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Passions Update Tuesday 7/31/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Eve never thought she would have made love to Julian again.  He's so glad it happened and he's never stopped loving her.  Eve gets a call from the police warden.  She's supposed to be the coroner tonight and pronounce Luis dead.  Eve has to tell the warden the truth so that Luis won't be executed for crimes he didn't commit.  Julian tells her she can't.

Paloma wonders where they will go on their honeymoon.  Luis tells them that he and Fancy have the package tour of the execution chamber.  They are not amused.  Pilar tells him to make the best of what time he has left and be glad he's spending his last moments with his beautiful bride.  Luis apologizes.  Fancy tells him to forget about the future and live in the moment.

Sheridan wants to know why they aren't allowing Pretty in the prison.  The guard tells Pretty that there are rules.  Sheridan will not let Fancy steal her man.

Father Lonigan tells Theresa he cannot marry her and Ethan until she tells him that he is Little Ethan's father.  Ethan comes up and wants to know if what the father said is true.

Eve has to lead an honest example for her children.  Julian doesn't think she'll be doing that by sending one of them off to prison.  Eve feels badly for Pilar.  Julian does, too, but he wants to give Vincent the same protection he would give any of his children.  Julian asks her what will happen to Miles and his future when this scandal gets out about his father.

Ethan wants to know why Father Lonigan won't marry them.  Father Lonigan tells him that's for Theresa to say.  Before she can tell him, Sam, Kay, Tabitha, Miguel, Norma and Edna all come in.  Sam gives Theresa his sympathies.  Kay asks about Pilar.  When Tabitha walks in, Father Lonigan sense evil.  Sam remembers that Norma and Edna escaped from an insane asylum.  Endora puts a spell on Norma and Edna so that no one knows who they really are and treats them with kindness.  Kay tells Theresa that she's been praying for all of them and trying to keep Miguel's spirits up.  Ethan asks Father Lonigan again why  he won't marry them.  Whitney encourages her to tell the truth.  Theresa agrees to tell Ethan the truth.

Kay is happy for everyone getting married.  Pilar asks Tabitha what she's doing there.  Tabitha replies that she's there to offer support.  He's such a sweet boy and it's a shame he turned out to be a killer.  Kay tells her he's not.  Edna tells Pilar she had to come because she's sorry for what Beth put Luis through.  Luis notices Norma and Edna and Endora has to strengthen the spell a bit.  After this, everyone welcomes them together. 

Kay decides she can't let her brother get married in a prison cell.  She wants to do some magic to make it prettier. 

Miguel apologizes to Luis that he is out and Luis is still there.  Luis tells him to stop and asks him to look after Fancy when he's gone. 

The guard finally lets Pretty in after she puts her purse through the x-ray machine.  Sheridan is thrilled and can't wait til the wedding is called off.

Theresa tells Ethan that they can't get married because the church requires that he get an annulment from Gwen first.  Father Lonigan agrees that's true.  Ethan and Theresa are real disappointed they can't get married with everyone else.  Father Lonigan asks Ethan to take him back to Luis' cell.  Theresa is relieved that she didn't have to tell the truth.  Whitney thinks she just should have gotten it over with.  Theresa wants to wait until the right time.  Whitney doesn't think it's right for Ethan to go his whole life not knowing that he's  Little Ethan's father.  She also doesn't think it's right to let Little Ethan go on thinking that Julian is his father.

Eve decides that Julian played the right guilt card bringing up Miles.  She wouldn't do anything to hurt him.  Family means everything to Julian and he wants to protect Vincent.  Besides, they don't have any evidence that he did it.  Eve reminds him that Vincent confessed and that would lead to reasonable doubt so the governor could give him a stay.  Julian reminds her that the governor already denied Luis' stay so it wouldn't make a difference.

Sheridan is excited that Pretty is there.  She thinks Fancy sees her, too, but Fancy really sees some pictures that Vincent took of the couples.  Fancy will treasure them.  Fancy tells Sheridan she wishes she would leave.  Sheridan refuses.  Fancy says it doesn't matter anyway because she and Luis are getting married.  Sheridan is not so sure once he meets Pretty.

Fancy tells Pilar about Sheridan's talk about being with Luis in heaven.  Pilar worries about Sheridan.  Kay wonders what the brides are going to wear.  They have to wear what they have since they didn't plan on getting married.  Fancy tells her they can't just snap their fingers and make wedding dresses appear.  Kay whines to Tabitha that she has to do something.  Norma can't believe that Kay is a witch, too.  Kay says a spell and then suddenly an officer has a delivery for Paloma and Fancy.  They turn out to be hideous.

