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Passions Update Monday 2/11/08

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Written By Drew

Tabitha’s House:

Kay can’t sleep because of her worry for Miguel, so she goes into the kitchen for some tea. Preparing the tea, she puts the kettle on to boil the water. That’s when, as her back is turned, the evil demon eyes turn into the infamous Demon Elf. He’s angry that he got sent back home–but happy that Kay used that spell to set him free. He soon begins to cause mischief. Quietly, he walks to the stove and turns it up as high as possible. This act soon causes the boiling water to explode everywhere. Kay’s frightened at what just happened, the Demon Elf, however, is mad that the hot boiling water didn’t get to Kay. Tabitha soon come rushing downstairs, wondering what all the raucous is about. Kay soon explains to her what happened, so detective Tabitha gets to work. Quickly, she discovers finger-prints on the gas stove knob. Something’s unique about these finger-prints, because they’re not human’s or witch’s prints, they’re the Demon Elf’s. The Demon Elf, angered that he got caught, soon swears, and a censored bar goes over his mouth. Reluctantly, he reveals himself to Kay and Tabitha. They both wonder how in the world he returned to Harmony. He tells them it’s thanks to Kay. Tabitha doesn’t believe it, and tells him that every witch at the Lenox residence has abstained from magic–for the time being. The Demon Elf soon recites the last few lines of Kay’s spell. Tabitha’s shocked, she can’t believe that Kay used magic, especially when Kay told her she’d never do it herself. Obnoxiously, the Demon Elf soon begins making what he calls music with pan lids. Kay and Tabitha soon try to brainstorm ideas as to how to get rid of the little twerp. Of course, they can’t think due to all the noise. Angered, Kay soon calls him an off-beat Smurf and tells him to quit it. He obeys Kay’s orders, but now moves on to his next annoyance–food. Tabitha tells him to shut up or Fluffy will eat him. The Demon Elf gets angered and soon zaps in some tortuous and abusive collars for Fluffy. Tabitha tells him that though they’re evil they don’t hurt animals. He listens to Tabitha and zaps away the abusive collars–Tabitha then occupies him with some Devil Brownies. Soon she tells Kay there is only one solution to get rid of the Demon Elf– magic. Kay tells her that they cannot use magic. Tabitha doesn’t understand, means she’s used it already. Kay tells her two wrongs do not make a right–she doesn’t want to lose Miguel. That’s when they think of the natural, un-magical way to get rid of the Demon Elf–incense. The Demon Elf tells them it won’t work–but they prepare it despite his assurance that it won’t. When they finally get the brew ready Kay throws it on the Demon Elf. He soon starts acting weird and coughing terribly. Tabitha tells Kay he’s preparing to go bye-bye. Quickly, Tabitha grabs her broom to shoo the Demon Elf out with. Demonically, he grabs it and snaps it. He then begins laughing hysterically and tells them he deserves a Daytime Emmy award for his performance. He then tells them he’ll tell the witches’ council how pathetic their little attempt was. Suddenly, he begins coughing terribly again. This time Tabitha knows he’s finally going to be gone for good. The house soon begins shaking and the Demon Elf goes poof. Kay and Tabitha soon rejoice–Kay happy about not having to use magic and Tabitha happy that the little munchkin can’t cause havoc. They soon turn out the kitchen lights and head to bed. Unfortunately, for them, the Demon Elf is alive and well. In another simple poof he returns, smoking his cigar happily.

Crane Mansion:

Sam, Esme and Julian prepare to start their plan to catch the serial killer. Sam, once again, reminds Julian that it’s a real risky mission, so he wears a bullet-proof vest. After that’s all settled Sam asks Julian if he’s up to this–Esme says he will be now that she’s got the little blue pills. Soon Esme begins making out with Julian. Sam, disgusted at what he has to see, soon excuses himself, wanting to make sure all of his officers were ready for the arrest. As he exits into the hall he sees a shadow of a person running away. He quickly chases after the spy. Meanwhile, Julian tells Esme they have to make their sex-capade look as natural as possible. Esme assures him that they can try several different sex positions. Julian then tells her they need to back-track, Esme tells him she’s never done that position before and asks what it’s like. Not wanting to even get into that Julian soon tells Esme he thinks they should dance and eat dinner before they actually get into the love making. Meanwhile, Sam catches and corners the spy, thinking it may be the serial killer. That’s when he finds out that the spy was really Ivy. She soon tells him that she’s been feeling neglected lately and wants a quickie with him. Sam tells her they shouldn’t, means he’s on duty. But, of course, Ivy won’t have that, she soon strips down and the two begin making hot passionate love. Finally, after awhile, the two are done and discuss their love for one another. That’s when Sam realizes he’s still on duty and on an important mission, at that. He then gets dressed and tells Ivy to, likewise. He then tells her when she’s dressed to get escorted out of the mansion by one of his officers, Ivy thinks he’s over-reacting. Meanwhile, Esme tries to skip all the other steps and just get straight to the sex with Julian. He then tells her they need to go slow. Reluctantly, she obeys Julian. Then, in her mind, she thinks to herself about being Mrs. Julian Crane. Sam soon enters into the room and checks to see if they’ve got their plan ready. Julian informs him they do. Sam then tells them that the plan is ready to commence then. Meanwhile, Ivy gets dressed and as she does she’s still thinking of Sam and how blessed she is to have him. That’s when we see someone staring at her, we’re in the person’s place, so we don’t know who this is. The same thing happens with Rebecca, back in her bedroom. With that we hear a scream–either from Rebecca or Ivy–causing Sam to rush to their aide and wonder what happened.

