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Passions Update Monday 2/25/08

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Written By Drew

Harmony Police Station:

Paloma, horrified, screams for Noah’s life–hoping that he isn’t dead. We see Noah unconscious and Paloma exclaims that he is dead. Soon, however, he awakes and Paloma rejoices. Cautiously, she tells him not to move. That’s when the scaffolds rope snaps, making Noah slide down it and hold on for dear life. Thinking he’ll fall to his death before help arrives, Paloma quickly takes matters into her own hands. Going out on the window ledge she prepares to hoist a falling Noah up. Panicked, Noah tells Paloma not to risk her life for him. Paloma refuses to listen, though. Starting to pull the rope it slowly begins to rip. Soon, Paloma begins lifting the scaffold up, making it easier for Noah to climb into the window to safety. Noah then notices how the rope is about to tear. He warns her to be careful and mindful of the rope and then tells her he wants to confess a few things–in case he does die. He then tells her he loves her and only her–unfortunately, he doesn’t say Paloma’s name specifically. Paloma thinks he’s talking about Fancy as the woman he loves. Quickly, Noah assures her that she’s the woman he loves and that if she doesn’t love him she could just let him fall to his death–because he wouldn’t want to live without her. Paloma, trying not to listen, continues pulling up the scaffold. Noah, however, keeps telling her that he loves her and only her. Not wanting to hear it at the moment she tells him to stop. Finally, having hoisted the scaffold as near to the ledge as possible, Paloma hops safely back into the office. She soon instructs him to grab the ledge–knowing the scaffold wouldn’t last for much longer. Noah, though, refuses to enter until Paloma’s totally convinced that she’s the only woman and the only person he loves with his whole body and soul. Before she can reply, however, the ropes snap, due to magic, and Noah falls. Horrified, Paloma screams for her lover’s life.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Ethan and Theresa embrace and then he starts yelling at Gwen, again, telling her she’s a monster with a pretty face. He vows to take Jonathon away, too. Lovingly, he embraces Theresa once again. Theresa then tells him she feared that she’d never see him again. Ethan assures her they’ll be together forever and be happy, as well. Luis soon gets a call informing him that Juanita and Gwen should be arrested in a few moments. Happily, Pilar tells Juanita she’ll rot in prison but Juanita assures her that it is not over yet. Pilar then tells Gwen she and Rebecca will rot in jail, too. She then tells her she’ll never be able to destroy Ethan and Theresa’s love. Unfortunately, Theresa is just dreaming this from her unconscious state. When she wakes up, however, she plans on making that dream a reality. Meanwhile, Pilar begins to tell Luis, Ethan and Miguel hers and Theresa’s whole story. Juanita whispers to Gwen she’d better run for her life. Pilar soon tells them that Juanita killed her sister, Maria, and Maria’s sons. Leaving it at that, Luis asks how Juanita found her. Pilar stares at Gwen. Soon, Theresa calls out to everyone, weakly, that she’s arrived. But sadly, she’s a ghost–running to Ethan’s arms she goes straight through him. Scared she wonders what’s going on. She then yells for Ethan and Pilar’s attention–they don’t see her. Angered, Theresa soon slaps Gwen and her hand goes right through her. Juanita then whispers she hopes Theresa’s dead, Theresa tells her she’s not angrily. After a moment of waiting for word on Theresa, Pilar soon begins to tell everyone what happened. That’s when a rescue agent informs everyone she found a blouse. Pilar immediately identifies the blood soaked blouse as Theresa’s. Everyone soon begins mourning her death. Desperately, Theresa tries reassuring them she’s alive and that she has her real blouse on. The rescuer soon sadly gives her condolences but Ethan and Miguel ask how she ended up finding the blouse. She informs them it was washed up on shore and that Theresa was probably killed by sharks. Ethan won’t believe it, he’s horrified. Pilar, too, is horrified and feeling guilty–believing she cost her beloved daughter her life. Soon, Pilar is prepared to expose Gwen for her dirty crimes. Gwen tells her that she’s feeling sick and shouldn’t try talking. Pilar, however, refuses to let Gwen win this time. Meanwhile, Theresa encourages her mother to tell Gwen’s wicked scheme. Noticing how worked up Pilar was getting Luis quickly called for the rescue agent to give Pilar a sedative. Juanita tells Gwen that she’s safe–for now. As Pilar is sedated Luis and Miguel leave to place her somewhere to sleep peacefully. Meanwhile, motionless and crying Ethan mourns Theresa’s death. Theresa tries telling Ethan she’s still alive.

