no surrender." It's time that she start taking the advice she gives to interns. She says that she is going to get access to Cooper's room at the hospital. Needless to say, this pleases Matt.

Joe and Karen whine together about the apparent shortcomings with Devlin during the Q&A. Chris and Eve talk about Devlin favoring Julie. Julie goes home to find Dad in her apartment.

Danielle begs Scott to leave. He tells her about Serena's first day at school and how happy she was surrounded by friends and family. He asks Danielle to imagine this same happy little girl up on a witness stand hearing all about how the star she prays to every night is not really her mommy. Scott tells her that he cannot imagine it, because he will never, ever let that happen. Danielle blurts out that she loves Serena and that really sets Scott off. He physically intimidates her, growling that if she EVER says she loves Serena again, he will choke the life out of her. Then, of course, Jake walks in!


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