The Wharf in Mexico:

A panicked Gwen rushes to Luis and Miguel telling them that Ethan is surrounded by sharks. Then she asks who the lady is that’s tied up. They inform her it’s Juanita Vasquez. Gwen if horrified. Luis and Miguel soon tell Gwen to watch Juanita and Pilar as they head out to the ocean to help out Ethan and try to find Theresa. Once they’re gone Juanita tries coaxing Gwen to divulge more about her life. Gwen won’t talk to her, however, because she knows who she is and what she’s all about. That’s when Rebecca calls her and Gwen soon tells her what’s going on. Rebecca is afraid to know that Pilar is still alive but happy that Theresa could be dead and eaten up by sharks, at that. Rebecca then tells her daughter that she needs to kill Pilar to ensure that their secret stays a secret. Juanita, soon leans in towards Gwen, spying on her conversation. Rebecca then continues to push Gwen into killing Pilar, again. Gwen, tired of hearing her mother’s advice, acts like she can’t hear her anymore. Getting ready to hang-up Gwen accidentally pushes the speaker-phone button–Juanita immediately recognizes Rebecca’s voice as the woman who first phoned her about Pilar. Scared that someone might hear her mother talk about killing Pilar, Gwen quickly pushes the speaker phone button again and tells her mother that she’s by Juanita right now. Rebecca freaks out and tells her daughter goodbye and good luck. Gwen can’t believe her mother’s reaction and is shocked by her actions. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Rebecca begins packing her bags. Not wanting to get caught up in the cross-fire of the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s fate. Back on the wharf in Mexico, Juanita smugly stares at Gwen. Gwen then demands to know what she’s smiling about. Juanita then tells her she knows that she and her mother were the one’s blackmailing Pilar and Theresa. She then tells Gwen that if she doesn’t untie her and set her free she’ll tell Ethan everything about what Gwen and Rebecca were doing to Pilar and Theresa. Gwen tells Juanita that Ethan would never believe the leader of the Mexican Mafia. But Juanita tells her that if he doesn’t she still has Pilar and Theresa’s words to back her up. Gwen then tells Juanita she’ll kill her and Pilar so none of them can mention her plot. Juanita knows Gwen won’t do it, she knows Gwen is a coward. Meanwhile, out in the ocean Luis and Miguel prepare to rescue Ethan and Theresa. Luis, who now has contact and help from the Mexican Federales, soon begins telling them that the chopper that they sent to help them went way too far ahead of where they were. The Federales inform them that there was an accident they needed to attend to before they helped them out. Luis and Miguel resume, however, not wanting to waste any more time. That’s when the motor stops on their boat. Miguel, checking the motor, tells Luis that there is nothing wrong with it. Luis figures something just got caught to it so he prepares to jump into the water to tear whatever was attached to the boat off. Miguel warns him there are man-hungry sharks out there–but Luis assures him he’ll be just fine. As Luis goes under water his suspicion was confirmed, a fishing net was attached to the boat, in a place in which would cause the boat to stop its combustion. He quickly unleashes it. As he does this sharks begin swarming around. Miguel frantically pounds on the boat, informing Luis that sharks had arrived. As Luis prepares to enter the boat he’s taken down by a shark. Miguel, desperate for his brother’s life, quickly hops into the water and saves him. He soon get Luis safely back into the boat. They soon notice a big gauge on his arm, Luis tells Miguel he is fine. That’s when they notice a body floating nearby. They grab it and head back to the wharf. At the wharf, Juanita tells Gwen she’s done for now, as she sees Miguel and Luis coming back. She tells her that she had a chance to live happily with Ethan–but because she wouldn’t help her out she’ll now get her secrets exposed. Luis and Miguel soon haul the body, which is covered in a fishing net and seaweed, back onto the wharf. They desperately try to see whose body is inside. Gwen wonders if it is Ethan’s or Theresa’s body.

The Ocean in Mexico:

Ethan finds Theresa and kisses her lovingly. They both tell each other life wouldn’t be worth living if they didn’t have one another. That’s when the sharks come back. Theresa panics. Ethan tells her he’ll protect her. That’s when he suddenly tells her that he’ll distract the sharks while she swims safely back to shore. Theresa tells him she’ll never leave him again–she’ll die with him if he dies or she’ll live with him if he lives. Ethan can’t believe how crazy she’s acting but kisses her passionately. Theresa then asks him if he really forgives her for all of the crazy things that have happened. Ethan assures her he loves her and forgives her. Soon he grabs a stray piece of wood–shaped as a dagger–and tries stabbing at the sharks. (Ethan the Shark Slayer). As he attacks them Theresa panics, praying for his safety. Finally, he chases all of the sharks off, but then he can’t find Theresa–she’s disappeared. The sharks then start coming back again, leaving Ethan in a panic, wondering where the love of his life has disappeared.

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