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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 8/25/97

by Georgian

Eve knows something is up when Chris says he could care less about Julie's and Frank's relationship. Dr. Devlin explains to his daughter that he came to Port Charles because her mother is worried about the strain her double life is putting on her work.

Out of the blue, Victor begins speaking and tells Kevin about how sad his is that he lost the baby. Lucy pushes Jake to remember he can trust her and confide in her any time he feels the need to talk to anyone. Later, Danielle shows Jake evidence of Rex's most recent threat and warns him not to breathe a word of their problem to any outsider.

Happy to discover that his father has understood everything they have talked about, Kevin urges Victor to stay focused but the Victor slips back into his state. Afterwards, Kevin happily describes for Lucy how he and his dad connected for a brief but shining moment.

Julie reminds her father of his promise not to interfere during her first year of internship at the hospital. Sickened to learn that Julie is living in a basement apartment, Dr. Devlin again tries to convince his daughter to accept some financial help as well as a professional boost for her status in the medical community. Eve comes home to find someone from her past.

by Dani


Eve enters the intern's lounge to find Chris tying flies. She's glowing from surgically-inspired elation. Chris, however, is funneling his ambitions to make surgical resident into a more productive activity: sucking up to Boardman. Chris and Eve trade barbs about his interest in Julie and Frank. He declares that he's above all that now.

Back at the Scanlon house, Julie is pleased to see Dad, BUT......(and isn't it just such a coincidence that he arrived right after Chris made that mysterious phone call! No wonder Chris is so complacent, it's called tag team undermining and Dad is in the ring right now!)

Kevin and Victor share a lucid moment. Victor let Kevin know that he was so very sorry for Kevin losing the baby because "it's so difficult to lose a child." Down at the nurses' station, Lucy does her best wheedling to get Jake to confide in her. She feels like she's making progress until they are interrupted by Danielle. Jake clams up, Danielle is uneasy and Lucy's psychic nature can feel ice form on the ceilings

Act I

Kevin's eyes shine with unshed tears (give this man an Emmy PLEASE!) and after struggling with exhaustion, Victor slips back into his fugue. Lucy arrives and Kevin shares the good news with her.

Back in the lounge, Chris pulls out his holier-than-thou tag-team undermining tights. In them, he's invulnerable and the scathing remarks made by Eve have no effect on him.

Dad and daughter Devlin continue to hash out the reasons she has for being incognito in Port Charles. Her mother, he confides in Julie, would be horrified if she knew that he was checking up on Julie. But he's worked hard to give her every advantage and she could have it all! She doesn't have to work long hours and come home to...to this, he tells her while surveying her lower-middle class surroundings. I don't actually live in the house, she assures dad with perverse satisfaction. Dad is relieved till she drops the other Gucci shoe: "I live in the basement."

Act II

Thinking that his impenetrable tag-team tights aren't enough, Chris makes a crack about Eve giving up on the surgical residency and marrying a rich old guy like Scott Baldwin. (Old? Wait a minute, I like Scott and I'm not into old guys. I'd guess we're both about....oh never mind!) Eve's claws come out. She's desperate to remain independent and not be taken care of. They part with barbs still flying, but the barbs don't do much damage with all of that foreshadowing hanging about.

Dad warns daughter Devlin about the consequences of leading her double life. Can she handle it?

Kevin and Lucy leave Victor. In the elevator, they discuss Jake and Danielle. Are they right about something terribly wrong between them? The doors slide open and they observe the couple, backs to each other and Lucy points out that Danielle's ring finger is suspiciously bare.


Danielle apologizes for getting Jake into this mess. Toe the line, she warns Jake, then does an about face and thinks aloud about running away.

Act IV

After observing the unhappy couple, Kevin and Lucy move on. Jake knows that running won't work. Danielle says that Rex wants Jake's help with something. Jake wonders what it could be. (Hint: They took blood from Serena, right? Could we be talking about a possible blood test to determine parentage and switched slides in the lab?)

Boardman encounters Chris tying flies and is appropriately gratified by Chris' groveling. He dispatches a little fatherly, chief surgical resident advice: Focus good. Distractions bad.

Dad invites Julie to a light gourmet supper at the Port Charles Grille. Julie declines because she's got a date at the ballpark. Dad sniffs in disdain, "Hot dogs?" Well, it's not hot dogs Julie's interested in, but Frank's. (Somebody stop me!)


Enter Eve, who promptly drops her groceries at the sight of Dr. Devlin. Just how is she gonna cover up the fact that she and Julie share more than a basement apartment?

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