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Passions Update Wednesday 8/1/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Pilar can't believe that two of her children are getting married in prison.  She can't believe that instead of starting his life with Fancy tonight, Luis only has a few hours left.  Eve starts to tell her what she knows, but only ends up telling her how sorry she is.  Pilar knows she is.  She knows that if Eve could do anything to help this situation, she would.

Kay is trying to console Miguel.  She encourages him to think about how happy Luis is right this minute as he's about to marry Fancy.  He just wishes Luis could feel how he feels when he looks at Kay and Maria, full of hope for the future.  Kay tells Maria that the next wedding she'll be attending will be her mommy and daddy's.

Tabitha asks Norma and Edna if they're through spitting out feathers for now.  They don't want any more magic.  Tabitha tells them to focus on how cute her Endora is.  They think it would be great if she could be the flower girl at their wedding.  She could carry Norma's daddy's skull so that he could give her away.  Edna thinks that's so romantic.  Tabitha tells her to put "daddy" away.

Pretty tells Fancy that she turned her into a monster and she wants her to look at her.  Sheridan is thrilled because Luis finds out what Fancy did, the wedding will be over.  Pretty tells Fancy not to turn away from her.  She wants her to take a good long look at the horror she has to live with.

Everyone wonders what is keeping Fancy so long.  Paloma tells Luis that she just wants to make a grand entrance and that she'll be out in a second.  Miguel knows that she is not going to bail out on Luis now.  Luis gave her plenty of chances to back out, but Miguel knows she won't.  Julian tells Pilar that she's probably being like her mother and has to make sure her makeup is on just right.  Pilar says that does sound like Ivy.  Ethan tells Theresa that nothing is going to keep Fancy from marrying Luis tonight just like nothing is going to keep him from marrying her.  She remembers back to Luis asking her to tell Ethan the truth about him being Little Ethan's father.  Even Edna and Norma wonder what is keeping Fancy.  Norma calls her flirty and gets Edna cracking up.  Norma remembers her having a sister named something like Schmancy.  That really gets Edna laughing.  Tabitha tells her the sister's name is Pretty and tells them that she hasn't been to Harmony in a long time.  Norma figures there's a story there.  Tabitha tells her there is, and it isn't pretty.

Pretty is furious with Fancy for what she did to her.  Fancy tells her it was an accident.  That's not the way Pretty remembers it.  She remembers that they were at the club every day over the summer.  Fancy didn't like it that Harrison liked Pretty and not Fancy.  She wanted to make sure that no man ever picked Pretty over Fancy again so she threw pool chemicals on her face.

Edna has to go to the bathroom.

Luis is getting a little nervous that Fancy isn't out there yet.  He figures she got smart and realized that it's not a good idea to marry a man with hours left to live.  Sam, Paloma and Noah try to convince him that she'll be out there soon.

Sheridan is so happy to hear that things are heating up between Pretty and Fancy.  Fancy tells Pretty how she remembers the story.  She remembers Pretty was choking her and she grabbed the first thing she could find to get her off of her.  She didn't know it would be chemicals.  She would never scar her own sister on purpose.  She loved her then and she loves her now.  Pretty tells Fancy that everyone stares at her or screams in horror.  Since Fancy took away her happiness, she is going to take away hers.  Either she calls off the wedding to Luis or Pretty will tell him the whole story.  Sheridan figures if Luis has to die tonight, at least he'll die loving her as it was meant to be.

Edna gets back and says she's seen better restrooms in gas stations.  Norma asks her what she expects when they're in a prison.  Edna says it reminds her of when they were in the asylum.  One of the guards suddenly recognizes them from the asylum and Edna and Norma begin to run.

Father Lonigan decides to go ahead and start Noah and Paloma's weddng since Fancy isn't there yet. Paloma wants to wait since it is a double ceremony.  Theresa goes to look for Fancy.

Tabitha and Julian are both proud of their daughter, Endora.  Julian tells Tabitha that he's glad to have some time with her, especially now.  Tabitha figures out that he's met his son.  She confesses that she found out that day that he asked her about him but didn't want to tell him.  He doesn't think he would have believed her if she had told him.  Tabitha tells Julian that he could save Luis from being executed tonight if he said something.

