PC Update Monday 6/9/97

Port Charles Update Monday 6/9/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Jake and Danielle have sex. He wants to know where she's been all this time. She says she hates being away. He grills her again and she says she got a call for a commercial. He can tell she's lying and calls her on it. He mentions that they don't know each other very well but he still loves her. She is evasive. Finally she says she just needed to get away from him because he confuses her and makes her want to forget her plans. Their relationship scared her. But she figured out she wants him and she's moving to Port Charles despite her acting career. He's still confused and not sure he should believe her. They discuss it some more and she says she's "too in love with" him. They kiss and hug but she looks behind his back like she's still keeping something from him. Later, Jake wakes up and wonders where she is. He finds a note that she left. She says she has some more stuff to do but that she'll be back.

Frank comes home to find his mother, Mary, cleaning up. He chides her for keeping a key to the place, which used to be hers until she sold it to him and Joe, and for not phoning first. She objects to the idea. He goes in the other room and she wants to know what he's trying to hide and why he's home so early. Julie knocks on the door and Mary answers. She tells Mary she's there to look at the apartment. Before she can be too nosy, Frank tries to get Mary out, but they introduce themselves. Mary didn't know anything about them renovating the basement and gives him a hard time about it. Mary offers her ice tea and suggests Frank "invite her over for poker" before she finally leaves. Frank and Julie talk about Chicago and baseball for a minute before he takes her downstairs. He shows her around and she wants to move in right away. He offers to use his work truck to haul her stuff. They flirt some more. She says she's also Catholic and from a big family. He tells her she can rent it for $500 so she agrees. They go upstairs to talk about a lease and she notices he's got a big hole in the back of his pants. He looks embarrassed. They sit down with some iced tea and talk about his coaching kids in baseball (that's why he has the hole). He writes up a quick, informal lease, which they sign.

Scott thinks Eve is looking for Kevin and Lucy. He doesn't remember her from the hospital, so she has to refresh his memory. She gives him a release form to sign so that the hospital won't be blamed for his leaving. He starts to sign it but falls down on the couch instead. She insists on looking at his wound in case there's an infection. He wisecracks and flirts with her while she chews him out for getting her in trouble. She gives him the form again and says she doesn't plan to make any more mistakes in the internship program. He proposes they make a deal. He wants her to tend to him there instead of the hospital. She doesn't want to do it and they argue about it. He says he can work things out with Dr. Burgess. She is ready to walk out when he tells her about Serena. He shows her the videotape and she feels sympathetic. He tells her the details of the kidnapping and how he wants to look for her. She doesn't want to risk her career but he promises she won't "get hurt". She tells him she's only an intern so she can't help him much.

Meanwhile, we see Serena looking out the window again. Her room has lots of stuffed animals. The door opens and she says, accusingly, "You said you were bringing my daddy!"


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