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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/26/97

by Georgian

Gale comes by the on-call room at the hospital to see if Karen has heard from Jagger. Gale is disappointed that Jagger hasn't contacted his wife but becomes relieved when Karen says she's not going after Joe until everything is done with Jagger.

While Frank is waiting for Julie at Mike's Bar, Julie is interrupted by a shaken Eve. After Julie introduces Eve to her father, Julie apologizes to her for hiding who she really is.

At the bar, Joe and Frank have a heart-to-heart about relationships. Joe tells Frank that he's getting a clear signal from Karen to back off.

After Julie leaves for the bar, Bennett Devlin stays with Eve to talk. When Bennett starts pressuring her, Eve tells him that she can ruin everything with him since she is his ex-mistress living with his daughter.

by Dani


We open with Karen and Gail having Chinese at Karen's place. Gail is doing not-so-subtle armchair analysis of Karen & Jagger's relationship. Karen admits she has to stay away from Joe until she figures everything out.

Joe and Frank are at the Recovery Room after the Little League game. Frank is worried about what has been keeping Julie. Joe says that Mom Scanlon has been praying for Frank and Julie; Frank optimistically reports that Mom will be able to stop soon.

Back at the Scanlon's house, Julie is helping Eve pick up the groceries she dropped and introduces her father to a stricken Eve.

Act I

It's obvious that Bennett Devlin and Eve are going to pretend not to know each other. Eve is in rare form as she uses every opportunity to fling scathing double entendres at the older man. Eve tells Julie that when she came in and saw her with Bennett, she thought Julie was "robbing the rocking chair." (Touché!) But Julie peers through her rose colored glasses and bubbles that her Mom is the only woman for Dad.

Back at the Recovery Room, Frank picks Joe's brain on the reunion of Karen and Jagger. With his own love life coming together, he also feels free to pry admissions of unrequited longing from his brother for Karen.

Amid the Chinese take-out, Karen tells Gail about how she and Joe Scanlon met. This trip down memory lane takes a turn in Jagger's direction. Karen recalls being in the emergency room during her last year of SORAS* Med School. A gunshot victim is brought in, covered with blood and it takes her a full two minutes to realize it's Jagger. She's ushered out of the room and spends hours praying for his recovery. Afterward, when she asks him to give up police work, or at least take a less risky position, he flatly refuses. Shortly after that, Lee arranged for Karen to get the internship at GH. He was wrong to interfere, Gail admits. Karen says that, in retrospect, Lee probably did her a favor. She came to PC hoping that Jagger would follow. (Break for commercial, during which I suggest we all close our eyes and make up more neat stories about Jagger...)

Act II

Gail tells Karen not to trust the "other" woman and to give Jagger a chance to prove her wrong. Karen seems cheered, but the conversation always comes back around to her attraction to that pesky Joe Scanlon. Karen tells Gail about kissing Joe. She also admits that she's crazy about him, and she also vows not to continue taking advantage of him.

At the Recovery Room, Frank is encouraging Joe to lead Karen into adultery (back to church, Frank!) but Joe says that Karen must REALLY love Jagger. He sigh wistfully, makes puppy-dog eyes and hopes that someone will love him like that someday.

Dad Devlin hustles Julie off to her rendezvous with Frank (hurry, Julie, before Frank can further corrupt Joe) so that he can talk alone with Eve. Eve is not too happy. If you can recall what she's like with Scott, sort of with a chip on her shoulder, picture that and add a grudge.


The food is gone now, and in response to a question from Gail, Karen says that she would indeed take Jagger back if he were to walk back through that door. Gail pushes an altogether too convenient fortune cookie on Karen. Karen reads it part way and then pooh-poohs the message: "To find the love that's missing from your life, look no further than your oldest friend."

Act IV

Segue to Joe saying, "At least I'm Karen's oldest friend." Julie shows up at the Recovery Room and tells Frank about dear old dad. Of course, Frank can't wait to meet him.

Bennett Devlin and Eve trade implied threats. Who's got the most damaging information on the other? It's hard to tell whether what happens next is due to a lingering attraction on the part of dear old dad, or if he's just trying to hedge his bets, but he starts to come on to Eve. He tells her how attractive he finds her new, in-your-face 'tude. To her credit, Eve stands firm. In her words, she's "holding all the cards!" and she's loving it.

*Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome


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