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Passions Update Monday 2/4/08

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Written By Drew

Tabitha's House:

Kay and Tabitha discuss how Miguel left for Mexico with Luis and Ethan. Kay worries for their safety. Tabitha is angered and tells Kay that she cannot believe Miguel won't allow them to use magic- especially since it could really help out Pilar and Theresa. Soon, they hear organ music- warning impending death. Kay then starts to hear a shovel throwing dirt on a hollow object. Tabitha informs her the dirt is falling on a coffin. Kay, like Tabitha, soon throws all of her worries into a box of chocolates. Of course, these noise premonitions soon get louder and louder, making steam come out of Kay's ears. Eventually steam comes out of her mouth, causing her to pass out. Frightened and sad at teasing Kay, Tabitha soon begs Kay to regain consciousness. Eventually Kay wakes up. She can then no longer hear the noises. Tabitha soon informs her that she burst her magical inner-eardrum. Soon, Kay starts re-worrying of Miguel and his family. Tabitha then urges Kay to use their magic to save Miguel, Ethan, Luis, Theresa and Pilar. Kay worries Miguel will break up with her if she does. Tabitha says it's that or let them die- but whatever she chooses she must choose fast. Nearby a bunch of flowers in Tabitha's vase die. Tabitha informs Kay that that was the dark sides not-so-subtle way of telling her to make her choice now. Kay soon debates whether or not she should do it. Not wanting Miguel or anyone to die, but not wanting to use her magic and lose Miguel, either.

The Airplane:

Luis, Ethan and Miguel try to figure out how Pilar is connected to Juanita, who is the leader of the Mexican Mafia. They then begin discussing the weird things that have occurred in Harmony, as of late. Miguel thinks to himself, `That's all due to magic.´ Soon they all fall asleep. Miguel dreams about Kay. In the dream, which takes place in Mexico, he's really hot for her, literally he's burning up. We soon see the Sex-O-Meter, monitoring how hot their sex is. Eventually they go above and beyond on the wheel with their love-making. At one point their love-making was so hot that they caught the furniture on fire- Miguel quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and extinguished the fire. After that they went back to their passionate love-making. In Ethan's dream we find him dreaming of the woman he loves- Theresa. He dreams of reuniting with her. They soon begin making passionate love and promise to always be there for each other. In Luis´ dream he dreams about Fancy. In the dream Fancy meets Luis on the wharf and apologizes for her odd behavior lately. Luis, of course, forgives her. They soon begin talking about marriage. Eventually, in the next scene we see they are married. On the wharf they talk happily about their luck. Fancy soon tells Luis to make love to her. He informs her that they're at the wharf and she tells him that it is his dream and they can do whatever he wants. Luis then snaps his fingers and a sleeping bag appears. Fancy wonders what he's going to do with that, so in turn she snaps a big bed onto the wharf. The two soon begin making passionate love. Eventually, Luis, Ethan and Miguel finally wake up and at the same time grab their waters and throw it in their own faces, means they're so hot and bothered. Afterwards, they discuss their plan to find Pilar and Theresa. They tell each other to be careful, as to not get Juanita suspicious. Silently, they all say their own prayer- hoping to save Theresa and Pilar.

Juanita's House:

Pilar, after trying to escape, is taken back to Juanita's house by Juanita's henchman. Wondering where Theresa went, Juanita tells her henchman she'd better be dead. He informs her that Theresa escaped from one of his men's clutches. Meanwhile, Theresa's just outside Juanita's living room door, vowing to stop Juanita. Soon, Juanita threatens Pilar to tell her where she lives. Pilar refuses. Juanita then grabs a Taser-gun, in which she received in America. She then tells Pilar if she won't tell her where she lives that she'll torture her with the Taser. Pilar still refuses to give in. Frightened for her mother, Theresa cried out loudly, "No." Juanita hears this and orders her henchman to see who's outside. Theresa hides and is undiscovered. Juanita soon begins Tasering Pilar on her neck, as part of her torture. Not able to take it anymore Theresa screams for Juanita to stop it from outside. The henchman soon grabs Theresa, means she'd revealed herself, and informed Juanita he'd captured her. Juanita shouts out, "Excellent," demonically. Theresa soon begins struggling with the henchman, while inside she can hear Juanita still torturing Pilar. Eventually Theresa breaks free by punching the henchman in the gut. She then rushes into the living room and manages to grab the Taser from Juanita, shocking Juanita immediately, as well as her henchman. Hurriedly, she tries to rush a half-conscious Pilar to run. Unfortunately, Juanita gets up, gun in hand, threatening to shoot them both dead if they move. Theresa, with the Taser in hand, quickly Tasers Juanita, making her fall to the ground unconscious.

The Wharf in Mexico:

Theresa and Pilar soon manage to escape, but Theresa is practically dragging Pilar along. Pilar begs her daughter to save herself. Theresa refuses. Pilar says she can't go on. Theresa soon sits Pilar down on a nearby bench and tells her she'll go look for help. Pilar then lightly lays her head down on the bench, practically going into unconsciousness. Hurrying, Theresa soon spots a boat out in the ocean. She thinks that that boat will help her so she hops into the ocean to swim to it. Pilar soon awakes, still groggy and in pain. She then sees a sign on the wharf that, in Spanish, warns about sharks in the ocean. She's frightened and calls for Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa swims faster for the boat. That's when we see a nearby shark, floating Theresa's way.

Juanita's House:

Juanita and her henchman eventually regain consciousness and he helps her up as she vows, once again, to kill Pilar and her whole entire family. She then grabs a huge gun, telling her henchman she won't waste any time, when she finds Pilar and Theresa she'll immediately kill them dead.

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