Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 8/29/97

by Dani


In the Intern's Lounge, Chris, Matt, Eve, Julie and Joe enter, griping about the first day of surgery with Dr. Boardman. Chris is sweaty, but happy due to cementing his place as Boardman's fair-haired boy. Joe makes a crack and Chris accuses him of jealousy. Karen enters, sour-faced, and brushes off Joe as she heads for the showers. The whole crew gets kind of quiet. It seems that Boardman was exceptionally hard on her. Chris picks up the phone: it's Danielle looking for Jake. Chris tells her that Jake missed his first day of surgery.

Kevin, Lucy and Scott continue to discuss Jake and Danielle and the possible roles they played in Serena's abduction. Scott shoots down Lucy's theories when she tries to defend Danielle or Jake, and Kevin gets in Scotty's face about his lack of sensitivity. Things are getting heated when Serena interrupts them.

At the Recovery Room, Danielle calls the airline to check on Jake. Rex sits nearby, playing head games with her. He's got those syringes. Did he poison Jake? Is Jake on a plane or dying?

Act I

Rex continues to torment Danielle with what he might have done to Jake. Frank shows up, in his Sunday best no less, and greets them. He notes that Danielle is looking upset and asks if she's all right.

Kevin and Scott smooth things over for Serena, who goes to get some French bread in the kitchen for a potluck that Scotty is taking her to. Before she goes, she asks Kevin how his dad is. While she's gone, Kevin apologizes to Scott, saying that he knows how much Serena means to him, and Scotty says that he's glad that Kevin's dad is better. Awwww!

If there was any doubt that Chris had any real interest in fly fishing, it was well-founded. He's almost giddy about his ploy's success with Boardman. Matt is headed for the Recovery Room and asks Joe to come along, but he declines. He needs to wait for Karen. Julie comes out of the bathroom, saying that Karen is better now. She and Matt head for the Recovery Room.

Act II

Back at the Recovery Room: Oh yes, Danielle assures Frank when he asks if she's all right, she's just worried about Jake working so hard. She introduces Frank to her Uncle Rex. Frank leaves them and Rex drags Danielle off so he can tutor her on how to handle Lucy.

Enter Chris and Eve. They watch as Julie greets Frank. Matt goes to get them drinks and Frank asks Julie how her day was. Not as bad as Karen's, she reveals.

Switch back to the lounge where Joe waits patiently for Karen. He tells her how much he admires the way she handled herself under Boardman's abuse. She's demure, he starts to leave, but she calls him back....

Lucy has a sudden insight into Rex's plan by thinking of an old Cary Grant movie. Could Rex have created a trail of documentation of his business in Europe? Scott, still impatient, says how he'd just like to choke the information out of Danielle. The doorbell sounds. Scott opens the door. It's Danielle.


Karen and Joe verbally tap dance their way around the issue of their relationship. They're friends, they're very good friends, they're the best of friends. Boardman comes in and tells them that they need to cover for Jake. So even though they just worked a full shift, they're going to have to work another. They better be prepared to spend a lot of time together!

Before they leave for their date, Julie leaves Frank to talk with Eve. She thanks Eve for keeping her identity secret. But if Boardman knew who your father is, Eve bubbles viciously, we could probably get him to come and clean our apartment. Eve lets her know that she's not

thrilled at having Bennett Devlin popping in whenever he wants. After Frank hauls Julie off, Eve lets Chris know that she is aware of why he's so intent on getting to Julie. Now that Dad Devlin is in town, Chris can put all that kissing up to good use.

Rex is in his new house, being fitted for a suit by a little tailor man. Their chat turns into Rex's one-man diatribe about Scott, his goatee and his general unworthiness. The little tailor man doesn't quite know what to make of it. (Personal note: This is a great moment. Where before, I just felt that Rex was a mean, spiteful man with no redeeming characteristics, now I know that he's obsessed to the point of lunacy...and I kind of like that in my villains!)

And what is Danielle doing at Lucy's? Is she there on Rex's instructions or is she finally going to blow the whistle? "It's about Serena!" she blurts out.


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