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Passions Update Tuesday 2/19/08

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Written By Drew

Bennett House:

Ivy massages Sam’s back as they enjoy a nice and romantic evening together. They then began discussing Ethan’s and Theresa’s relationship. Ivy, like her regular self, starts to argue with Sam that Theresa isn’t good enough for Ethan. As she continues her rants and raves she’s still massaging Sam, and it gets rougher and rougher as she gets angrier and angrier. Finally, realizing she’s hurting Sam, she apologizes and tells him it’s just what Theresa does to her. Soon, Sam gets a call from Mexico informing him about the dire situation taking place. Worried about the call Ivy asks what’s going on. Sam soon explains that Pilar and Theresa were down in Mexico. Frightened for Pilar’s safety, she demands to know what possessed her to return to Mexico. Before Sam can explain Ivy assumes it’s another one of Theresa’s schemes to win Ethan back. Angered, she threatens to kill Theresa–fearing she’s put Ethan’s life in danger. Sam soon tells her that Theresa may be dead. Ivy then feels bad for wishing Theresa dead and explains to Sam she never really wanted Theresa dead–just gone from Ethan’s life. She tells him that she’d never wish that on Pilar–especially after losing Fox. The two soon reminisce on themselves losing each other like Ethan and Theresa. They rejoice that their finally together. But soon, Sam starts remembering all of the wicked things that Ivy has done to him. Trying to break his marriage up with Grace, ultimately being somewhat responsible for Grace’s death, not being with him after she promised to after all those years ago and lying that Ethan was Julian’s son and not his. He tells her he never thought he could forgive her. Worriedly, Ivy asks Sam if he’s forgiven her where it counts–in his heart. He pauses, but soon he tells her that he has forgiven her. He tells her that their love is true and strong, lasting over 20 years, even when they were apart. Soon, they passionately kiss and make love. Afterwards, Ivy starts worrying about Ethan and his coping with Theresa’s death. Sam tells her that it’s going to be hard for him, considering Theresa is his only true love. Ivy soon tells Sam that Gwen was Ethan’s first love. Sam then tells her that Ethan’s and Theresa’s love is like theirs–true and everlasting. Ivy, however, doesn’t want Ethan to mope around and spend his whole life single and lonely. She soon tells Sam that she thinks Ethan should go back to Gwen. That’s when she starts praising Gwen like there is no tomorrow–making her out as a saint.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Theresa tries telling Ethan to listen to his heart, grasping his hand in hers. Sadly, Ethan promises Theresa he’ll take care of her family and the kids. He can sense Theresa’s there. Soon her hand begins to fade. Meanwhile, Juanita tells Gwen she hopes to see the fireworks as Gwen’s exposed before having to be hauled off to jail. Gwen tells her she never will. Juanita informs her she has judges and cops under her finger in Mexico–that she will get out quickly. She then tells Gwen that she won’t be as lucky. She assures her that in the United States, means our Justice System is much better than Mexico’s, she’ll rot in jail and when she sees light again she’ll be old and ugly. Ethan prays Theresa’s not in pain anymore, Theresa tells him she is in pain, just by seeing him this way. Luis and Miguel soon inform Ethan that Pilar’s been sedated. They reminisce on their mothers’ bad luck. Ethan still hopes Theresa is alive. Angered, he questions Juanita. She tells him to ask Gwen any and all questions. Theresa tells Ethan Gwen is behind everything. Gwen lies and tells Ethan she was trying to get information from Juanita–Ethan believes her. He then tells Juanita she’s going to rot in jail. Luis and Miguel tell Ethan that they’re searching for Theresa’s body and invite him to come. He prays she’s still alive. Even if she wasn’t he wants to find her body so that she could at least be buried in the Harmony Cemetery on the cliffs which she loved. Theresa hopes that they haven’t give up hope on her. Luis soon tightens the ropes on Juanita–who, in return, tells them the sharks are probably full from eating Theresa. This angers everyone–except Gwen. Soon, they tell Gwen to watch Juanita like a hawk. Theresa begs Ethan not to give up on her. After their search, however, they come up empty handed. Disappointed at not finding anything of Theresa’s everyone loses their hope. Ethan soon prepares to say goodbye to Theresa. Soon Theresa begins feeling strange and she suddenly realizes she may be dead. Meanwhile, Juanita tells Gwen she may actually go to prison–but plans on confessing everything just to shorten her sentence. She then tells Gwen that this could all change, though, if she’d release her. Meanwhile, Theresa notes that once Ethan says goodbye she’ll have to go. Sadly, Theresa touches Ethan, and again goes through him. Suddenly, however, he begins to feel her touch. Theresa pleads to God to let Ethan know she’s there. Worried and sad, Luis and Miguel look at Ethan. He tells them he knows Theresa’s actually not there physically but that he can feel her spiritually. He then asks for a few moments alone to say his last words to her. In a heart-felt speech Ethan reminisces his and Theresa’s past and tells her that she taught what life and love were all about. She made him a man. Theresa, in tears, tries to assure Ethan he’s a great man. He soon tells her he’ll raise his daughter Jane and Little Ethan, like he was his own son. Theresa, sadly, tells him Little Ethan is his son. Luis and Miguel soon listen in on a in tears Ethan as he says goodbye. Finally he says those dreaded words and tells Theresa he’ll always love her and only her. Soon a bright light arrives and Theresa doesn’t want to go through it and leave Ethan. Unfortunately, she’s drawn into the light and taken to Heaven, leaving Ethan alone in tears. Meanwhile, Juanita tells Gwen she can help Gwen if she’ll simply set her free. Gwen doesn’t believe her. Juanita tell her the plan–we don’t know what it is, though. Gwen’s smug, however, and looks like she may consider the plan.

Harmony Police Station:

Paloma screams for Noah. Finally, tired, she collapses. She can’t believe Noah’s gone. Sadly, she thinks of how she could’ve let him in her window in the first place. She then screams that she loves him–but she knows she’ll never see him again. We soon see Noah on the ledge climbing up. Paloma, meanwhile, wishes she could’ve told Noah how much she loved him. Noah, at her window, tells her he loves her, too. Lovingly, they embrace. Dizzy, Noah has to sit down. He soon tells Paloma his story and how much he loves her and how happy he is to be with her. Paloma quickly tells him they’re not together. Confused, Noah asks Paloma why she’s acting this way–especially when everything’s changed. Paloma tells Noah she can’t be with him because she won’t be involved in a love triangle. She then tells him the affects adultery has had on people, mentioning her father and mother and Ethan and Theresa and Gwen. Noah tells her she broke his heart. But she tells him she won’t end up like her mother, Pilar. She thinks Noah will do what Martin, her father, did. She tells him to let her go and he tells her he can’t. Sadly, she leaves.

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