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Passions Update Tuesday 2/5/08

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Written By Drew

Crane Mansion:

Esme tries comforting her niece, Viki, after another stabbing, this time to Rebecca. Esme knows that the killer went through Viki’s bedroom, as does Sam and Julian. Of course, the killer is Viki and she doesn’t want to be exposed– so she goes along with the innocent act. Meanwhile, Sam and Julian discuss a way to catch the killer of Esme’s boyfriends and the attempted murderer of Rebecca, whom was Viki (she accidentally stabbed Rebecca thinking she was Ethan). Sam and Julian figure that whoever stabbed Rebecca was the same person who killed all of Esme’s boyfriends, though. Sam soon tells Julian he has the perfect plan to con the killer out of hiding– but it could put Julian in danger. Julian tells Sam that he’s willing to put his life in danger to catch the killer that took his son, Fox’s, life away. Esme overhears Julian saying he’ll do it, wondering what he’ll do, she asks. Sam soon tells Esme she has a right to know what their plan is. Viki anxiously listens, but soon Esme tells her to go to the kitchen and get some ice cream for her and herself. Shocked by her aunt’s declaration Viki says, ‘What?’ Esme thinks Viki is ashamed that she’d intake all of those calories and quickly explains that it’ll ease their worries. Reluctantly, Viki leaves to the kitchen. Sam soon tells Esme the plan. Frightened for Julian’s safety she says they shouldn’t do it. Julian assures her that it is all right. Esme finally agrees to the plan, after a lot of convincing on Julian’s part, and Sam prepares to take the plan underway. Julian soon excuses himself and leaves the mansion. When Viki returns she’s wondering what’s going on. After their ice cream Esme tells Viki it’s time to go to bed, knowing Sam is ready for their plan to go in effect.

Fancy’s Bedroom:

Pretty wakes a sleeping Fancy up, asking her if she remember what she did today. Fancy tries to remember– but she can’t. Pretty then informs her that she not only snapped at Sheridan but at Luis and Marty as well. She then tells her that on the wharf she started making out with Noah, and that Luis and Paloma saw. Fancy is astonished at her behavior. Soon Noah and Paloma enter her bedroom. Paloma is angry– and wants answers. Fancy, of course, can’t explain her odd behavior. Paloma doesn’t believe that Fancy can’t remember and demands to know why she always has her tongue down the man she loves’ throat. Noah happily asks if Paloma still loves him. She says that she hates him. He tries explaining all the weird things that happen in Harmony and tells Paloma that’s what happened with Fancy and himself. Paloma says it has nothing to do with magic or with the devil– but with a blonde slut. She then tells Fancy that karma will get her back. Noah once again begs Paloma for her forgiveness. She says no and soon storms out of Fancy’s room, leaving Noah with Fancy and Pretty. Fancy sadly tells Noah she seriously doesn’t remember anything she’s done. She wonders what’s going on with her emotions. Pretty flashes back to herself using the remote control that controls Fancy’s brain and thinks to herself that more odd behavior is ahead for Fancy– even worse then it is now.

Russell Home:

Eve is at home all alone, drinking her sorrows away, and contemplating on how her life has become so messed up. Vincent, who now lives with her, soon walks into the house informing his mother that he’s ready for his gynecological examination. Eve replies, ‘That’s something you don’t hear everyday,’ referring to her son’s out-of-this-world predicament. Vincent soon starts having pregnancy cravings and goes to the fridge. When he comes to sit down he has some ice cream and pickles. Eve soon tells Vincent that the baby is going to be a freak. Vincent doesn’t like the word ‘freak,’ and warns his mother not to say that. Drunken, Eve continues. She then tries to trace the baby’s family relations. She quickly learns that Julian will not only be the father of the baby but also the grand-father. She then asks Vincent if the baby should call her mommy, means that the baby would be Vincent’s sibling and her child, or at least half-child. Vincent quickly tells his mother he doesn’t care about the logistics. They then begin the gynecological examination. During the exam Eve keeps making jokes about Vincent being half-man and half-woman. When she gets up for yet another drink Vincent asks her about child labor, and what it’s like. Eve says it’s the worst pain that a woman could ever face– even with drugs. She then tells him that the pain for a half-man and half-woman would be ten times worse. Vincent then asks if Eve thinks the baby will survive. Eve pauses, and soon admits that it will, but that it will also be an extremely difficult labor. Julian soon wanders to Eve’s home, not realizing it till he’s stopped in her yard. He then debates whether or not he should knock on the door and talk to her. Meanwhile, Eve continues doing more gynecological examinations on Vincent. That’s when Julian knocks on Eve’s door. Panicked, Vincent warns Eve that if Julian sees him like this he’ll kill him. Eve worries for Julian’s safety. During all of the commotion, Julian peers into Eve’s window– shocked at what he sees.

