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Passions Update Thursday 8/2/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Gwen is talking to someone on the phone telling them she can't wait to hug and kiss them over and over.  Rebecca figures it must be the mystery man that Gwen won't tell her anything about so she grabs the phone away from her and demands to know who it is.

Fox is mad that Spike didn't kill Miguel like he asked him to.  He summons Spike and demands that he finish the job.

Pilar is worried that Fancy hasn't come out yet.  Miguel tries to assure her that she'll be out soon.  She probably just wanted to check on her hair or something.  Kay remembers that happened with Theresa and Jared.  Miguel tells her he thinks Theresa was just trying to stall that wedding.  Pilar wonders if Fancy is doing that, too.  Kay tells her she's never seen anyone so anxious to get married.  Pilar figures as long as the wedding is postponed, so is the execution.  They all wonder why the warden agreed to this but decide just to be grateful.  Pilar wants to pray for a miracle.  She feels there is someone out there who can stop Luis from being executed for something he didn't do.

Whitney remarks to Eve that she doesn't look so well.  Eve tells her she doesn't feel well, that the execution of Luis is making her sick.  Whitney comments that it's so unfair.  Eve tells her he's innocent and starts to tell her something about the person who committed these crimes, but she stops herself.  Whitney asks about it, but Eve tells her it's nothing.  They then wonder what's taking Fancy so long.

Pretty tells Fancy that she will not be marrying Luis or else she will tell him what Fancy did to her.  Fancy begs her to let Luis have this one memory and then do whatever she wants to her later.  Pretty refuses to back down.  Sheridan thinks it's about time Pretty went off on her sister.  She and Vincent think this is going to be fun.

Ethan notices Ivy has shown up.  Theresa hopes she's not here to cause trouble.  Sam comments that with Ivy you never know.  Ethan's not sure he can ever forgive her for keeping his true paternity a secret.

Tabitha is looking for Endora and hope that she and Edna and Norma haven't gotten into any trouble.

Sheridan and Vincent make sure they get a good seat for the fireworks about to happen.

Paloma and Noah are anxious to marry each other and are ready to start the ceremony.  Luis comes back and lets everyone know that Fancy is on her way.  Fancy starts to walk down the aisle and Sheridan worries that the ceremony might go on after all.

Rebecca demands to know who is on the other line of the phone, but they hang up on her.  She wants to know who it is.  Gwen tells her she will tell her eventually, but right now, it's none of her business.  Rebecca makes some wild guess that he's married, but Gwen still refuses to say anything.

Fox wants Spike to get the job done and kill Miguel.  Spike tries to tell him that Kay doesn't want him, but Fox says she loves him and Miguel just has her confused.  Spike tries to get him to calm down, but Fox isn't in the mood.  Fox tells him not to hurt Kay in the process.  Fox suggests he put a bomb under Miguel's bed.  Spike refuses to go back into Tabitha's house because she and Endora are evil.  Fox thinks he's crazy because Tabitha is an old woman and Endora is a child.  He doesn't see how they're going to hurt him.  Fox tells him that everyone is at the prison so he can go in there and not have to face anyone.  Spike agrees.

Kay tells Miguel that Fancy looks beautiful.  Miguel tells her she's not as beautiful as Kay will look when he makes her his bride.  They both can't wait to be married.

Ethan and Theresa are glad that Luis looks happy right now considering what's going to happen very soon.

Whitney asks Eve again if she's ok.  Eve covers by saying she always cries at weddings and she's thinking about what's going to happen after the wedding.

Pilar prays to Mary that there will be some way her son may be spared.

Paloma and Noah are thrilled that Fancy is finally there so they can get married.

Ivy says that her daughter doesn't look so well and she hopes she doesn't faint.  Tabitha reminds her that her husband is going to die right after the wedding.  Then she reminds Endora that it's time for the petals.

Sheridan wants to go up and stop the wedding, but Vincent tells her to be patient.  If she does something to ruin the moment, Luis won't turn to her in his final hour of need.  Sheridan has to do something, she can't let Luis marry Fancy.

Fox tells himself that Kay really did love him before Miguel came back to town and confused her.  He hears someone behind him and assumes it's Spike, but it's Esme.  She came to take Fancy to a party.  Fox tells her that Fancy is at the prison getting married.  Esme can't believe she wasn't invited.  Fox tells her it was a last minute thing since Luis is being executed tonight.

Luis tells Father Lonigan that whatever happens later, right now he's the happiest man alive.  Father Lonigan is glad he can bring him some happiness in his final hours.

Sheridan has to stop this wedding no matter how upset Luis might get.  Vincent tells her he can't let her do that.

Finally Fancy reaches the front and they begin the ceremony. 

Esme can't believe Fancy is going to bury her husband before the honeymoon.  Fox tells her that love makes you do crazy things.  She knows about him faking his illness.  Fox asks dumb, but she tells him that Fancy told her all about it.  She says it's typical Crane behavior not to take no for an answer.

