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Passions Update Wednesday 2/13/08

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Written By Drew

Harmony Police Station:

Paloma researches Juanita Vasquez’s history and can hardly believe all the things she finds. Worried for her family’s safety she desperately checks her cell phone–hoping they’ve left a message for her. But instead of grabbing her cell phone from her purse she grabs a picture of her and Noah. Saddened, she prepares to throw it in the garbage. However, she cannot manage to do this. Distracted from her work, she soon hears music outside and wonders who could possibly be rude enough to blast it so loud. As she opens her window to take a better look outside she sees it’s Noah. Romantically, he soon grabs his poster boards and raises them above his head for Paloma to read. They read, “I love you, Paloma,” “I can’t lose you,” “You mean everything to me,” “You are my life, my heart,” and “Please let me explain.” Paloma soon starts crying and whispers to herself that she still loves him but that it’s too late for them now. With that sad declaration she closes the window and gets back to work. Noah is disappointed that his plan didn’t work. Meanwhile, on the phone Paloma tries getting information from the Mexican police on the whereabouts and condition of her family. They tell her they don’t know but assure her they’ll find out. Worried for her family’s safety, Paloma hangs up. That’s when Noah enters into her office–this time with another plan. He has a huge bouquet of red flowers for her. Paloma loves them and asks if they’re for her. Noah tells her that they are of course for her–the woman he loves. At that, Paloma tells him he’d better give them to Fancy, then. Noah tells her that she’s the only woman he loves. Not able to hear it anymore Paloma demands he go away–she doesn’t want to stress about him and her family’s precarious situation. Noah won’t go, however, for her wants to comfort and console her. In tears, Paloma tells him she understands he still cares about Fancy and that he might as well admit he loves her–she then demands he stop making her feel stupid and second rate. Noah tells her she’s got it all wrong. He then offers to help her out with the search for her family. Paloma doesn’t want his help, though. Desperate, Noah explains to Paloma he’s worried for her family, too. He then tells her that her family will be his family one day if and when then marry. Paloma can’t handle this declaration and seriously demands him to leave before she involves another officer. Rejected, Noah obeys his love’s orders. Paloma quickly returns to her work, hoping it will ease her mind off of Noah. Of course, he’s got yet another romantic escapade for his love. Looking out of her second-story window Paloma soon sees Noah on a levy with Valentine’s Day balloons–declaring his love for her. Opening her window she tells Noah that that doesn’t look too safe and then demands he go home. Shutting her window she soon prepares to close the blinds. As she tries, however, they fall on top of her. Smiling, Noah whispers to her that he loves her and she whispers to him that he needs to go home. He doesn’t, though. He soon starts cleaning Paloma’s window and singing. Not able to concentrate, Paloma opens her window and insults Noah’s singing by telling him she’s heard cats sing better. Noah laughs and re-expresses his love for her. Angered, Paloma tells him to just lower the levy and go home. Noah obeys, but the levy won’t lower. He soon confirms to her that he’s stuck. Paloma tells him to just call Fancy so she can come rescue him. Noah once again tries reassuring her he loves her and only her. Fed up, Paloma tells him just to jump. Noah tells her he could die if she did and Paloma coldly tells him not to make too much blood go everywhere–as it does attract flies. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the levy soon drops to the ground with Noah inside. Paloma screams frantically for her lover and his life.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Juanita bad-mouths Theresa to Pilar, telling her she hopes that Pilar’s ‘tramp’ of a daughter is dead. Pilar, fed up, slaps Juanita. She then tells Gwen that she’s to blame for Ethan’s heartache of possibly losing the love of his life. Meanwhile, Luis, Ethan and Miguel worry about Theresa. Ethan tells them that they’ve got to hold out hope for her. Moments later, Luis gets a call on his cell informing him that there is still no sign of Theresa. Ethan, not wanting the Rescue & Search team to quit, tells them not to give up hope on her–that he knows she’s alive. We soon see Theresa calling out to Ethan, telling him she’s still coming. Weakly, she walks on. Ethan, turned from everyone, soon prays for her safety. Meanwhile, Juanita tells Gwen she’s going to pay big time–by losing Ethan. She continues on bragging that Theresa wins–even in death. Tired, Theresa soon sits down to rest still calling out to Ethan that she’s coming. Still having no sign that Theresa’s alive, Luis and Miguel begin losing hope but Pilar and Ethan assure them it will all work out and that Theresa will live. Then, seeing someone in the distance, Ethan thinks it’s Theresa. Looking closer Pilar sadly tells Ethan it’s only a rescue worker. Meanwhile, Juanita tells Gwen she’s doomed no matter if Theresa lives or dies. That’s when Ethan begins questioning Gwen and Juanita. He asks if Gwen knows more than what she’s put on. Gwen, not wanting to get caught, lies and says she just read up on Juanita and feared for Ethan’s safety. Ethan still isn’t convinced about Gwen’s reply. Meanwhile, Pilar breaks down and says that if Theresa dies she’ll die, too. Miguel and Luis assure her it’s not her fault if Theresa’s dead and then they ask her to tell them what’s all really going on. As Ethan comes up to them, Pilar agrees to tell them the whole sordid story. Meanwhile, Theresa weakly continues walking and eventually spots Ethan and her family. Excited and overwhelmed she soon passes out. After a couple of moments, she regains consciousness. Weakly she walks to a post and then lets out a huge loving cry for Ethan. Startled and grateful, Ethan informs everyone Theresa’s alive and rushes to her. The two hug and kiss passionately. Seeing this, Gwen is now panicked. Juanita, noting Gwen’s worry, tells her she’d better start running away. Meanwhile, Theresa embraces her mother and brothers’. After their reunion, Ethan, Luis and Miguel want to know what’s up. Theresa tells them to ask Gwen. Whispering, Juanita tells Gwen now would be the best time to get going. Gwen, frightened, doesn’t say a word. So, Theresa soon begins telling Ethan everything. Ethan is horrified to hear Gwen was blackmailing Theresa and Pilar. Theresa soon prepares to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. Gwen bitterly warns Theresa she’d better not. Ethan, fed up with Gwen, tells her to shut up. Finally, after finding out the truth herself in the summer of 2006, Theresa tells Ethan that Little Ethan donated his live to Jonathon. Ethan says that that’s impossible, knowing in order for that to work they would have to be siblings. Theresa then tells Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. Ethan, in shock, asks Gwen if everything Theresa said is true and sadly she confirms that it is. Ethan is ecstatic and kisses Theresa rejoicing the miracle. He soon tells Theresa he’s so proud of her strength–that even when he was mad at her for all the wrong reasons she still stood her ground and did all she could to save not only her family but little Jonathon, too. Angered, Ethan soon confronts Gwen. She, however, cannot defend her actions. Ethan doesn’t understand how she could treat Theresa’s family like this–not to mention Jonathan. He soon tells her that he’s going to try to get custody over him. Gwen is horrified. And again, Ethan and Theresa passionately kiss one another.

