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Port Charles Update Friday 6/13/97

by Suzanne Lanoue

Chris finds Eve breaking into his locker. She claims it was a "mistake" but he demands to know what she was up to. Jake walks in so Chris can't pursue it. He is trying to phone Danielle but she walks in, surprising him. They make out. Eve doesn't want them doing that in the intern room anymore. Jake stands up for Danielle and tells Eve to back off. He even demands an apology, which Eve gives her. He doesn't want people to talk to her in a disrespectful manner but she assures him she can take care of herself. He wants to spend time with her but he's got a very long shift. He asks her to give him her work number but she makes an excuse as to why he can't call her. Danielle takes off.

Chris starts in on Eve again. She says that one of the files from the hostage crisis was missing and she figures he has it since he was the last to leave. She knows the police are looking for it. She says Dr. Cooper didn't say anything about Julie's past when he was mentioning everyone else's. She wants to know what Julie's hiding and she knows Chris knows because he has the file. Eve leaves, telling Jake and Chris that he's moving into the Scanlon apartment. Later, Chris is upset when a kid has thrown up on him. Jake opens his locker where there's a big picture of Danielle on the inside.

Frank helps Julie move in. She doesn't have a bed yet. But he shows her that he had the phone hooked up for her. He suggests that she call her folks. She tells him they're camping right now. Frank asks what her dad does and she says he's a plumber. She talks about camping with her dad. She's very tired from her first day so he goes to leave. She offers to order Chinese food for them. He rushes upstairs to get beer. Later, Julie tells him she was impressed by his medical skills at the hospital. She asks why he didn't consider becoming a doctor. He gives her a flip answer, then tells her seriously that he did think about it. He was pre-med at Notre Dame but his father died so he "came home to help out" and that was the last of it. He claims he has "no regrets". It's his turn to ask her questions. He asks her why she doesn't like beer. She says she just doesn't drink alcohol because she doesn't like the loss of control. She starts to share a secret with him but the doorbell rings. It's their dinner. During the meal, she tells Frank that she likes the house because it looked so friendly with the basketball hoop outside and all. He's puzzled because she told him she came from a nice big family. She starts to tell him the truth when Eve and her luggage come downstairs. Eve wants to know why Julie's there and tells them that Joe rented her the apartment. Unlike Julie, she has an official, notarized lease. They start to argue when Frank suggests they share the place. They are outraged at the idea so he leaves them alone to fight it out.

Serena asks Scott why he hasn't come to get her but the phone hangs up before he can find anything out. Scott is frantic but Lucy is encouraged. The FBI has the phone tapped so the agent rushes in. He says it was a local call but they're trying to trace it. Scott demands to hear the tape. Kevin comes in and wants to know what happened. He's thrilled just like Lucy. Kevin tells him that the fact that they let Serena call is a good sign. The FBI tells them the call came from a phone booth "on the East side". Scotty asks them to play the tape so he can hear Serena's voice. Later, the FBI tells them there's a call from the kidnappers.

Danielle asks Rex Stanton if Serena's scared (she seems genuinely concerned for her). Rex tells her to trust him, he knows what he's doing. He tells her "They" should be hearing from them soon.


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