Port Charles Daily Update

Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 7/11/97

by Suzanne Lanoue

Jake phones Danielle from the locker room to say he's got a surprise later. He looks at an engagement ring. Joe asks what's up but Jake, distracted, leaves. Karen is also spacey. She's thinking about Scott and Serena leaving town. She shares her mixed feelings with Joe. He offers to go with her when she visits Scott to say goodbye.

Danielle returns home with groceries to find Rex waiting for her. She's tired of his threats. Jake walks in and they greet him. Jake wants Rex to leave because they have a special dinner planned. Rex takes the hint and goes. Danielle tells Jake that she hopes Rex's feelings weren't hurt. Jake gives her the ring and she is stunned. She asks him why he wants to be with her. He tells her he always thought he'd be alone. She understands and accepts his proposal. Later, Rex visits Dominique's grave and talks to her about the past. He says he was "there" for her and he regrets she didn't leave him any of the family fortune. He vows to get "the Stanton money" by any means necessary.

At Dominique's grave earlier, Scott flashes back to their wedding and talks to her. He wonders if he should leave again and admits he's scared. He's worried that he's over-protecting Serena, the same way Dom's father did her. He talks about how great Serena is, looks at Dom's picture, and makes a decision.

Lucy tells Kevin she's upset about her fight with Scott and worried that he might leave town again. She tells him she showed the tape of Dom to Scott. Kevin advises her, "Trust yourself and follow your heart". She is grateful for his support. Lee and Gail come by looking for Scott. Scott walks in, wondering why everyone looks so glum. Lucy takes him outside to convince him to stay. She apologizes for showing the tape but he tells her she was right and they're staying. She's overjoyed. They go back inside to share the good news. Kevin looks like he's not too thrilled. Lucy and Scott go to see Serena. She's reading "The Wizard of Oz" so they talk about that. Scott tells her the news and she hugs him excitedly. Karen and Joe visit and also hear the news. Karen is happy and hugs Joe. She chats with Scott and they bond a little. Scott hears Serena thank Dom for granting her wish to stay. He tells her that Dom will always be with them wherever they live. Karen tells Joe she's been convinced to stay, too. Scott makes a toast.



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