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Passions Update Tuesday 2/12/08

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Written By Drew

Tabitha’s House:

The Demon Elf breaks Tabitha’s dishes, as part of his hectic havoc. As he does this he awakes Kay and Tabitha. They’re both shocked to he’s still around, especially after all their hard-work previously to zap him away. The Demon Elf brags that it’s not that easy anymore and then gets back to his magical way of throwing plates around. Tabitha then frantically begs him to stop breaking her precious plates, telling him he’ll eat out of Fluffy’s food bowl at dinner if he doesn’t stop. At that he quits with the dishes and moves on to the curtains. Tabitha screams out in horror, telling the Demon Elf and Kay that Betsy Ross sewed those curtains for her before she made the first American flag. Kay is shocked to hear this. Tabitha then goes on to say that Betsy got so good that she eventually couldn’t afford her anymore–so she gave her arthritis. The Demon Elf, glad to hear of good evil-doers, gives Tabitha kudos. Kay soon informs Tabitha and the Demon Elf she hears Noah and Paloma headed their way and that if he didn’t stop with his mischief it would soon be curtains for them. The Demon Elf likes the thought of that and restarts his magic up, causing the dishes and the curtains to be thrown around again. Tabitha soon threatens to use her magic to torture the Demon Elf before sending him back home–but Kay tells her that they cannot use magic. Tabitha, angered at Kay’s hard-headedness, says she’ll torture her too. She then explains to Kay that not using magic will expose them as witches, knowing the Demon Elf won’t stay on earth quietly. Kay worries. Tabitha then tells the Demon Elf he’ll be used as the fire starter for herself and Kay’s burning at the stake. Kay, looking through the window, warns Tabitha that Noah and Paloma are almost there. Tabitha tells the Demon Elf to stop his shenanigans immediately as fire comes out of her nose. He soon stops. As he does, Noah and Paloma enter Tabitha’s house arguing about what happened on the wharf. Tabitha can’t believe that they’re still arguing about the same old issue. Kay, trying to help out her brother and friend, soon becomes the mouthpiece in their argument. Of course, as they tell her to tell the other something, they just reply to the other’s opinion before Kay can explain otherwise. Tabitha, watching all the drama, soon informs the Demon Elf that there is enough chaos and mayhem as it is without adding magic to it all. Meanwhile, Paloma gets really frustrated with Noah, telling him if he doesn’t leave her alone she’ll get a restraining order on him. Kay tells Noah she doesn’t mean that, but Paloma assures her she does. Noah, with flowers and chocolates in hands, still offers his gift of love to Paloma. She, of course, rejects them. So, Tabitha soon agrees to take Paloma’s would-be chocolates for herself. Seeing Tabitha chow down on chocolates the Demon Elf demands some for himself, Tabitha hopes he’ll eat enough to explode. Paloma, who is now thinking to herself, says she wants to forgive Noah. Noah, once again, pleads some more for Paloma’s forgiveness. Paloma eventually tells him she can’t buy the whole magic-made-me-do-it thing. Noah tells her everyone’s been acting weird lately, especially Fancy. He then suggests that maybe a bugs going around. Tabitha whispers to herself that it’s more like a fly in the ointment, making the Demon Elf mad. He soon uses his magic to raise Tabitha’s table. Desperately, Tabitha tries holding it down. She then threatens the Demon Elf, hoping it’ll make him stop. Still distracted, Noah and Paloma continue arguing. Noah tells Paloma to look inside his eyes and she would see his love for her. She tells him not to tell her what to do. Tired from their argument, he tells her he loves her. Kay, noticing the Demon Elf still up to no good and feeling bad for her brother and Paloma, soon tries to help them out with their problems. She tells them that she went through the same thing that they’re going through with Fox making Miguel look like he was cheating on her with Charity. She then tells them that sometimes the situation is different then what it appears. She soon rushes to Tabitha and the Demon Elf telling them to knock it off. The Demon Elf, like a child, tells Kay that Tabitha started it. Meanwhile, Paloma soon considers what Kay’s said, giving Noah hope for their relationship. Kay’s happy, feeling like she helped her brother and Paloma out of a tight spot. She then tells the Demon Elf he better not do anything to wreck things with Noah and Paloma. Tabitha then tells Kay she’s done it now, as the Demon Elf overhears. Kay soon tells Demon Elf he better not go near them. He tells her he won’t go near them, and that’s when he puffs out green smoke and it rushes to Noah’s head. Fortunately, Paloma says she’ll forgive Noah if he’ll tell her he loves her and only her. Unfortunately, the spell the Demon Elf cast soon reaches Noah’s head and he says he loves Paloma, though Fancy’s a better kisser. Paloma’s shocked by his reply. He continues on by saying, with practice she could be as good of a lover as Fancy. Paloma’s now hurt. Kay, feeling bad for giving this idea to the Demon Elf, soon tries to reassure Paloma that Noah’s just out of it and he doesn’t know what he’s saying. As she explains this Noah snaps out of the spell and tells Paloma something weird came over him. Kay tells Paloma it’s just one of the many weird things that occur in Harmony. Paloma, nearly bankrupt with her emotions, asks why all the weird things always have to break her heart. Soon the Demon Elf causes more mischief with Tabitha’s fruit bowl. Tabitha, knowing he cast a spell to make it explode, warns everyone to duck. Noah and Paloma are confused as to why but obey her command. Soon the bowl explodes. Noah quickly explains to Paloma that that was another weird thing that could only happen in Harmony. Paloma says she doesn’t believe Noah about the whole magic theory and tells him to leave her alone for good as she exits. Noah, disappointed, is sad that he almost got through to her then ended up losing her all over again. That’s when Tabitha tells Kay she’s to blame for her brother and Paloma’s circumstance. Kay can’t believe Tabitha’s accusations, she explains that thanks to Kay not allowing her to use her magic to zap the Demon Elf away this whole mess happened.

