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Passions Update Tuesday 9/18/07

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Written By Suzanne 
Pictures By Suzanne

Ivy and Sam walk into the Crane mansion from where they have been enjoying the gardens. Ivy is grateful that Sam has forgiven her. They are glad that Ethan will be okay, but she still blames Theresa. She tells Sam that he's the only man that makes her feel safe. In discussing their past, he wonders why she hates Kay so much. She says that she doesn't but just didn't think she was right for Fox. She points out the things that Fox did that were evidence that their marriage was not a good one. She hopes that Fox will someday find his soul mate. They hear crying coming from the foyer.

Ivy and Sam find Esme crying, with a glum Julian standing next to her. There is a gurney there with a black body bag. Ivy asks what's going on and who's in the bag. Julian informs her that Fox has been killed. Ivy doesn't believe it at first and thinks it's some cruel joke, but Julian tells her it's true. She refuses to believe it until she goes over to the bag and looks at the body herself. She then is very shocked and starts crying and wailing. Ivy turns her face to Julian's chest at first. Then Sam tries to comfort her. Julian and Esme tell them that Esme was in the bedroom with Fox when he went to get some wine, and then she heard a shot. She saw him shot in the chest. Esme tells them that she and Fox were grateful to have found each other and had fallen instantly in love. Ivy thanks her. Both Ivy and Julian tell her to call them by their first names. Julian wonders if Alistair killed Fox, since he already killed his own son, Chad.

Sam asks Julian to keep an eye on Ivy for him while he goes to get the forensics team to examine the crime scene. Esme says she has to check on her niece Vicky. She explains that she is her niece's guardian since her parents died and that Fox had offered to let them stay there indefinitely. Julian confirms that he has agreed to that as well. Esme is upset that Vicky heard the shot and came running to see Fox lying dead. Sam tells her that the police department can provide counseling for Vicky, for which Esme is grateful.

After Sam and Esme leave the room, Ivy goes back to wailing and commiserating with Julian, who comforts her. Julian wants them to come take the body away, but Ivy wants more time with Fox. She wishes that she could have spent more time with him, but now she can't make it up to him. Ivy wonders how they will go on. Esme returns and says that Vicky is back asleep. She muses that she and Fox were going to take her to the beach tomorrow, which reminds Ivy of a trip they all once took to the beach. Fox and Julian flew a kite. They never did it again, even though Fox wanted to. Ivy wails some more about how they let Fox down so many times, and Julian agrees. Julian puts his arms around her to comfort her as she asks him to make the pain stop. He says he can't, but she says he's the only who can. Of course, she says this just as Sam walks in the room. Ivy asks Sam if he found any clues or anything. He hopes the forensic team will turn something up. Julian promises to help out the police department in any way he can. Ivy wonders who could have shot Fox in cold blood.

Sam takes Esme out for more questions. Esme notices how close Ivy and Julian seem and wish that she and Fox had that someday. She offers to help any way she can to find his killer and wonders who could have shot Fox in cold blood. Sam tells her that it doesn't seem possible that someone could have shot Fox from the window, as she claimed. She realizes that Sam thinks she was the one who shot Fox.

Alistair and Pretty watch Luis and Fancy in her bedroom (?) via a hidden camera. He increased the power to the implant in Fancy's head so that he can turn her against Luis and into a "true Crane". Fancy resists the evil thoughts that Alistair tries to put into her head, but she gets headaches and nosebleeds. Pretty worries that he will kill her. Luis brings Fancy some food and drink, but he wants her to go to the hospital. She refuses to go. He sees that her nose is bleeding a lot more, so he insists on taking her. Alistair is annoyed, and pretty worries that a doctor will find the implant. Fancy is obviously weak. Luis insists on taking her to the hospital. He goes to pick her up out of the bed, and she pushes him away and swears at him. She is bitchy to him for a moment but then backs off. She apologizes to Luis for snapping at him.

Meanwhile, Alistair lets slip to Pretty in a nasty voice that Fancy is his last hope to find a strong Crane to run his empire. Pretty's feelings get hurt, and she wonders if he has been lying to her. She intends to tell Luis and Fancy what he's been up to. Alistair laughs uneasily but then lies to her some more about how he doesn't want her to worry about things like running the business and that she should just enjoy her life. She seems mollified and believes him again. Alistair goes back to increasing the power in the implant.

Luis wonders why Fancy is so dead set against going to the hospital. She says that she just doesn't want to hear any more bad news after all they've been through. Luis thinks they should find out if there is any bad news before it gets worse. Fancy keeps losing her train of thought, which worries Luis. Inside, she struggles with an impulse to slap Luis, but she doesn't want to do that. She twitches weirdly, so Luis says she must be having convulsions. Luis goes to phone the ER, to tell them to expect them. After more struggling, Fancy goes over and smacks Luis hard in the face. He wonders why she did that. Alistair laughs evilly.

In Ethan's hospital room, he is happily holding his son, the one Gwen brought in, and she is standing next to his bed. Theresa and Pilar are near the door and chatting quietly. Theresa intends to still tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, but she wants him to first recover from the news of this new son and not be focused. Pilar urges her to tell the truth. However, Theresa does want to tell him because she fears that Gwen is using this son to get back with Ethan. Ethan calls them over to see the baby, insisting that it has his nose. They admire the baby. Ethan asks Theresa to hold the baby, much to Gwen's chagrin. Gwen is very shocked when Ethan mentions that Theresa has to get to know his baby. When Ethan asks Theresa if she can believe he has a son, she very pointedly says that he does have a son and that he's wonderful. Ethan decides that Little Ethan should come visit his new son. Theresa and Pilar thinks it's a great idea, but Gwen makes an excuse to say that she's worried he might have germs. Theresa quickly counters that by pointing out that Pilar can wash him up. Ethan agrees, so then Gwen takes her baby away from Theresa and suggests that it's not good for Little Ethan to see Ethan all hooked up to wires in a hospital bed. Theresa says that she thinks it's a good idea that Little Ethan see that he's okay now. Ethan suddenly realizes that Pilar and Theresa seemed to know about his son before Gwen told him. He confirms with Gwen that she didn't tell anyone else. Theresa hems and haws, trying to stall to figure out what to say. She also makes Gwen sweat more by asking her if she should tell Ethan how she knew. Theresa sends Pilar to get Little Ethan as she prepares to answer his question.

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