Theresa knows that Whitney doesn't understand why she can't tell Ethan the truth.  Whitney's family has been wrecked by lies.

Endora saves the day and the wedding dresses.  They look in the bag again and find some beautiful dresses.  They assume that Theresa had them sent.  She doesn't know what they're talking about.  They're very surprised when a wedding planner shows up.  Endora has to work some magic so they don't think it's so weird.  At first the guard tells Luis he can't leave his cell, but with the help of Endora's magic, he tells him he has to leave his cell to get married. 

Sheridan's worried that if they leave the cell, Pretty won't be able to find them.  Vincent tells her she'll ask for directions to the Luis marriage and execution.

The wedding planner refuses to  do the wedding in the prison so they poof her back to Plymouth where she came from.  Kay tries to decorate, but Endora has to come to her rescue again.  Fancy and Paloma think it looks great.  Theresa again denies doing it.  Pilar says someone with a big heart did it.  Norma reminds Tabitha that  she encouraged her.  Tabitha tells her to think again if she thinks she's turning good.  The guard brings tuxes for Luis, Noah and Sam.  They both ask Sam to be their best man.  Kay shows everyone to their dressing rooms.  They think it's a little strange to have dressing rooms in prison.

Theresa tells Whitney that she just wants to focus on Luis tonight.  Whitney apologizes.  Ethan asks her how she's holding up.  She tells him that as long as he's there, she can get through anything. 

Eve and Julian show up at the prison.  Eve is surprised to learn about the double marriage. 

Pretty shows up and goes to Fancy's dressing room.  Fancy wants to know what she's doing there and asks if Sheridan asks her to come.  She says no.  Pretty says she is there to support her sister during this difficult time.  Pretty thinks it's time they bury the hatchet.  Fancy is sorry she never tried to reach her, but she was afraid what would happen.  Pretty tells her there was nothing to be afraid of.  She wants to meet Luis.  Sheridan wants to know why Pretty is being so nice.

Pilar thinks Paloma looks beautiful.  She has dreamed of the day she would watch her daughter marry a fine young man.  She's gaining a son-in-law, then losing a son.

The warden is furious when he sees all the decorations and construction done to his prison.  He did not authorize this.  Thanks to Endora's magic, he suddenly remembers that Endora Construction did all of this.  The guard says they always do nice work and they can use this for all of their death row weddings.

Theresa thinks Luis and Noah look very handsome in their tuxes.  Luis threatens Noah to treat his sister right.  He promises he will.  Luis asks Theresa if she's told Ethan the truth yet.  She's sorry, but she can't tonight.  Luis tells her not to wait too long because he and Antonio are going to be watching her making sure she does.

Julian comes in and thinks he recognizes Norma and Edna, but then Endora puts the spell on him and Eve and they're thrilled to see them.  Julian tells Endora he's proud of her and to be careful with the magic.  Tabitha tells him she can take care of Endora.  He knows she can.  Kay asks her what that was about with her and Julian.  Tabitha tells her to mind her own business.  Kay comments that it's going to be a beautiful wedding.  Edna tells her that she had nothing to do with it because Endora bailed her out.  Kay tells her it was her idea.  She figures out that they're missing doves.  She ends up turning Edna and Norma into birds.

Sheridan wants to know why Pretty isn't tearing Fancy's eyes out.  Fancy hopes Pretty understands, but she doesn't want her there where Luis will ask too many questions.  She wants to focus on him for the last few hours.  Pretty understands.  Vincent asks Sheridan to be patient, but she can't wait because the music is starting.

Luis can't wait to see Fancy in her wedding dress.  That's the memory he wants to take with him to his execution. 

Fancy is so relieved that Pretty understands.  Suddenly, Pretty tells her that if she marries Luis, she'll tell him everything. 

Tabitha is so proud of her daughter being in the wedding.   Pilar is so sad to see her son up there knowing he's going to die in a little while.  Julian tells Eve, who's hearing this, not to go back on their agreement.  Eve just tells Pilar she's so sorry.  Pilar says it's going to take a miracle to stop the execution.

Theresa and Ethan are disappointed they couldn't have been a part of this beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Paloma comes down the aisle looking beautiful.  Noah tells Luis he's sure Fancy will look beautiful, too. 

Sheridan is glad that Pretty is finally showing her true colors.  Fancy doesn't understand what happened when Pretty was being so nice before.  Pretty knows why Fancy doesn't want Luis to know the truth about what happened.  She tells her she did this to her and shows her the scar on the side of her face.  Every time someone calls her Pretty, it's like a knife through her heart.  Sheridan is thrilled and says the wedding's off. 

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