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Passions Update Wednesday 8/8/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Father Lonigan asks Pretty to forgive Fancy for accidentally scarring her for life.  Pretty has no forgiveness in her heart for Fancy and is finding strength in watching her sister's misery.

Ivy and Julian try to get Fancy to leave, but she won't leave Luis' side even though he's gone.

Theresa is very upset that she didn't get to say goodbye to Luis before he died.  She blames it ton Sheridan who tied her to the electric chair instead of giving her that time to say goodbye to her brother.  Gwen tells her how sorry she is for her loss.  Ethan is sorry he couldn't save him, but he did all he could.  He comforts Theresa.

Edna and Norma are trying to get Endora to bring Luis back to life.  Tabitha asks them to stop pressuring her.  Spike tells them they all need to get out of the house because there's a bomb in there that was set to go off 5 minutes ago.  Endora wants to help Luis and believes she can.  She starts twirling her hand and magic lights follow her finger.  Tabitha claims she didn't teach her that.

Everyone in Tabitha's living room, with the exception of Spike, is excited as Endora turns back the clock only in the execution room and brings Luis back to life.  For everyone else, time has gone on as usual.

Pilar, Miguel, Fancy, Noah and Paloma all talk about unfair it is that Luis is about to die for crimes he didn't commit.  They don't know how they are going to live without him.

Pretty tells Father Lonigan she can't believe it, but she's looking in the execution chamber and Luis is alive.  Father Lonigan doesn't understand because they heard the warden declare him dead.  Pretty says he's very much alive. 

Theresa and Ethan don't understand what's going on as they see that Luis is still alive.  Ethan asks Sam what's going on because he saw Luis being injected, flatline, and be pronounced dead.  Now he's still alive.  Sam thinks he's imagining things to soften the blow.  Sam tells him that Luis was just led in to be executed.

Tabitha feels bad for Ethan who wasn't in the execution chamber when Endora turned back time.  Now he thinks he's going crazy.  Spike is still trying to tell them there's a bomb in the house, but they don't believe him and tell him to quit trying to scare Endora.  Everyone starts to get ready for bed.  Spike tries to figure out a way to get out of the cage they've put him in so he doesn't get blown up.

Everyone says their goodbyes again to Luis. Ethan swears he already saw this happen.  Sheridan is surprised to see Theresa alive.  She calls her a murderer.  Vincent says this should be good.

Spike tries to get Edna and Norma to let him out before the bomb goes off.  Spike assures Norma that he's not trying to take advantage of Edna.  Then they wonder what's wrong with Edna that he wouldn't want to take advantage of her.  He just wants to get out of the house.

No one can believe that Sheridan would try to kill Theresa.  Theresa tells them all that Sheridan tied her to the electric chair and flipped the switch.  She said it was the only way to save Luis.  Ethan asks Sheridan for an explanation.

While looking for Fluffy, Tabitha finds the bomb under the bed.  She runs around yelling to tell everyone there's a bomb in the house.

Pretty is glad to see Luis is still alive.  She's going right in there to tell him what Fancy did to her.  Father Lonigan tries to make her see how wrong this is, but she won't be stopped.

Theresa tells everyone that Sheridan tried to kill her supposedly to save Luis.  Fancy thinks Sheridan has finally gone insane.  Theresa tells Sam to arrest Sheridan. 

Ivy asks Julian why their children are so enamored with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  He says there is no accounting for taste.  Then they remind each other who they love.  They both wonder where Pretty went.

Sam asks Sheridan if what Theresa is saying is true.  Theresa says that of course she's going to try and deny it, but Gwen was there.  Gwen grabbed Theresa's arm, got jolted back by the electricity and flipped off the switch.  Gwen saved her life.  Gwen tells Sam that he didn't see Sheridan there.  Both Sam and Luis ask Sheridan if this is true.

Edna and Norma ask Endora to do her magic to stop the bomb.  Tabitha doesn't want her near the bomb.  Spike tells them they better do something quick because there's only 20 more seconds left on the timer.

Pretty continues to say she is going to tell Luis what happened to her, no matter what Father Lonigan says.  She says that strange things are going on because now Theresa is accusing Sheridan of trying to kill her and everyone is acting as if Luis never died already.  Everyone is grilling Sheridan and wants her to tell them what happened.  She thinks to herself that it's her word against Theresa's and no one saw her do it.  She says she'll say something, but before she gets a chance, the warden comes in to begin the execution.  The warden has gotten a back up physician since Eve is nowhere to be found.  Julian wonders where she could be.  Sheridan, Theresa, Fancy and Pilar all ask that this be stopped.  Vincent tells himself this is happening because he's making it happen.

Endora manages to stop the bomb.  Spike tries to get away, but Edna and Norma tell him they're not finished with him yet.

Father Lonigan tells Pretty that she hasn't been in town for a while, but it isn't unlike Harmony to have strange things happen.  He tells her there is evil in Harmony and it allows people to do horrible things. He asks for her not to let evil take a hold of her and let Luis die in peace.

Ethan is still confused as the execution is about to start -- again.  Everyone is crying and telling Luis they love him.  The guards feel a sense of deja vu.  Vincent tells Sheridan that she didn't get the job done so now she will be the next one on the execution table.  She threatens to tell, but he tells her she won't do that.  The warden asks Luis if he has any last words.  He says he's innocent.  They begin the execution.

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