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Passions Update Wednesday 2/6/08

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Written By Drew

Russell Home:

Julian’s shocked and can’t believe what he sees. Meanwhile, Eve and Vincent hide under the table, hoping Julian didn’t see what they were doing. Julian then begins banging on Eve’s door, demanding she open it. Panicked, Eve frantically tells Vincent to hide. Vincent tells Eve that if Julian really knows what they were doing that he’ll kill him. Quickly, he leaves his mother, grabs a butcher knife, and heads to the pantry. Eve soon answers the door, but she only opens it a crack, not wanting Julian to come inside. Julian, however, has different plans. He soon helps himself inside, telling Eve he knows her secret. Vincent, who is in the pantry, soon holds up his knife– prepared to kill Julian. He whispers to himself that he’ll have slit Julian’s throat extra harder, means the knife is dull. Meanwhile, Julian tells Eve he knows that Eve had been drinking. Eve soon hysterically begins laughing. Julian is flabbergasted by her strange behavior. She tells him he has no idea what he’s talking about and that she hasn’t had one drink. Julian tells her that he knows she’s lying by grabbing a half-full bottle of liquor that was on the table. Eve tells him that she really hadn’t been drinking. Inside the pantry Vincent whispers to his baby that Eve’s a bad liar and that he must’ve gotten that skill from Julian. As he does this he accidentally bumps into something– making a big noise. Julian, alarmed by the noise, rushes to the pantry. He knows there’s someone in there and demands they come out. Eve tries to assure him that it must just be a mouse, saying that a few years back her house was infested with them, but Julian doesn’t buy it. He then prepares to knock the door down, means whoever was in there wasn’t coming out. As he prepares to do this Valerie, Vincent’s feminine being, emerges. Julian’s shocked and demands to know what she was doing locked in the pantry. Valerie explains that she was simply examining the pantry for liquor. She then tells him that she didn’t find anything and that Eve had remained sober. Julian then tells her to explain why a half-full bottle of liquor was on the table. Valerie tells him that it was there to serve as a temptation for Eve. Julian doesn’t understand this notion. Valerie says that she wants Eve to endure the temptations that are in the real world, she wants Eve to remember this world is not liquor-free. Julian tells her that he’d understand that notion if Eve had been sober for several years and only had it maybe at a party– but given her current situation he thinks it’s a terrible idea. He then demands Valerie to pour the liquor down the drain. She obeys him and Eve watches on sadly. That’s when Valerie tells Julian to feel her stomach, wanting him to feel their baby. He does this and soon she locks him into a passionate tongue-tied, lip-lock. Eve is disgusted and tries not to look. She can’t believe she gave birth to such a horrible monster. Julian quickly leaves the house. Soon Vincent comes back as himself. He starts bragging to Eve how sexy Julian is, telling her he’s great in bed. Eve gags and reminds him that Julian is his father. Vincent tells her he doesn’t care and that Julian is his lover. Eve stares blankly, contemplating how messed up her life is.

The Airplane:

