Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 9/8/97

by Dani


We open at GH; Joe is giving Dr. Boardman a piece of his mind as he jumps to Karen's defense. Karen drags Joe away from Boardman in a desperate attempt to protect the good-hearted lout. Boardman sniffs in disdain, commenting to Grace that he could snuff out Joe's career with a snap of his fingers. "I'm sorry," Grace smirks, "Did you say something?"

At the Scanlon Bed & Bring Your Own Breakfast, Frank is scavenging through the murky depths of the bachelor fridge. He's too late to rescue a black banana and a shriveled apple. Mom to the rescue! After chiding him for not shopping, she asks what is wrong between him and Julie. It's her dad, Frank tells her. Though he's only met the man once, something about him rubbed Frank the wrong way. (Are we surprised?)

In the intern's lounge, Eve is hotly telling off Dr. Bennett Devlin when Julie walks in and demands to know what they are arguing about. At the lighthouse, Lucy has just told Scott that the only doctor who can unequivocally prove that the egg that was implanted into Lucy was Dominique's died. "How did she die?" demands Scott. "I can tell you that," remarks Kevin as he enters the room.

Act I

Eve awkwardly explains to Julie that she was arguing with Dad Devlin on her behalf, that Eve felt it was unfair for him to stay in town and make things worse for Julie. Julie tells Eve that it's not Eve's place to act for her and that she's going to come clean to all her intern friends. Dr. Bennett wonders if she might not want to wait, considering that he's going to be accompanying the interns and Dr. Boardman on surgical rotations. Julie and Eve are nonplused at the news.

Frank tells his mom about Julie's double identity and the reasons behind it. He admits, somewhat hesitantly, that she's not Catholic, either. "No one's perfect," Mom Scanlon quips, before reassuring Frank that she really does understand.

Karen gets Joe to agree to cool it. Joe quickly apologizes to Boardman. Boardman lets him off easy, but tells him that he better not pull anything like that with Dr. Devlin, who will be accompanying them on rounds. As Joe turns back to Karen, Boardman tells Grace that "Devlin makes me look like a walk in the park." Karen leaves and Grace nabs Joe. She tells him that Boardman is setting him up with Devlin. Devlin will expect everyone to know everything about everyone's patients.

Kevin tells Scott that he was an acquaintance of Dr. Sheila Bissell, that she had a job offer in Washington, and that she died in a canoe accident. "This was no boating accident," Scott growls in a tip of the hat to Matt Hooper. He accuses Rex Stanton of murder.

Act II

From Grace, Joe learns to expect the worst on rounds tomorrow. She says that Devlin makes Boardman look like Pollyanna on Prozac. Joe thanks her with a hug. She looks...surprised or weirded out by that. Joe tells Karen what he's discovered about Devlin.

Frank meets Julie and offers to walk her home. When he asks what's bugging her, she tells him about interrupting an argument between Eve and her dad. She expresses some wonder about Eve going to bat for her. "Finally," Frank says, "something comes out of her mouth that I agree with."

Kevin recounts to Lucy and Scott the information Mac has been digging up on Rex Stanton. His name is really Gustav Bausch and Stanton is his mother's name. Rex has a degree in chemistry. He is reported to be "brilliant with no inclination toward scholastic achievement." Scott figures the chemistry degree certainly jives with Serena being injected. A special delivery package arrives. It's the documentation that Lucy and Scott asked of Rex Stanton, detailing all of his business activity as concerns Jax Cosmetics in Europe.


Scott grows agitated and wants to take action. Kevin and Lucy advise caution. They should wait for Rex to make his next move. Scott stalks off in a huff and Kevin goes after him. Serena comes downstairs to see what her dad is yelling about. Lucy tries to reassure her and distract her with talk of starting school. Lucy takes her back to bed for a story.

Kevin talks some sense to Scott. Scott wants to flee and Kevin doesn't blame him. But Kevin also points out that Scott has more than friends and family in Port Charles...he has home court advantage. Who can put that to better use than Scott?

Back home at the Scanlon house, Frank tells Julie that she should tell her dad to leave. She says that no one tells Dr. Bennett Devlin what to do. Mom Scanlon enters and she tells Julie that she understands about her need to establish herself as a doctor in her own right, without the influence or intervention of her father. But Mary also says that Julie should bring him by for poker night. Just then, Joe and Karen show up with a mass of research that needs to be accomplished before rounds the next day. Why? asks Julie. Because, they reply, the doctor making rounds with them tomorrow, Dr. Bennett Devlin, is an even bigger sadist than Dr. Boardman.

Meanwhile, the old sadist himself is skulking around the intern's lounge. Off camera, we hear the shower running. (Somehow, we just know it's not Chris in there!) Eve comes out of the shower in a towel. Bennett and Eve trade more moderate abuse and then he suggests that he can help take some of the pressure off her by moving her out of the basement apartment. She scoffs at this feeble attempt to get her away from Julie. He grabs her by the arm and warns her not to feel too empowered. What do you mean? she asks. You figure it out, he replies ominously.


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