Tabitha’s House:

Tabitha, using the magic bowl, spies on people. Kay is angered at her for doing so and breaking her promise, but Tabitha reminds her that she, too, broke that promise. Eventually, Tabitha tries pressuring Kay to take a look into the magic bowl. Tempted, Kay still refuses. Tabitha eventually, however, gets Kay to take a look, assuring her that no magical residue will be on her hands. Kay’s shocked to see Noah still seeking Paloma’s forgiveness. Tabitha then tells Kay that she could change their predicament with magic. Kay still won’t agree. They then discuss the Demon Elf. Sleeping with his demon doll, he wonders if anyone in Tabitha’s house ever sleeps. Kay tells Tabitha the Demon Elf is probably gone for good now, means they haven’t seen him. He thinks to himself he’s taking a break for the night. Meanwhile, Tabitha assures Kay that Demon Elf is still around and will never be gone unless they use their magic. Kay not hearing Tabitha, soon reasons checking up on Miguel via the magic bowl. Seeing her do this, Tabitha thinks aloud that Kay will never be able to fully give up magic. They soon spy on Miguel. Kay along with Tabitha, noticing Miguel is sad, notice Theresa’s missing. Kay soon demands the bowl to show them Theresa. Instead it shows them red and then goes blank. Kay allow Tabitha to try and get the bowl to conjure up where Theresa is but they still can’t get it to work. Tabitha figures the bowls international picture has gone haywire for now, but that the local picture is fine. They soon demand to see something of interest locally. The bowl then shows them Noah and Paloma, once again. Kay and Tabitha soon discuss why Noah cheated on Paloma. Tabitha promises Kay she didn’t use magic. She then suddenly realizes that Noah and Paloma aren’t victims of magic but instead victims of mortals. Kay wonders who would want them apart. Tabitha tells her it’s Alistair who wants Luis and Fancy apart and that Noah and Paloma are the innocent by-standers. Kay agrees that Tabitha’s right. Horrified, they soon gaze into the bowl to see Noah fall with the levy.

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