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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/3/97

by Dani


Today we open with Joe & Karen in the Intern's Lounge, commiserating over their respective treatment by the obnoxious Dr. Boardman. Joe places a comforting hand over Karen's.

Kevin's anger over the way that Scotty treats Lucy boils over. He's tired, he shouts, of the way Lucy can forgive Scott for lashing out at her when Lucy is hurting just as much. Lucy is upset. Why are you yelling at me? she cries, it's not like you. Maybe, Kevin replies, you don't know me.

Scott, who has shown up at Rex's doorstep, tells him about Danielle's claim to be Serena's biological mother.

Act I

Awkwardly, Karen tries to apologize for her past behavior with Joe. She claims to have been too needy and too ready to lean on him. Joe won't hear of it, though. He tells her not to apologize. He has more to say but is called away to the emergency room.

Kevin, his voice ragged, tells Lucy that he's sick of seeing her and Scott fight and then, without a qualm, go and tuck in Serena. "I lost the baby, too," he says. Lucy, also on the ragged edge, says that she tries her best just to get through each day. Kevin says that he feels a fog, albeit a loving one at times, between them. With a great tension in the air, Kevin is called away to GH for a situation regarding Victor.

Jake calls Danielle and tells her that he's taken care of the mess his parents had been in.

Rex plays dumb. He calls Danielle's scheme reprehensible and wonders just what she could possibly hope to gain. You don't know anything about this? Scott presses. Rex vehemently denies any involvement. He says that they need to do something, though, and he offers to act as a go-between with Danielle. Scott is playing along. He notes that he seems to have interrupted a celebration at Rex's house. Rex pooh-poohs the notion. He just acquired a taste for the bubbly while in Europe. After Scott leaves, he turns the classical music back on, swigs champagne from the bottle and laughs in maniacal glee.

Act II

Kevin is at the hospital with Victor. It seems that Victor threw his dinner on the floor. Victor appears to be distraught in a quiet way. (This actor does a great job!) Kevin tells Victor that he's making progress despite his best efforts to the contrary. Kevin, his voice still raw from arguing with Lucy, speaks softly to Victor about finding Ryan and trying to right all the wrongs. He learned that you can't change the past; that the past will shape who you are in the present and what you'll be in the future. It can be interpreted that he's referring to his relationship with Lucy or his relationship with Ryan. He says that moving on is not about starting over, but about starting from where you are. Victor whispers, "Freedom....for Monk." Kevin agrees and tenderly kisses Victor's temple. Awwww! (Personal note: this was a good day for fathers and sons if you watch both PC and GH!)

Danielle asks Jake when he's coming home. He turns cool. He wants his life back, but he doesn't want her in it. After hanging up the phone, she collapses in tears.

Back at the lighthouse, Scott and Lucy talk about his visit to Rex. They have no idea what his plan is. Lucy says that they will just have to wait and find out. Scott shifts into his sensitive, gentle mode and tells Lucy that she's terrific and he doesn't know what he'd do without her. He apologizes for yelling at her before he left for Rex's. She appreciates his admission and reciprocates. They hug.


Joe returns after the emergency and finds Karen finishing her paperwork. She says that she waited for him. He defines their relationship. "FRIENDS," he says. No strings attached, any favor granted. Yeah, right, whatever!

Kevin comes home and Lucy is waiting up for him. I'm sorry, he says. Me, too, she agrees. He explains that he's been walking around wanting to break something or hurt someone and he took it out on her and Scott. Lucy says that she can usually find a way to tell Kevin what she's feeling and if she can't find the words, she finds another way to show him how she's feeling (by this I assume that she means sex) but that lately she just hasn't been able. "Maybe I just needed--" he starts. "I know," Lucy says, "you just wanted us to feel something...together." In a quavering voice, Kevin says he just didn't know [losing the baby] would hurt so much. A tear escapes his eye. They kiss.

Upstairs, Scott has finished reading a bedtime story to Serena, who appears to have dozed off. As he gets off the bed, she asks him what's wrong. He denies anything is wrong. He looks out the window. "I know what's wrong," she says. "I can't find it either." "What?" Scott asks. "Mommy's star," Serena replies. "I can't see it." Scott assures her that it's just a "little cloudy" right now and that Mommy will be with them forever. She goes to sleep and Scott looks sad.

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