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Passions Update Friday 8/3/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

Endora brings Tabitha, Edna and Norma back home after the cancelled wedding.  Endora is disappointed that the weddings didn't happen.  Tabitha ensures her there will be  plenty more weddings for her to attend.  Tabitha is glad they got Endora out of there before the execution since it looks like it will go forth with Vincent being tight lipped.  Tabitha tells them that Luis may not be the only one dying in the prison tonight.  They hear some commotion upstairs and Tabitha realizes that Fluffy is on the hunt and wonders who she has in her sights.

Spike thinks he's gotten away from Fluffy.  He sets the bomb under Miguel's bed to go off in 9 minutes.  Fluffy comes back and drags him out from under the bed.

Ivy tries to convince Pretty to let Fancy marry Luis and give them a few moments of happiness.  Pretty wonders why she would do that when Fancy made sure she would have no happiness and that no man would ever love her.

Eve mentions to Julian that she hopes that Vincent's appearance as the blackmailer means he's going to turn himself in.  Julian says that the cost to Crane Industries would be too great.  Vincent runs away and many give chase, including Luis.  Sam calls on the security guards and police to catch the blackmailer.  Fancy and Sheridan scream not to shoot Luis.  A shot is fired.

Spike yells for help as he's attacked by Fluffy.  Tabitha and Endora realize it's Spike and thought he learned his lesson the last time he was in their house.  Tabitha remarks that this round ought to make his last time seem like a picnic. 

No one was shot, but Sam is furious at the officer for discharging his weapon when there are civilians around.  The warden tells him they can't have convicted killers just running around.  Sam and everyone start running out again to find the blackmailer.  The officer puts up his gun again and Kay yells at him for wanting to shoot after her father just told him not to in front of civilians. 

Julian states that he will not sacrifice their son and his family's empire for Luis.  Eve decides she has to do something to save Luis whether Julian likes it or not.  Julian goes chasing after Vincent and Eve chases after Julian.  Julian asks her to catch up to Vincent while he leads the others on a wild goose chase.  Once they get Vincent, he will get him the help he needs.  Julian tells everyone he went the other way.

The officer asks Ivy if she's seen anyone in bizarre clothes.  She says she hasn't except for Tabitha Lennox.  The warden tells her to keep a look out because they are looking for the blackmailer.  Ivy fills Pretty in on the situation and Pretty runs after the rest of the group.  Ivy wonders what the blackmailer has to do with her.

Luis thinks they should split up to cover more ground.  Noah, Paloma, and Pilar stay behind to slow down the officer and the warden. 

Fancy tells Sheridan that the blackmailer won't get away this time.  They'll catch him and free Luis.  Sheridan wonders what Vincent was thinking coming there as the blackmailer.

Ethan and Theresa run into Gwen who is there to support Sheridan.  They tell her that Luis might not die after all because the blackmailer is there.  Gwen mumbles that Theresa is going to get hers and soon.

Eve and Julian find the blackmailer at the same time that Luis and the rest of the gang do.  Luis tackles the blackmailer to the floor and lifts up the mask.  It's Rebecca under the mask.  Sheridan is confused as Vincent strolls up beside her.  Gwen is shocked to see her mother under the mask.  Theresa starts to attack her and Luis has to pull her off.  Pilar knew she was a nymphomaniac but can't believe she's a murderer, too.   Ivy can't believe she would violate Fancy.  Rebecca tells everyone that she hasn't done anything.  Sam tells everyone that she's telling the truth.  Rebecca says she's wearing this outfit because it was sent to her by a top designer and she wanted the media to photograph her so she could get more free clothes.  They realize that the blackmailer set them all up to think he was there so they could free Luis.  Vincent confirms this to himself.  Sam tells them that during the investigation, Rebecca and Gwen were on the suspect list because of their attitudes toward Theresa.  Sam ruled them out.  Rebecca asks for a full body search just to make sure.  No one is amused.

Eve and Julian assure Vincent they are not going to turn him in and that they're going to get him the help he needs. 

Ethan feels that this latest stunt proves that Luis is innocent.  The warden says that all he knows is that the governor has denied all appeals.  He refuses to go to the governor with what happened tonight.  Pilar begs him not to kill her son.  Miguel tells him that Luis is set up just like he was.  The warden tells them that they are going to take Luis to the execution chamber.  Pretty loves seeing her sister suffer.

Tabitha and everyone are sitting in the living room enjoying martimmys as Spike screams for help.  Tabitha says it doesn't usually take Fluffy this long to devour her prey.  Spike begs for help, but Tabitha just encourages Fluffy more.  Spike promises he'll never come there again.  Fluffy drags him out of the doorway.

Fancy begs them  not to take Luis away.  Ivy again pleads with Pretty to let Fancy marry Luis.  Pretty says she'll have her pain etched on her face forever and so should Fancy.

The warden tells everyone that not all will fit in the holding cell so they have to decide who gets to spend Luis' last hours with him.  Sheridan tells herself that she can't let Luis die.