Crane Mansion:

Sam, Esme and Julian rush to the bedroom where Ivy was and find her knocked out from being stabbed. Sam is horrified and wonders why the serial killer would try to kill his lover. Hiding in the hall with a bloody knife, Viki whispers that it’s to distract Sam. Hearing sirens, Viki quickly rushes to hide. Meanwhile, Esme uses her first aid training to help Ivy out. Ivy’s shocked that she knows how to do this and Esme informs them all that she’s taken classes in case something happened to Viki. As Sam re-checks Ivy’s wound he’s happy to find out it’s only superficial. He then questions her about the attacker. Ivy tells him her scream probably startled whoever it was away. She just passed out, knowing it would also make her look dead. Soon everyone hears what sounds like someone dragging a body. Julian is horrified as is Ivy and Esme. Ivy then comments that she feels like they’re in a Agitha Christine murder mystery. Sam rushes to see what’s up. Sam, out in the hall, soon tackles the would-be killer, we see Viki peer through a room from a mirror. The person who Sam attacked was Rebecca, he asks her where she’s going with a huge chest, but when he finds one of her sex toys he decides not to ask. Esme soon comes out and Rebecca announces she’s leaving but has time for a little make-out session with her. Esme tells her there’s no time now, still flirting, she then sees Viki who acts like she’s been frightened. We see she placed her knife by the flower vase. Meanwhile, Julian asks Ivy how she’s doing. She tells him she’s doing a bit better. Julian mentions her drinking and she says it helped numb her during their marriage and it’s doing the same thing now with her pain. She then wishes that she could help Sam solve at least one case. Julian insists Sam may just yet with their plan. Ivy tells him she heard their plan and then she told him she admired him for avenging Fox’s death. Sam, searching Rebecca’s chest, is shocked to find a limited amount of clothing. Rebecca lies and says she had to catch her flight. Sam soon asks if she tried killing Ivy and all of Esme’s boyfriends, and is running away because of it. Rebecca insists she didn’t, she then mentions she was stabbed, too. Sam believes her and she hugs him tightly. He fights her off, desperately. Once she’s off of him he soon informs her that she cannot leave town. Rebecca’s mad, means she was wanting to escape from Juanita and her wrath. Sam then goes back into the bedroom and informs Ivy and Julian what has happened. Julian then asks if they should still carry out their plan. Sam tells them that they should. At that, Esme tells them she’s going to hurry and tuck Viki in. Meanwhile, Viki approaches Rebecca and tells her that she’s strange for dragging around a trunk. Rebecca tells her she’s surprised she’s still talking and leaves a couple of rude comments with her. As Rebecca leaves, Viki pulls out her knife and vows she won’t let anyone take Esme away from her. Hearing Viki talk, Rebecca returns and ask who she was talking to. Panicked, Viki hides her knife. She soon tells Rebecca she was just talking to herself. Rebecca, thinking to herself, says that Viki is a freak. Esme soon escorts Viki to bed. Afterwards, Esme and Julian begin relaxing and discuss how difficult things must be for Viki, means deaths always around her. Esme tells Julian she’s afraid she’s going to be a bad parent, informing him that even her pet rock fell to pieces. Julian assures Esme she’ll be a great adoptive mother to a strong Viki. As he says this an angered Viki stands outside the room, knife in hand, saying she’s stronger than Julian thinks. Sam soon checks in on Esme and Julian one last time, informing them he’s taking Ivy to the hospital. He then assures them that they can carry out their plan safely still. They both wonder, however, if they should or not. Eventually, they decide they’re going to do it and catch the killer. Viki knows their plan and she then vows she won’t get caught–and that Julian will die.