Spike goes into Tabitha's house and vows not to go into the basement.

Rebecca is really confused by her daughter's behavior lately.  She won't tell her who the mystery man is and she won't tell Ethan about Theresa's secret.  Gwen knows that Ethan deserves to know the truth, but she wants to wait until the perfect moment.  Rebecca doesn't understand why she would want to wait to destroy Theresa's life.   Gwen wants to wait until Theresa is at the height of happiness and then drop it like a bomb.

Sheridan can't wait any longer to stop the ceremony.  Vincent doesn't think she'll need to play bad buy and asks her to be patient.  Tabitha feels like something is about to happen.  Father Lonigan asks if anyone knows why these couples should not be married.  No one speaks up.  Then he asks Fancy if she will take Luis to be her lawfully wedded husband.  She answers no, she can't. 

Rebecca hopes Gwen knows what she's doing.  She doesn't want her to wait too long because Ethan and Theresa could run off and get married any time now.  Gwen tells her there's no way that's going to happen.  Theresa is going to want the most lavish, expensive, tackiest wedding ever.  Rebecca tells her she has to go to the prison to talk to Julian.  She tells Gwen about Fancy marrying Luis.  Gwen feels sorry for Sheridan.

Tabitha tells Endora she knew something was going to happen.

Sheridan is thrilled Fancy called it off.  Vincent figures Pretty got to her.

Fancy tells Luis she's sorry.  She wants to marry him but she can't.  She's surprised when he tells her he understands.  He knows it's hard to marry a man who is going to die in a few hours.  Pretty mumbles that now Fancy is going to know the pain she's felt all these years.  Ivy runs into her daughter and is happy to see her after all these years.  Pretty doesn't believe her.  Ivy wished she would have told her she was coming home.  Pretty doesn't know why she would do that when they didn't want her to come back.  Ivy denies that's true.  Pretty hates it when she calls her her name and wonders why they called her that.  Ivy says Julian named her because she was such a beautiful baby.  Pretty feels hideous now and reminds her mother of her scar.

Fox buys Esme a drink and she flirts with him.  Fox tells her he appreciates her zest for life and living on her own terms.  She's surprised to hear this and thanks her daddy for getting her out of jams.  At least he used to until he married Brenda.  She's convinced him to cut Esme off and have her get a job.  Fox offers to help her get a job.

Spike thinks he's hearing things.  He just wants to get out of this house quick. 

Fox thinks it's funny to think about Esme working.  He wonders what happend to the count or duke that Esme was dating.  She says his mother made him dump her for a billionnaire sultan's daughter.  He feels bad for her.  Esme thinks he's making fun of her.  Fox does really feel for her since he was cut out of his grandfather's will.  Esme tells him that she doesn't have any skills to get a job with.  She can't type and she didn't pick up any languages that she can say outside of the bedroom.  She does have a flair for fashion and decides to talk to Fancy about a job after her wedding/funeral is over.  Fox wishes her luck and they decide to be friends.  Esme asks him when he's going to give up on Kay.

Spike gets the dynamite planted under Miguel's bed.  There is scratching at the door.  Spike just wants to get out of there.

Eve feels so bad for Luis now that he's not going to get married.  Julian feels for him too, and decides that Fancy must have a very good reason for doing what she did.  Julian doesn't think it's right to hurt their son even more than they have already by incriminating him in these crimes.  Eve's not sure if she can live with her conscience if she doesn't.  Julian asks her not to say anything and thinks he might have another way to stop the execution.  He goes over and tells Endora how beautiful she looks.

Eve assumes Vincent is there to confess.  Vincent says there's no way he's doing that.  Eve tells him that he can't let Luis be executed for crimes he committed.  She tells him that he needs help and will get treatment.  They won't give him the death sentence.  Vincent tells her he'll be sitting on death row in no time.  Eve tells him she won't let that happen.

The warden tells them to get the prisoner back to his cell.  Pilar begs Ethan to do something.  Ethan asks the warden if he's heard anything more from the governor.  The warden tells him that the execution will go on as planned.  Eve begs Vincent to confess.

Esme and Fox decide to forget all their troubles tonight and get drunk.

Spike decides that he has to make sure Kay is not in the room when the dynamite goes off since Fox doesn't want her to get hurt.  Spike hears meowing and gets scared.  Then he realizes it's just a cat.  Fluffy starts growling at him.

Ivy offers to help her daughter and take her to see some doctors.  Pretty tells her she's been there and there's nothing more they can do.  Ivy figures out that it was Pretty who made Fancy call off the wedding.  Pretty confirms she did it as revenge for ruining her life.

Everyone is upset that Luis is going to be executed.  Vincent arrives in the blackmailer costume.  Eve decides that he must have decided to tell the truth and save Luis.


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