Eve tells herself that she has to turn Vincent in for his own good and for Luis.  She makes a phone call and asks that the warden meet her in his office immediately as it's an emergency.

Theresa still feels that maybe Rebecca is in cahootts with the blackmailer.  She denies it.  Gwen starts to make a comment about telling Ethan something, but Theresa manages to stop her by saying that Ethan is there to save her brother.  Ethan agrees and says they'll talk later.  He is then handed a note by an officer saying that another inmate has information about Luis' case.  He can't take any chances that it's not something they can use so he goes to talk to him.  After Ethan and Theresa kiss goodbye, Rebecca asks Gwen if she's sure she wants to wait to tell Ethan about Little Ethan.  She knows that now is not the right time.

Vincent tells Sheridan that she still has time to live up to her end of the bargain.  If she kills Theresa, Luis will live and will be hers.

Endora reminds Edna and Norma they promised to be good.  They have decided to put their career on hold so they don't get overhyped like Lindsay and Britney.  They may do a special for DirecTV called "Ladies Who Love Ladies."  Spike manages to get away from Fluffy, but Tabitha puts a spell on him so he can't move his feet.  Spike tells her she has to let him go because there's a bomb in the house.  Fluffy comes back and starts to attack again.  Norma gets another great idea for a DirecTV special: "When House Pets Defend Their Home."

Paloma says her goodbyes to Luis.  He promises to keep watch over her.  Noah will keep his promise of watching over the family.  Sam says goodbye and is sorry he couldn't save him.  He asks Luis to tell Grace he loves her.  The rest of the group goes into the holding cell with Luis.  Fancy can't believe this is happening.

One of Rebecca's former lovers comes walking by in chains.  He tells Rebecca and Gwen that Ethan went back to talk to an inmate who supposedly has a secret about Theresa and her son.  Gwen has to find Ethan because she can't let someone else steal her thunder or let them ruin her chance of ruining Theresa's life.

Theresa comes back to where the wedding was supposed to be and wonders where everybody is.  Suddenly someone comes up and hits her in the back of the head with a platter.  It's Sheridan. She can't lose Luis so she has to kill her.

Paloma, Noah and Sam look into the execution chamber.  Sam tells thetm that they have to hope that someone will come forward with the truth.  Paloma wonders who could know the truth and not have come forward yet.  Just then, Julian comes in the room looking for Eve.

Vincent confronts Eve. He knows she's about to turn him in to the warden.  She tries to cover, but he knows she's lying.  She can't stand by and watch Luis die.  Vincent tells her that's exactly what she's going to do.  Eve offers to get him some help if he'll turn himself in.  He doesn't need help.  He throws her into a room and locks it so she doesn't have to watch Luis die.  She yells at him to let her out.

Pilar is sobbing as Luis says goodbye to her.  She says it's too much to lose Antonio and now him.  He tells her he'll tell Antonio hello.  Kay tells Miguel how sorry she is. 

Pretty comes over to rub it in to Fancy how Luis is about to die.  Fancy asks what more she wants.  She has decided to tell Luis the truth anyway and tell him how he dodged a bullet by not marrying a vicious bitch.  Fancy asks Ivy to tell Pretty that she needs to stop, which Ivy does.  Pretty thinks to herself that what she's done so far isn't enough by a  long shot.

Fancy is hugging Luis.  She doesn't know how to tell him goodbye.  He tells her that they are connected now so it's not goodbye. 

The inmate tells Ethan that he used to be a chauffeur for the Cranes and he knows something about Ethan that will change his life.  In exchange for telling him this secret, he wants Ethan to represent him and do his best to get him off of death row.

As Sheridan is strapping an unconscious Theresa to the electric chair, she tells her how she doesn't really want to do this, but she has no choice so that she can save Luis.  Then Pretty will turn him against Fancy and then she can have him.  Maybe they'll name their first daughter after Theresa.

Spike continues to scream and beg for his life as Fluffy attacks. He tells them there's a bomb in the house, but they just keep encouraging Fluffy to get him.

Eve tells Vincent he can't let Luis die.  He tells her that eventually someone will find her, but for now, Luis must die.  She yells after him.  Julian keeps looking for Eve.

The warden tells them that it's time to take Luis to the execution chamber.  The rest can go in the viewing room.  They say one last goodbye.  Pilar is inconsolable.  Ivy tells Pretty that Fancy doesn't deserve this.  Pretty tells her she didn't deserve what happened to her either.  She doesn't think Fancy has suffered enough.  Ivy wants to know what she has planned.  Ivy comforts Fancy. As Luis starts to walk out of the cell, Pretty announces that she's going to tell Luis how evil Fancy really is.

Gwen and Rebecca go off to find Ethan to stop the inmate from telling him the secret.

Ethan starts to leave and ignore the inmate, but then he tells Ethan that he has a son out there.  That gets Ethan's attention. 

Theresa wakes up and asks Sheridan what is going on.  Sheridan tells her that she is saving Luis from being executed.  This is the only way.  Theresa begs Sheridan not to do this as Sheridan has her hand on the switch about to pull it.

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