Fancy begs Pretty to let her go on with the wedding for Luis' sake.  He only has a few hours left.  Pretty is saving him from making one last big mistake.  Fancy tells her again that it was accident.  She tells her she can do anything to her after tonight, but please don't ruin this for Luis.  Pretty wants her to know how it feels to know that you'll never have a man to wrap his arms around you or kiss you good night.  Fancy tells her she's changed and she's not the shallow person she once was.  Pretty isn't buying it.  Theresa knocks on the door and tells Fancy that they're waiting for her.  Pretty says Theresa can be the first one to find out how cold and heartless Fancy really is.

The guard catches up with Norma and Edna and tells them they're going back to the funny farm.  They scream.

Tabitha asks Julian what he's going to do now that he knows his son and not Luis committed the crimes.  He doesn't know.  Vincent is his son.  Tabitha reminds him that she has done some horrible things, but this situation is not black and white.  Tabitha wants to help him since they hahve a child together.  She doesn't want him to spend the rest of his life in inner turmoil.  He asks her what he should do.  She asks him to remember his daughter, Fancy.  Fancy would hate him forever if she found out that he let Luis die when he could have saved him.  She tells him he has to ask himself which of his children he's going to protect, the serial killer or his daughter, Fancy. 

Kay is really happy for Noah and Paloma.  Noah says Paloma is an angel.  He just wishes his mom were here.  Sam tells him she's there in spirit and she's very proud of him.

Pilar consoles Luis and tells him Fancy will be here any minute.  She assumes she's trying to look her best.  Luis says he couldn't love her more if she were wearing a burlap bag.

Pretty doesn't make herself known to Theresa so Fancy assumes that means she's not going to ruin her night.  Pretty tells her she hasn't changed her mind.  She's going out there with her and tell everyone what she did.

Edna and Norma are sitting in straight jackets in a cell.  They ask Endora for help which the guards think is dumb.  Endora does her magic and twirls the guards into a cotton candy machine and puts them into the cell and brings Norma and Edna out of it.  They soon realize that they can set themselves free by eating the candy.  Then they finally realize they can yell for help instead.  Endora puts something in their mouths so no one can hear them.

Julian doesn't know how to make this decision of which of his children to protect.  There's the company and other family issues to think of.  Tabitha hopes he makes the right decision for all their sakes.

Theresa tells Luis that Fancy's on her way.  He's relieved.  He decides he's going to walk her in and goes after her. 

Noah tells Paloma that tin a few minutes she's going to be Mrs. Noah Bennett.  She can't wait. 

Ethan asks Theresa not to make him wait like Fancy is.  Theresa tells him that everything they've been through, she certainly isn't going to do that.   Ethan won't have to worry about anything keeping them apart once the ring is on her finger.

Fancy really thought Pretty had changed her mind.  Pretty is determined to make her miserable like she is.  She went to several plastic surgeons and hoped they could help her but they all told her that her skin was too badly burned.  She's been waiting for this moment for years and this is just as good a time as any.  Luis comes to the door and asks if he can see her before the ceremony to calm his nerves.  He figures they've already had all the bad luck they're going to have.  Sheridan says this is the moment she's been waiting for.

The guards continue to ask for help.  Other guards come up and they try to explain that a little girl did this to them.  The other guards think they're nuts.  Norma and Edna are grateful to Endora.  Tabitha wonders where Endora is and hopes she isn't doing any magic because she promised she wouldn't.

Pilar tells Miguel and Kay that she is praying for a miracle.  Kay says that someone must know who the killer is and they have to come forward before it's too late.  Eve is torn.

Ethan is really surprised that his mom is not here for Fancy.  Sam can't imagine Grace missing one of their children's weddings.  Sam and Ethan remark at how different Ivy and Grace are.  Sam will never forgive Ivy for keeping both of them in the dark about his being Ethan's father.  Ethan tells him there are some things you can never forgive no matter how much time goes by.

Fancy asks Luis not to  come in because she still believes he's going to get a last minute reprieve and she doesn't want to tempt fate.  He asks her to hurry since he doesn't have much time.  She tells him to go on back and she'll be right out.  He remarks that she sounds funny and wonders what's wrong.  She says everything's fine.  They tell each other they love each other and Pretty gags.  Fancy begs Pretty to let her go through with the wedding.  Sheridan wants Pretty to get out there and show Luis her scar.  Pretty says that Fancy took away her happiness so now she's going to take away hers.

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