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Passions Update Wednesday 2/27/08

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Written By Drew

Crane Mansion:

Sheridan drops by the mansion to let Marty have a play date with Little Ethan. They then discuss Luis and how much they miss him. Sheridan, determinedly, assures Marty that they’ll be a happy family soon. Marty soon reminds his mother that Luis plans on marrying Fancy and making a family with her. Sheridan reassures Marty that Luis will be with her and that they will be a happy family. Meanwhile, Pretty ‘helps’ Fancy out with all of her problems. Fancy cannot believe all the odd things that she’s done and informs Pretty that she plans on getting professional help. This makes Pretty worry that doctors will find the chip in Fancy’s brain. Soon, Sheridan and Marty enter the living room. Horrified at seeing Fancy, Marty tells Sheridan he wants to go. Fancy pleads for Marty and Sheridan’s forgiveness. They both refuse to forgive her. Fancy &# 9;quickly tries to explain her recent behavior isn’t truly like her. Slyly, Pretty prepares to grab the remote controlling Fancy’s brain, but it falls on the ground. Noticing the gadget Fancy and Sheridan question what it is. Marty soon tells them he knows what it is because he saw Alistair using it to control people. Fancy and Sheridan soon look at Pretty suspiciously. Marty then explains that Alistair used it to control people on the video games. Pretty, not wanting to be exposed, quickly lies and tells everyone she’s just addicted to playing video games—means she hardly dates. Marty then tells everyone that these ‘game’ controls can work on any television in the house. So, happily, he runs to the television in the living room and starts up a game using the remote which controls Fancy. The remote did, however, also work on games. Playing the game, Marty starts to activate Fancy’s chip. She soon becomes dizzy and disoriented, so she decides to try and walk it off in the living room. Eventually, the chip gets into full affect and angrily Fancy swings at Sheridan, she misses her, though. As Marty continues pressing buttons Fancy begins chasing Sheridan around the mansion. Quickly noting her odd behavior she again apologizes to Sheridan. That’s when Marty really gets into the game—causing Fancy to get really angry. She soon grabs a vase and prepares to throw it at Sheridan. Frightened, Sheridan runs for her life and Fancy begins chasing her around the table. Eventually, Fancy does throw the vase—barely missing her head. Not wanting to get caught Pretty tries to stop Marty—but he continues gaming. Fancy soon starts becoming like a video game character and wobbles to and fro—knocking over tables and lamps. Soon, she crashes into the wall. Frightened, Sheridan tells Marty it’s time to go. Marty won’t go, though, because he wants to finish the level of the game he is on. Angered, Pretty snatches the device and tells him he’s done and to listen to his mother. Sheridan and Marty quickly leave. Fancy soon worries that she may have a brain tumor. Sheridan yells to her that she’s mental. Sheridan then tells Marty she’s sorry he had to deal with that again. He says he thought it was funny when Fancy crashed into the wall. Continuing, he says he is still afraid of Fancy and wisely declares Fancy’s probably scared at her behavior, too.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Gwen debates whether or not to go with Juanita’s plan. Juanita tells her if she doesn’t she’ll lose Ethan—and probably little Jonathon, too. She tells her Pilar will feel safe once she’s locked away in prison and that she will then speak of everything. Gwen soon finally agrees to untie her—knowing that if she didn’t she’d be done for. Ethan, Luis and Miguel see what she’s doing. Shocked, they ask what she’s up to. Gwen lies and says she’s just tightening the ropes. Pilar, who cannot sleep even with her sedative, asks for news on Theresa—Luis sadly tells her that Theresa is dead. Saddened, Pilar mourns her daughter’s death. Juanita yells at Gwen that she took too long trying to set her free. Gwen assures her she’ll find a way to set her free. Luis soon gets a call informing him the search for Theresa is officially over and has been legally claimed dead by Mexico. Everyone mourns the loss and Pilar tells Juanita and Gwen that Theresa’s death won’t go un-avenged. Ethan promises he, too, will avenge Theresa’s death. He soon walks alone trying to cope with his loss. That’s when Gwen tries comforting him. Angered, Ethan soon tells her she probably is thrilled that Theresa’s dead. She lies and says she never really wanted Theresa dead. Meanwhile, Pilar tells Juanita it’s over for her. Juanita tells her she’s glad to have finally partially gotten her revenge—but she promises it isn’t over yet. She then tells Pilar she loves torturing people before killing them—especially children. She thinks their screams are like music. Pilar thinks Satan himself would fear Juanita Vasquez. She tells her she won’t hurt her, though, but that she’ll rot in jail. After signing the death certificate, Luis and Miguel reminisce on memories of Theresa. Luis recalls a time when he was playing basketball with his friends and Theresa was bugging him—wanting him to play Barbie’s with her. He yelled at her—making her cry. He soon beats himself up over being rude to her all of those years ago. Miguel assures him that he was a great brother to Theresa. Luis wonders why he couldn’t help Theresa if he was so great. They then discuss the pain Ethan must feel without Theresa. Miguel says he couldn’t live without Kay. Luis says he still loves Fancy, despite her recent behavior. Soon, he gets a call on his cell from a hotel worker, informing him an attractive blonde is there to see him—Luis assumes it’s Fancy. Ethan tells Gwen he’ll get information from Juanita—even if he has to kill her. Gwen tells him not bother her, planning on setting her free. Soon Pilar tells Miguel and Ethan she’s ready to tell her whole history of what’s going on. Gwen, panicked, tells her to wait for Luis. Pilar refuses and begins telling her history. Meanwhile, Luis smiles as he sees this mystery person.

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