PC Update Thursday 6/12/97

Port Charles Update Thursday 6/12/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Ellen asks nurse Grace where Eve is, annoyed.

Eve drops by the lighthouse to see Scott so she can examine him. He tells her he still doesn't have any leads on Serena. She gives him some medical advice about moving around. Lucy comes home so Scott grabs Eve and kisses her. Lucy is annoyed that they're doing that in her house. Eve is rude to her so she goes upstairs. Eve and Scott bicker, then she leaves. Lucy chews Scott out for fooling around with some woman while his daughter is missing. He makes excuses. Lucy questions him about who Eve is but he refuses to tell. She reminds him about what happened with Katherine. Then she wonders if Eve is involved with the kidnapping, since he doesn't seem to know who Eve is. He stops her from calling the FBI; he asks her to trust him.

Mac questions Karen about Scott's accident. She didn't see much. When she learns that he's visiting Scott, she asks him to say hi to Scott. He wonders why she doesn't visit her own father. Mac visits Scott, interrupting his fight with Lucy. Mac asks Scott if it's possible that the kidnappers wanted him, not Serena, because the car that hit him seems to be the same one that took Serena. He passes on Karen's message, too. Scott regrets not being closer to Karen. After Mac leaves, Scott talks about Serena some more, and Dominique. Scott is scared that Serena will be deeply affected and changed by her kidnapping but Lucy assures him that won't happen. Suddenly, Scott gets a phone call from Serena.

A doctor tell Julie to "start an IV" on a patient and she looks nervous. Frank comes by and chats with the patient, whom he knows. He can tell that Julie doesn't know much about putting in an IV. Chris watches them together. Later, Julie thanks Frank for his "moral support". He jokes around and invites her to come by to see him coach. She's not sure she has the time so he looks at the schedule and sees that she's free tomorrow. She agrees. Chris asks for her help with a patient (to get her away from Frank, partly). Ellen is furious that Eve is missing.

Joe wants to let Matt handle the drunken patient alone, despite the fact that Ellen wants to help him out. Matt places himself and his wheelchair between the patient and the door and tells him if he wants out, he'll have to get by him. He orders him to sit down so he can mend the gash in his head. Matt does wheelies to show the guy that he's very good at working the chair. He also points out that the guy's headache will get worse the longer he waits. Finally the guy sits so Matt can work on him. Matt patiently takes the glass out of the guy's head before the orderlies take him to get an X-ray. Ellen comes in and warns him not to try to prove anything at the expense of the patients. He defends his actions in a joking matter.

Frank doesn't understand why Joe is hanging around watching the interns work. Chris tells Julie that the schedule has changed, so now she has to work tomorrow. Karen hears Joe and Frank arguing furiously in the supply closet. She opens the door but they don't even see her because they're busy shouting at each other. Joe resents Frank telling him what to do, acting like his father.

Julie tries to cover for Eve, telling Dr. Burgess that Eve was very sick and had to go home briefly. But then Eve comes in and says that she was with a patient. Ellen asks which one of them is lying and is about to figure out which one when she gets called away on some medical emergency. Eve calls Julie "a witch" because she thinks she was trying to get her in trouble. Julie explains what happened but Eve isn't grateful. Eve thinks Julie's sweetness is just an act. Chris interrupts their argument with snide comemnts. Ellen finds Joe and Frank shouting at each other but they suddenly switch and pretend to be getting supplies. Ellen's had it, she takes a break. Joe offers Eve the basement apartment. Julie tells Frank that she can't make the game now but she'll see him at home. Eve apologizes to Ellen for what happened earlier. Ellen doesn't buy it and tells her that she's got one more chance to make it there. Grace suggests to Ellen that she "lighten up" and show she's got emotions "like everyone else" but Ellen replies, "They would be wrong to think that. I don't".


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