Mexico Streets:

Juanita and her henchman head out looking for Theresa and Pilar. Juanita soon tries to think where Pilar and Theresa could’ve headed. The henchman suggests that they possibly went back to the wharf. Juanita tells him that that’s a stupid assumption– that they’d never dare go back where they once were. That’s when Juanita decides to call the cops and tell them to close down all forms of transportation. As they search the airports and every other form of transportation they turn up empty handed. Juanita doesn’t understand where Pilar and Theresa could’ve possibly gone. She then thinks of the wharf. Her henchman informs her that before she said it wasn’t possible. She tells him to shut up if he wants to live to be an old man. They soon head down to the wharf.


Luis, Ethan and Miguel search around Mexico for Pilar and Theresa. Ethan learns Theresa was staying at a nearby hotel, but recently checked out. Not wanting to end the search they all continue. When they meet up again Luis asks if anyone got the same response as he did when mentioning Juanita’s name. Ethan and Miguel tell him that people shut up when her name was said– confirming Luis’ same responses. They soon start searching again. Once they meet up again Luis tells Ethan and Miguel that he saw a four-casket funeral taking place and that it was a family that Juanita killed. Miguel eventually learns, from a drunken man, where Juanita lives. He quickly reports back to Luis and Ethan. They all soon rush to Juanita’s home. When they arrive they’re not quite sure if it’s truly Juanita’s home. Ethan soon assures that it is by finding Theresa’s watch, which fell off of her wrist. Wondering where they were now Luis soon scans the hand. That’s when he finds sand on the ground. They all know that there is no beach nearby– that’s when they realize it has to be from the wharf. They then head out to the wharf.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Pilar screams to Theresa that there are sharks in the ocean. Theresa notices the shark that was following her and begins to panic. Eventually, however, it swims away. Theresa soon made it to the boat. Tired and terrified Pilar soon sits back down, trembling uncontrollably. Soon the shark returns and Pilar returns to panic mode. The shark then starts rocking Theresa’s boat– knocking her out of it. Pilar screams out in horror. Theresa manages to get back into the boat, though. Soon she drives the boat back to the wharf. Quickly she urges Pilar to get up and come to the boat. Pilar’s scared about the sharks and still a little shaky, and Theresa knows they’ll have to swim a little while to get to the boat. She soon tries reassuring Pilar that she can do it. Quickly, the two hurry to the boat. When they make it back on the boat the shark returns, knocking the boat fiercely with its body. They luckily manage to escape the sharks tirade. Soon Luis, Ethan and Miguel arrive to see Theresa and Pilar driving out to sea, to a near island. They yell for them to come back to shore. Hardly able to hear their calls, Pilar mistakes the voices for Juanita and her henchman. Juanita and her henchman then arrive. Juanita quickly spots Pilar and Theresa with her night vision gun and tries shooting at them. She misses, Pilar and Theresa fear Juanita may actually shoot them. Wondering where the gunshots are coming from Luis, Ethan and Miguel shout restlessly for Pilar and Theresa to return. Juanita can hear these faint calls from Luis, Ethan and Miguel and asks who that could possibly be. Her henchman tells her they’re probably just a bunch of excited fishermen. Juanita soon shoots at Pilar and Theresa several more times– but misses. She then orders her henchman to grab her rocket launcher she got from Afghanistan. The henchman gives it to her, frightened by the damage it could cause. Soon, Juanita aims for Pilar and Theresa and shoots– blowing up Pilar and Theresa’s boat. Luis, Ethan and Miguel are all in a state of shock and horror.

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