Gwen’s flying into Mexico to try and stop Ethan from finding Theresa and Pilar. She’s afraid if he finds her that she’ll tell Ethan that she and Rebecca were blackmailing her not to tell Ethan the truth that he’s little Ethan’s father and that little Ethan donated his liver to Jonathon, and that he was the ‘man’ at the cabin. She soon pleads to God, vowing she’ll be good afterwards, if He’ll have Pilar and Theresa killed, that way her secret is safe. She then starts daydreaming about Ethan finding out her secret. He’s angered and wants answers. Gwen, even in her dreams, lies to him. Ethan tells her that he hates her and that while he was in Mexico he got a quick divorce from her and married Theresa. He then tells Gwen she’s evil and she pleads for him to stay. He tells her that if he ever sees her again he’d almost be tempted to punch her in the face– despite knowing it’s wrong to hit woman. When she wakes up she wonders what’s taking place in Mexico. She soon fears that Theresa’s already told him everything. Eventually the flight attendant informs everyone that they’ll be landing in Mexico right now. Gwen soon prepares to stop Theresa and keep Ethan for herself.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Juanita boasts that she’s finally avenged Carlos’ death. She then looks through her night binoculars to see if there is any signs of Pilar and Theresa still being alive. She then sees a body floating face down, it’s Pilar’s. She’s ecstatic. Meanwhile, Luis and Ethan decide to hop into the ocean and go find Pilar and Theresa, hoping that they‘re still alive. While they’re out there they’re swarmed by sharks. Ethan wonders what they’re going to do. They debate whether or not to punch the sharks in the face. Luis finally says he thinks it would be too dangerous to punch them. Suddenly, he remembers he still has his gun on him. Desperately he grabs it out of his pocket, hoping the water didn’t damage it. Ethan does so, likewise. They soon begin shooting at the hungry swarming sharks. Eventually, the sharks swim off, allowing them to continue on their way. Back on the wharf, Juanita soon sees Pilar flip over, breathing in and out. Angered she grabs her gun, prepared to shoot Pilar dead. Luckily, for Pilar, the smoke obscures Juanita’s ability to precisely hit her. Of course, Juanita won’t give up that easily. That’s when she and her henchman hear Luis’ and Ethan’s voices, crying out for Pilar and Theresa. Juanita thinks it’s the fishermen trying to save Pilar and Theresa. Her henchman then informs her that it’s probably those men that were searching for Pilar and Theresa. Juanita, doesn’t care, though, she tells him that Theresa’s dead and Pilar will be dead soon, too. As she aims her gun once again, Miguel arrives, gun in hand, warning her he’ll shoot if she shoots. Juanita soon shouts to her henchman to grab him. He does and he has a firm grasp on him, as well. Juanita soon tells Miguel that he’s going to die now for trying to play the hero. Miguel, however, won’t hold still for Juanita to shoot him. That’s when a weird mist of green dust comes over Juanita, Miguel and the henchman. Freaked out, the henchman tells Juanita he’s tired of all this weird stuff that always happens with her. He soon releases Miguel and cowardly runs away. That’s when the green dust disappears, leaving Miguel in open fire range for Juanita. As she pulls the trigger to her gun, however, it won’t fire. Juanita, not wanting to let Miguel live, quickly tries to grab the gun he had, which was on the ground. Miguel, gets it first, though, and pushes Juanita as hard as he can. Angrily, she demands to know who he is. He informs her that he’s Pilar’s son, Miguel. She’s happy to know that Pilar’s son is here, thinking it‘ll be easier to carry out her whole vendetta. Miguel, quickly ties Juanita up to the wharf, making it impossible for her to escape. After she’s securely tied Juanita tries to figure out how in the world that dust appeared. Miguel tells her that he knows where– or better yet, who, it came from. He soon calls out to Kay, asking her if it was her. Juanita stares at him in awe, wondering who in the world he’s talking to. Miguel tells her to shut up and that it’s none of her business. Meanwhile, Luis and Ethan finally find Pilar. Desperately, Luis grabs his mother’s almost lifeless body, informing Ethan she’s barely breathing. Ethan, however, is frightened that he can’t find Theresa. Luis tells Ethan that they’ve got to do something quick for Pilar. Ethan then tells Luis to just go back to the wharf with Pilar. That’s when more sharks start surrounding Ethan. Luis hurriedly takes Pilar back to the wharf. Ethan, frightened for Theresa’s safety, along with his own soon shouts out to here to go back to the wharf. Meanwhile, Gwen arrives calling out to Ethan, as she sees him out in the water with sharks surrounding him. Luis soon gets Pilar up on the wharf and he and Miguel then begin doing CPR on her. Juanita asks Luis if he’s another one of Pilar’s sons. Luis doesn’t even respond to her. Juanita meanwhile, tells them to just give up on Pilar and let her die. Eventually, however, they do resuscitate Pilar. Panicked, she demands to know where Theresa is. Juanita tells her that she’s being eaten by sharks as they speak.

Tabitha’s House:

Kay worries about Miguel and his safety. She then starts debating whether or not she should use magic. Finally, she decides to use the magic bowl to see how Miguel is doing. When she gets to the bowl, however, it’s empty. Quickly, she gets some water for the bowl. She then demands it to show her Miguel and not play any tricks on her. It does and it shows Miguel in the dire scene. Quickly, knowing Miguel’s life is too precious to be lost, she casts a spell to save him. He survives and ties Juanita down. Kay is relieved and ecstatic. But when he asks if it is her she quickly finds a spell do make the water turn into steam– destroying all proof of her ever having used magic. But, of course, when she said that spell she released an evil demon who’s eyes are following her.

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