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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/28/97

by Georgian

Kevin explains to his father how the discovery of a chemical imbalance may make it possible for him to get a new course of treatment, which would lead to a full recovery.

Worried that Rex will retaliate, Danielle pleads with Jake not to leave Port Charles without Rex's permission. At the lighthouse, Lucy tells a startled Rex that Scotty will be Jax Cosmetics' lawyer as it expands to Europe. Quickly recovering from an unpleasant surprise, Rex assures Lucy that he looks forward to working with Scotty.

Jake angrily reminds her that he won't let anyone stand in the way of his plan to save his parents from prosecution or deportation.

Kevin asks Victor to join him in psychotherapy in an effort to heal their troubled family.

Ellen tells Jake not to risk incurring Dr. Boardman's wrath by taking time off just as surgical rotation is beginning.

Scott tells Rex that he'll need to look at all the paperwork involving his business dealings with Jax Cosmetics. Later, Rex terrifies Danielle by hinting that Jake could become a victim to a lethal poison if he tries to leave Port Charles.

by Dani


Kevin has a much-improved Victor walking around the GH halls. They sit in the lounge and try to communicate. Victor asks about Kevin's theory for treatment and as Kevin explains, Victor's responses make it obvious that he's not comprehending. Kevin quietly pleads with Victor to try. "Don't you want to get better?" he asks. "I don't know," says Victor.

At the Recovery Room, Matt gives Ellen his notes on the transcripts. He leaves as Jake arrives.

Jake is there to meet with Danielle. It's plain that he's not happy to be summoned. She confronts him about a call from the airline. Was he going to leave without telling her (uh-oh, don't go there!) Jake scoffs at her hurt feelings and her desire to have full disclosure between them now. Danielle pleads with Jake not to do anything to upset Uncle Rex. Jake tells her that he can't seem to contact his parents and he has to go home to help them.

Lucy is entertaining Uncle Rex with coffee and business talk. He's patronizing; she's coy. When Scotty enters, Lucy watches Rex carefully as she introduces him as her lawyer.

Act I

Polite condescension is as thick as broccoli cheese soup at Lucy's. Scott wants to verify the details of Rex's Jax Cosmetics abroad. Rex acts impressed by Scotty's "formidable" reputation as an attorney, but as we all know, this ain't gonna work on our boy, Scotty.

Back at the Recovery Room, Danielle is still busy trying to convince Jake to stay and not anger Rex. Jake knows that Rex must need him for something and that if he doesn't play the game, Rex will be foiled. He accuses Danielle of faking her concern to get Rex what he wants. He vows to go home, fix things, and then come back and "take care" of Uncle Rex. (Now there's some ominous foreshadowing if I ever heard it.)

Back at GH, Kevin is trying to make some more progress with Victor. Victor makes some feeble excuses, almost as if he's afraid to get better. Or afraid to face reality? Kevin keys in on this. He tells Victor that they have to work with more than the chemical imbalance. They must also consider that part of his problem is emotional. Kevin moves in closer. Their family was not a good family, he says. They are the only two survivors and they need to address those issues in a formal setting. Psychotherapy? Victor, becoming increasingly flustered, sputters, "That's rubbish". Kevin persists and Victor explodes, "It's CRAP!" "No!" Kevin shouts, "THAT's crap!" (Break for a commercial and take a deep breath....)

Act II

Calmer now, Kevin stands and apologizes. They need to take small steps, he tells Victor, and begins to take Victor back to his room. They run into Jake. They chat, but it's very obvious that Jake needs to talk to Ellen.

Jake begs Dr. Burgess for time off, but she refuses. She notes that Jake has gone from "rock solid" to being late and distracted. It's Jake's first day of surgery and Dr. Boardman is tough to please in the best of situations. Anything, Dr. Burgess tells Jake, that interferes withhis work right now at GH, could have a lasting effect on his career. Jake persists. He has to leave now. His family is in trouble and he's the only one who can help. Burgess relents.

Rex and Scott seem to know who they are dealing with. Lucy plays the mediator. Scott and Lucy are hard-pressed to cover their surprise when Rex gleefully agrees to provide all the documentation of his business dealings in Europe. He can just drop the information by Lucy's office at the PC Hotel. Rex informs them that he's not there any more, he's purchased a house. "I'm here for good."


At GH, Matt approaches Burgess for advice in dealing with Boardman. He's done research on how he can operate effectively in surgery; should he approach Boardman with his information, or should he wait for Boardman to come to him? Get the lay of the land in surgery, Burgess tells him, then go to Boardman. He's prickly, she tells Matt. "You mean he won't coddle me like you do?" he retorts. (I love this guy!)

Back at the lighthouse, Kevin, Lucy and Scotty talk about Rex. They all agree that Rex is very cagey. Either he's not involved in Serena's abduction, or he's covered his tracks very well. Scotty still thinks that Danielle and Jake are in on it, but Kevin and Lucy both bring up details they have overheard that imply Jake and Danielle may just be having trouble with Jake's family.

Danielle's tab at the Recovery Room is paid for by Uncle Rex who corners her. He produces a couple of syringes, one of which contains an antidote to the poison he implies was in the other. Is he capable of hurting--or killing--Jake, or is he just tying to frighten Danielle and keep her in line?

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