PC Update Tuesday 6/10/97

Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/10/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Julie meets Chris for coffee late at night because she couldn't sleep. They chat. She observes that he never seems nervous like he says he is but he says that's just "a front". She talks about her new place and says she hates her hotel room. He offers his couch but they're interrupted by Matt, who comes up to say hi. Chris is surprised to find that Julie phoned all the interns (he thought he was the only one) except Joe or Frank.

The Scanlons come home to find their mother Mary toasting with champagne. She toasts Joe's first day on the job; they reluctantly go along with it. Mary gives him a gift of a medical bag but she can tell something is wrong. Joe tells her what happened so she phones Alan to tell him that she is quitting. She leaves a long message, including saying that Alan doesn't seem to mind that his whole family is suspected of murdering Dr. Dorman. Her sons are sorry she knows the truth and try to talk her out of quitting and over-reacting. Frank and Mary both have places to go so they leave. First, Mary gives Joe a pep talk about what a good doctor he'll make and they hug.

Eve phones to get a prescription delivered for Scott, even though she doesn't want to help him. She could get in big trouble but she's doing it because of Serena. She tells him she will help him as long as he doesn't tell Lucy or Kevin. She threatens to perform surgery without anesthesia on him if he does. As she's leaving, she runs into Karen. Scott asks Karen not to tell anyone that Eve was there, and she agrees. Karen wants to ask him to help Joe. Karen tells him that Lee can't take the case because he already represents GH, so she asks him to refer another lawyer. He says he'll work on it. She apologizes for bugging him when he's got so many problems and tells him she'd like to meet Serena one day. Then she leaves. Scott looks embarrassed.

Lucy talks to Dominique outside the lighthouse. She asks Serena's dead mother to help them find the little girl. Kevin finds her there and babbles in a Lucy-like manner before asking her to marry him. He gives her a ring and she starts to hyperventilate and can't speak. He apologizes for the timing but he reminds her of when she asked him to marry her, back when he was going through a bad time. She jokingly tells him she can't marry him because he's a "fruitcake" and "unemployed" but he kisses her to shut her up. (What happened to his Cassadine job?) Lucy asks Kevin not to tell Scott yet about their engagement, so he agrees. He is confident that things will turn out okay with Serena and everything. Sigmund, Lucy's duck, waddles up to them so Lucy tells him the good news.

Lucy and Kevin go inside and she yells at Scott for being up and about. They talk about Karen. He tells her why Karen was there. Kevin tells him that he can stay as long as he needs to and Scott thanks him. Scott tells Lucy that Karen reminds him of Serena; he tells a story about how Serena sticks up for her friends, too. This makes him think about her too much and he gets upset again.

Serena sleeps and a shadow falls over her.

Eve meets the other interns at the bar. She and Chris talk about their future as interns before joining the others. They are all excited about the program starting and share when they decided to become doctors. Matt decided after his accident that put him in the wheelchair when he was 18. Chris didn't want to become a doctor, his father pushed him, but he came around to the idea. Julie knew she wanted to be one since she was 8. Eve jokes that it was her "fallback" job.

Mary introduces Frank to Mike at the same bar that the interns are at. Mike tells Frank about how he's won a lot of money thanks to using Mary's phone number to bet. He is considering on buying the bar to run. Julie sees Frank and invites him over to join them. Frank asks Mary why she seems down so she explains.

Julie gives her sympathy to Frank about Joe not starting the intern program.

Karen finds Joe sitting at home, brooding. They reminisce about being kids together. She tells him about talking to Scott. It's not easy for him to accept her help. He asks if she's talked to Jagger yet but she still hasn't been able to reach him. She's still not absolutely sure she's staying in town. He thanks her for her help and she leaves.


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