PC Update Wednesday 6/11/97

Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/11/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

The interns traditionally ante up before they start and whoever gets the "Quartermaine Residency" pays up everyone at the end. They talk about poor Dr. Faulk and how busy it might be at work. Joe gives Chris a hard time for not participating when Audrey was hurt. Julie stands up for Joe and tells Chris to be nicer to Joe. Eve warns him that he won't be able to both make fun of Joe and charm Julie. Jake comes in with Danielle and introduces her around. Chris is attracted to her. Danielle wishes them all luck. Jake tells her that those aren't his friends, they're "the competition". Jake is ticked that Danielle disappeared again, but she just got an office job. He still is wondering why she's abandoning her acting career. He's acting very possessive, much to her annoyance. They end up kissing, though. Joe thanks Matt for his help that night with Audrey. Matt plans to speak to the board on his behalf, since he was involved, too. Joe doesn't want him to do it so Matt asks him to stop being so "noble". Joe says he just hates "getting help" from people so Matt agrees to "stay out of it". The interns all get ready to go to work. Chris turns on the charm so Joe thinks he's apologizing. The interns walk out and Grace, a nurse, wants to take a picture of them. Dr. Burgess comes up to assign them patients. Frank is there and chats with Grace. Joe doesn't get any patient. Karen arrives late. Matt comes in to a room where the patient is very drunk and violent. The orderlies hold him down but he ends up kicking over a bunch of stuff when he sees Matt, saying "No cripple's gonna work on me!"

Karen talks on the phone to Jagger. She's been talking for two hours and she's obviously been crying. She says she wants to do "what's best" for him. She tries to keep from crying too much until she hangs up. Rhonda asks her if it was Jagger. Karen hurriedly tries to get ready for work but says she's fine. Rhonda tries to get Karen to open up. She goes to iron Karen's shirt but tells her how proud she is of her. Rhonda suggests they go for lunch later. She starts to talk about decorating her room but Karen thinks she might get her own place. They hug before Karen leaves. Karen is insecure about how she will be viewed by the other interns so Rhonda tries to reassure her.

Kevin makes Lucy go to the doctor for a prenatal checkup. They are thrilled to hear their baby's heartbeat. He wants to deal with his father alone but she insists on being there for him. They visit Victor, who is still out of it. Lucy babbles at him but he ignores her. He suddenly blurts something out that makes no sense. Kevin warns her that he can't carry on a conversation. Lucy perseveres and asks him about a math problem to do with spreadsheets. He gives an answer so she is excited. Kevin thinks that she should be looking after Scott because Victor only gives non-emotional responses and he thinks Scott needs her. She agrees and starts to leave. Then she tells him he's "going to be a grandpa". No response but Lucy keeps babbling at him. She is leaving when Victor says, "Congratulations, Monk". They're thrilled at his response, even though he doesn't respond again. Kevin thanks Lucy outside. She is happy and she's even confident that Serena will get to see her "sister"


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