Tabitha’s House:

Kay and Tabitha are horrified that Noah may be dead. Hearing the word ‘dead’ the Demon Elf wakes up excited. However, he doesn’t want to be seen by Kay and Tabitha so he uses an extra long telescope to peer into the magic bowl. Seeing blood the Demon Elf rejoices happily. Quickly, he’s disappointed as he sees Noah alive–still he tunes into the action, knowing something good was bound to happen. Tabitha, who now is enjoying the dire situation contemplates if Noah and Paloma will both fall to their death or live. Kay, surprised at Tabitha’s talk, tells her to shut up. Tabitha soon reminds Kay that they could use magic. The Demon Elf, to himself, assures them that he’ll be the one who ‘helps’ out Noah and Paloma. Soon, as Kay contemplates using magic, Tabitha decides to take a look and see what everyone in Mexico was up to. At what they see both Kay and Tabitha are shocked. They cannot believe that Theresa is actually dead. Tabitha tells Kay that that’s possibly why the magic bowl turned red then went blank. Saddened at what has happened in Mexico the two soon tune back into Noah and Paloma and Tabitha tells Kay it’s time to make her decision. Kay finally agrees to use magic to save her brother’s life. Soon, however, after considering what Miguel would think and something else Kay decides not to. Tabitha tells her that Noah’s just going to die if she doesn’t do anything. Kay knows their new and revived love can conquer anything and assures Tabitha she doesn’t have to worry. As Kay leaves the bowl turns red and then goes blank. Tabitha fears for their lives–knowing nothing good lies ahead.

Russell House:

Eve helps Vincent with his Lamaze training. As she does this all she can seem to think about is alcohol. Vincent soon tells Eve his manhood is feeling a little uncomfortable, means the exercises are a little forward. Eve explains that naturally they would be uncomfortable for someone who has both parts–considering it was only made for pregnant woman. After their Lamaze class Vincent soon asks Eve what she did for her baby shower with him. Eve informs him that she didn’t have one. Vincent believes she didn’t have one because she was too busy getting high and drinking. Eve quickly tells her son that he’s mistaken. She explains that she hardly had any friends–except for Crystal. Vincent tells his mother that that explains why he’s so anti-social. He then vows to be a better mother than her. Eve, not wanting to argue, tells Vincent that they should just have a nice, quiet dinner together. Vincent soon informs her that that won’t be possible–because he has a date. He then grabs some rope and duct tape. Eve, surprised by her sons’ actions, scolds him and tells him that no matter what he should never tie up his date. Vincent then explains to his mother that the rope and duct tape aren’t for his date–but for her. After he ties her up and puts duct tape on her mouth he pushes her into the pantry and informs her that his date is his own father, Julian. Eve is disgusted, and Vincent tells her if she as so much makes a noise to alert Julian that he’ll kill him and her right on the spot. Vincent soon changes into his Valerie persona. That’s when Julian knocks at the door. Valerie sexily opens the door for Julian and greets him passionately with a kiss. Eve, horrified, thinking to herself, pleads for Julian to know that he’s not just fooling around with some lady–but with his own son. She hopes Julian will stop what he’s doing. Julian then tells Valerie that they should stop, considering she is pregnant, but Valerie assures him that it is okay. Julian then tells her that he can’t sleep with her because he still loves Eve and hopes to get back with her. Valerie, to herself, says Vincent liked it with Chad and wouldn’t trade that for the world–knowing now that she just wants sex where she can get it. Finally, defeatedly, after not breaking Julian down, Valerie agrees they can just go out to dinner. Julian is thrilled, as he does really want to be with Eve. He soon asks where she’s at and Valerie lies and says she’s at an AA meeting and she’s staying with a counselor there to further pursue her alcohol-free life. Julian buys this story. Before leaving, however, Valerie tells Julian they should have a drink. Julian finally agrees. As Valerie pours the drinks she soon drugs Julian’s. Julian soon drinks his first glass and becomes very dizzy and faint. Eve, overhearing Julian’s reaction, can tell he’s been drugged by Valerie. Of course, Valerie wants her way with him so she prepared another glass of champagne with the drug in it. Before you know it, Valerie soon has her way with Julian, as a frightened Eve, who wishes her ears were duct taped, too, listens on.

