Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/4/97

by Georgian

Julie and Frank realize that their crazy work schedules make it nearly impossible for them to spend any time together despite the fact that they live under the same roof. Julie gets antsy when Frank asks about her dad.

Jake comes home and is annoyed to find that Danielle is still in the apartment. Danielle then tells Jake about how Rex tricked her into carrying out more of Rex's plan.

Lucy tells Scotty that she can prove that Danielle's claims about being Serena's mother are nothing but lies. Lucy tells Scotty how she received the egg directly from Dominique on the day she became the surrogate mom.

Jake warns Danielle that she's going to wind up in jail as soon as the DNA test are done.

Karen drops by the lighthouse and quickly realizes that something is wrong with Scotty. After Scotty tells Karen about the outrageous story, Karen assumes that someone is trying to get Scotty's fortune.

At the hospital, Jake apologizes to Ellen for leaving on an unscheduled vacation. He is then dismayed to learn he's been dropped from the surgical rotation. Ellen encourages Jake to go to Boardman and fight for his place among the other interns.

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Danielle decides to leave Port Charles while Rex is out of town.

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