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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/27/97

by Georgian

Matt tells a doubtful Scotty his theory that Greg Cooper's first seizure was faked and the second self-induced. Scotty, after hearing this, asks Matt for proof. Matt tells Scott that he has no concrete evidence. Even so, Matt insists that someone must have helped Cooper smuggle in drugs that would cause a seizure.

Eve reminds Bennett that she paid him back for everything that he gave her. Bennett then warns Eve that she should not take out her anger on Julie. This in turn, makes Eve give threaten Julie about everything.

Scotty explains to Ellen why Cooper's family is pressing so hard to force her into an admission of guilt.

Ellen thanks Matt for being such a good friend to her during this unstable time.

After informing his father that they will be going head-to-head in the malpractice suit, Scotty asks Rhonda to come back to work for him.

by Dani


Matt and Ellen discuss their theories (or Matt's theories) on Cooper and his motivation with Scott Baldwin. Scott levels with them and says he needs proof.

At the Recovery Room before the ball game, Julie watches as Frank has a confrontation with Mr. Griffey, one of his ballplayer's parents. Griffey wants to win, but Frank stands firm on his policy of every kid plays and no one is a loser. If Mr. Griffey doesn't back down, but Frank threatens to beat the crap out of him. (Don't tell me, he flunked Catechism?)

Back at the Scanlon house, Julie's dad Devlin asks Eve if she is threatening him. She is really bitter about their past. She says she felt like a whore when they were together. He cracks wise and she orders him to get out. He states flatly that she's emotionally unstable and living with his daughter and he finds that completely unacceptable.

Act I

Eve tells Bennett that she can "play nice" with Julie. He says his family means everything to him. She scoffs and he observes that she looks much older than she's acting.

Scott has been looking into Cooper's background. It seems that Cooper has been in trouble all his life. He says that the family has deep pockets and will be eager to clear their son of murder with an insanity plea. Ellen gives him the transcripts of the hospital's meeting with Cooper's attorney.

Back at the Recovery Room, Frank and Griffey are squaring off. Griffey makes a slam against one of Frank's not-so-talented players, Ernie. Ernie overhears and makes a feeble excuse why he can't play. (I always saved my feeble excuses till afterward!) Frank gives him a pep talk and they all leave for the game.

Act II

Scott runs into Eve at the hospital. He can tell she's down and tries to get her to open up. She's tightlipped and he's persistent.

Frank's team wins, thanks to Ernie who made the winning catch out in right field, and they return, jubilant, to the Recovery Room. Serena and Lee are there (Doesn't Port Charles have a Chuckie Cheese?) and she expresses a desire to play ball, and tells Lee that it was very cool that the pitcher was a girl. Griffey, decent fellow, apologizes to Frank, who also makes nice.

Rhonda shows up and asks Joe if he knows what went down in San Francisco. He says that Karen and Jagger worked things out and that perhaps Rhonda should stay out of that part of Karen's life. She blurts out that she doesn't believe that everything is "okay" between Karen and Jagger. If Joe was a comic, you would have seen a big exclamation point over his head.


Scott pesters Eve and she lets slip that she has man trouble. Scott says that usually when he gets kicked in the gut it's with stiletto heels. (Poor baby, let mama make it better!) He dishes out cornball quips till she smiles. He leaves, his job done.

Matt and Ellen hash out Cooper clues. Ellen softens and thanks Matt for being pushy and annoying. Then her guard snaps back up and she leaves him alone to flashback to how he'd nagged her into helping herself.

Scott meets Lee and Serena at the Recovery Room. He sends Serena off for a YooHoo and tells Lee that he's representing Ellen. Yes, it was inevitable that they'd end up going head to head eventually.

Rhonda grabs Scott for a quick word. She asks if he's heard anything from Karen about the Frisco trip. He admits that he's heard a little bit about it. Rhonda pouts. Scott points out that he'd have liked to have known that Karen was his daughter from the start. Rhonda implies that there's a reason and a story behind her silence and promises to tell him sometime. Then Scott asks her to come and work for him again. Julie is wondering aloud to Frank how life might have been different if her brother, Buddy, had had a coach like Frank. They kiss. In the doorway, Dad Devlin sees and then leaves. (Going to find Chris, I presume?)

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