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Gwen prays silently that the body in the bag is Theresa’s dead body. Juanita hopes it’s Theresa’s as well. Miguel then tells her to shut up or else he’ll throw her to the sharks. Luis, meanwhile, prays it’s not Theresa or Ethan. Miguel soon unmasks the body–revealing Ethan. Gwen then frantically rushes to Ethan’s lifeless-looking body. Frightened, Miguel searches for a pulse and finds Ethan has one, but it’s very weak. Eventually, Ethan’s pulse stops. Panicked, Gwen tries performing CPR. Luis, who also is weak from his shark bit wound, tries calling for help but doesn’t quite know how to describe where they are. Juanita tells him to tell them their somewhere between land and water and laughs devilishly. Meanwhile, Gwen continues applying CPR on Ethan, as she does this Juanita whispers to her that even if she saves Ethan he’ll never be hers, because she’ll tell him everything. Gwen tries ignoring what Juanita has just said and continues giving CPR to Ethan. Miguel offers to help her out but she tells him to just attend to Luis. Knowing Luis is all right, Miguel soon questions Juanita as to why she’d want Pilar and Theresa dead. She tells him he’ll just have to ask his mother. Gwen, still applying CPR to Ethan, tells him he has to live for his son, Jonathon. Soon, she revives him. To her disappointment, however, the first thing he asks is where Theresa is–making Juanita smile. Out in the ocean we see Theresa unconscious. Soon the helicopters from the Search & Rescue team arrive–searching for Theresa. Wanting to help out with the search for Theresa, Miguel and an injured Luis join in. Meanwhile, Ethan prays aloud that Theresa will live. Back in the ocean Theresa regains consciousness and swims for Ethan. Back on the wharf, Ethan asks Gwen why she’s in Mexico and not with Jonathon. Gwen tells him he’s with Rebecca and the nannies at the mansion–safe and sound. Happily, Juanita rejoices means she now has another clue as to where in the United States Pilar lives. Ethan then tells Gwen she shouldn’t have come down to Mexico. Gwen tells him she loves him and needs him, as does Jonathon, and that’s why she came down. Ethan, however, stares out at the sea and tells Gwen if he loses Theresa he’s lost everything. Finally, feeling useless, Ethan tries to get up and join the search for Theresa, but can’t. So, anxiously he sits in panic for his love. Meanwhile, Gwen still hopes Theresa’s dead and that Pilar won’t wake up. As she gets Ethan something to drink she’s horrified at the monster she’s become. That’s when Pilar slaps her and tells her she and her mother will pay for what they’ve done to her family. Gwen tells Pilar Theresa’s the reason Ethan almost always is in a tragedy–outraging Pilar. Juanita soon tells Gwen and Pilar that Ethan won’t be the only one with a tragedy, looking Gwen’s way. Angered, Pilar tells Juanita to shut up–reminding her that she’s as bad as Gwen. Juanita says Pilar’s evil and Gwen is, too. Wanting to oust Juanita, Gwen soon tells Pilar they could work together and kill her. Pilar tells Gwen she won’t work with her. She then tells her that she’ll pay, just like Juanita. She tells Gwen payback is a bitch and that she’s looking at her. Back in the ocean, Theresa is surrounded by sharks and Ethan, with Juanita’s night binoculars, spots the sharks but cannot tell who they’re surrounding. Luckily, Theresa escapes them and swims back the wharf. As she gets on the wharf, she heads to Ethan, wanting to be in his arms again. Meanwhile, Luis and Miguel come back to the wharf informing Ethan that the search may end as there is no sign of Theresa. Horrified that his lover could be dead Ethan shouts for her. Weakly, Theresa walks and crawls her way to him.

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