Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/2/97

by Georgian

Saying how her dad will be conducting special seminars at General Hospital, Julie tells Frank that she feels confident that her father won't reveal her true identity to anyone else on the staff. Julie admits to Frank that she's starting to feel guilty about lying to her co-workers.

Matt complains to Ellen about the problems working in the O. R. with surgeons like Dr. Boardman. Matt then tells Ellen that he won't be treated like an invisible man by Boardman.

At the lighthouse, Lucy wonders how she is going to tell Scotty about the lies that Danielle told. When Scotty comes home, in an upbeat mood, he thanks Lucy for making him stay in Port Charles. After a while, Lucy finally tells Scotty about Danielle's claim that she's really

Serena's mother. Certain that Dominique would never do anything like that, Scotty accuses Lucy of working with Danielle just to hurt him. Scotty later apologizes to Lucy and then storms out of the lighthouse to confront Rex.

Danielle demands that Rex tell her where Jake is after carrying out his devious plan. Rex then tells a dumbfounded Danielle that Jake was never in any danger from the so-called "poison".


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