Hotel Room in Mexico:

The mysterious woman Luis saw is revealed to be Sheridan, and he’s sad that it isn’t Fancy. But soon that sadness disappears as he sees Marty. Sheridan, who feels like her egos been burst, feels worthless as Luis wasn’t too excited to see her. Luis eventually explains to Sheridan about Juanita Vasquez., and what she’s done. Sheridan is horrified. But soon Marty catches up with Luis on the Boston Bruins recent game. Luis then promises Marty that he and Fancy and himself will all go to a Boston Bruin game soon and then spend the night in Boston and then go to some natural history museums, means Boston is full of history. Marty loves every part of that idea–except one–he doesn’t want Fancy to come with them. Marty then tells Luis that they should let Sheridan come instead so they could be a family together. Sheridan slyly smiles, happy that Marty is doing his part, without even knowing it, in getting Luis to come back to her. Luis assures Marty that he’d never have fallen in love with Fancy if she’d always acted this way. Marty and Sheridan then discuss Fancy’s latest weirdness. Luis is disturbed to hear Fancy’s odd behavior. Soon, he gets a call on his cell, leaving Marty and Sheridan for a moment. Sheridan then talks to Marty and he tells her that it seemed like Fancy was moving exactly like the characters were in his video game. Sheridan, thinking to herself, is happy to know she’s not the only one that suspected that. Marty soon goes to play a video game, hoping it won’t affect Fancy. Luis, overhearing, asks what Marty meant by affecting Fancy. Sheridan lies and says Marty feels like he’s to blame for Fancy’s behavior. Luis is sad his son feels that way. He then tells Sheridan that he needs to get back to the wharf to help everyone out. Sheridan tells him she’ll go, too. At first, Luis isn’t sure. He doesn’t know if that’s the best idea to let Marty be watched by a stranger. Sheridan assures him that it’s okay, that the only threat to Marty is over a thousand miles away in Harmony–Fancy. They soon inform Marty what they’re doing and grab a babysitter for him. When they’re gone and the babysitter is inside with Marty there is soon a knock on the door. The babysitter soon answers the door and is knocked out by a mysterious person with a crowbar. Frightened, Marty asks who the person is.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Pilar, Ethan and Miguel all vow to do all that they can possibly do to put Juanita away for life. Soon, Ethan notices Gwen is gone and asks where she’s gone. Nobody knows. Meanwhile, Gwen prepares to release Juanita to save her own skin. Pilar then finally tells everyone why Juanita has a vendetta against her and their entire family. She starts re-living Juanita’s threat to her that awful night, all those long years ago. Of course, everyone knows that Pilar didn’t intentionally mean to hurt Juanita and her family, but they are mad that she didn’t tell them sooner. She explains she was ashamed and only wanted them all safe. Gwen, hearing Pilar confess, fears that Pilar has finally told her part in all of this. Ethan tells Gwen that she needs to explain because he didn’t know where she went. At first, Gwen thinks it’s all over, but quickly she covers up with another story. Pilar then prepares to expose Gwen. Unfortunately, however, Miguel gets a call informing them that Juanita has escaped. Immediately, he and Ethan leave to help find her. That’s when Gwen tells a distraught Pilar that she’s the one whom set Juanita free. Pilar can’t believe how evil Gwen is. Gwen then tells her she only did it because she needed to have Ethan. Pilar tells Gwen that she’s the worst monster there ever was. Gwen doesn’t care, however, and says it was easy for her to set Juanita free–especially after all that Theresa had done to her. Pilar, horrified, tells Gwen she’ll pay anyway. To herself, Gwen thinks that Pilar won’t be able to talk because Juanita’s deal with her was to kill Pilar quickly. Pilar tells her because of her selfish actions innocent children will die. Gwen doesn’t believe that Juanita could be that cruel. Pilar assures her that she is and tells her she’ll still expose her and that anything that happens will all be on her head. Meanwhile, Ethan and Miguel find nothing on Juanita. But they still continue looking, hoping to find Juanita somewhere. Pilar is thankful that none of her grand-children are in Mexico…but little does she know.

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