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Passions Update Monday 7/30/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha, Edna, and Norma are so pleased that Endora killed the hooded demon.  Norma and Edna start calling her the most powerful witch and start asking her for favors, including a subscription to DirecTV.  Tabitha asks them to stop asking Endora to do favors for their own personal gain. Tabitha realizes that with her great powers, Endora has great responsibility.  She wonders what the future holds for her daughter.

Julian tries to stop Eve, but she is determined to go to the prison and tell the truth.  She cannot let Luis die for crimes he didn't commit.  Julian won't let her tell the truth about Vincent to anyone.

Ethan is back from doing all the paperwork.  Theresa wants to know what Vincent is doing there.  He tells her he's there to cover the execution for Daily Private Lives.  She tells him he's a bastard.  Pilar and Ethan tell her to forget about him and focus on Luis right now.

Vincent swears to Sheridan that Pretty will show up. Chad and Whitney come  along and are ready to tear Vincent apart.

Luis asks Fancy to tell him what happened with Pretty so that there will be no secrets before they get married.  Father Lonigan tells her the truth will set her free, but she doesn't think it will do much for Luis.  Pilar asks if she's still planning on marrying Luis.  She gives a noncommittal response.

The flight attendant warns Pretty that the paparazzi have been warned that she's on the flight.  She might want to take precautions.

Eve thinks Julian is a monster for not wanting to save Luis.  Julian claims he's finally doing what a father should do, save his son.  Eve knows that he doesn't care about Vincent.  All he cares about is saving the reputation of Crane Industries.

Sheridan is shocked to learn that Vincent is her nephew.  Chad tells her not to believe a word he says because he's a lying bastard.  Sheridan demands to know if he was telling the truth about the person coming to Harmony.

Fancy announces to everyone that she and Luis are getting married.  They're all a little stunned but try to act happy.  Luis asks them to be happy for him and smile.  Luis asks Fancy if she's going to tell him what happened with Pretty.

A driver asks Pretty if she's sure about her destination.  She is, and he promises to get her there soon.

Vincent welcomes Pretty back to Harmony and invites her to a most unusual wedding.

Tabitha tells Edna and Norma they can stay with her temporarily, but they must pull their weight and do some work.  They wonder why they should have to do that when Tabitha and Endora just have to twitch their nose to do anything.  Tabitha tells them she's raising her daughter to be independent and do things on her own.  Edna and Norma will do anything just so they don't have to go back to the basement.  Tabitha finally sees what all the evil's been about lately.  She wonders why she couldn't see it before.  Edna and Norma figure the boys didn't fully trust her because they thought she was going soft.  Maybe now that Endora defeated the dark side, the censor has been lifted.  Tabitha sees the things that have been going on with Vincent recently.  She tells Endora that things are going to change.  Esmeralda remarks that things are going to change for the good.

Fancy tells Luis that she doesn't want to talk about Pretty.  They only have a short time left and she wants to focus on their time together.  He agrees to let it go.  Fancy is relieved that Luis will never have to find out about Pretty.

Vincent assures Sheridan that what he told her is true.  He also admits that he set things up with Chad from the beginning.  Chad attacks him and he tells Whitney that this is their usual foreplay before making love.  Chad starts calling him a freak and a monster which just sets Vincent off.  Father Lonigan hears the comotion and wants to know what's going on.

Tabitha wants to know what Esmeralda is doing in her house of evil.  She tells her the boys in the basement are not going to like this.  Esmeralda tells her the boys have no strength there now thanks to Endora.  Esmeralda asks Tabitha if she's ready to give up the dark side and raise Endora as a good witch.

Eve realizes that Julian is being a racist.  He doesn't feel that Chad and Vincent deserve to be Cranes because they are African American.

Ethan breaks up the fight between Chad and Vincent.  Chad calls Vincent crazy, and Vincent warns him never to call him that.  Theresa and Ethan are surprised to learn that Vincent is Whitney's half-brother and Chad's uncle.  Fancy can't believe he's her half-brother also.  Paloma and Noah suddenly realize that they saw Chad and Vincent together, and they are related.  Luis and Ethan have to pull the two apart again.

Tabitha thinks Esmeralda must be crazy if she thinks she's giving up the dark side.  Esmeralda asks Edna and Norma to go play with Endora in the other room with a board game.  Tabitha tells Esmeralda not to give her orders.  Esmeralda tells her that Endora has chosen her destiny and she could be the strongest good witch of all time.  Tabitha thinks Endora is too young to have chosen her destiny.  To her, fighting the demon was just a game, a way to protect her mother.  Esmeralda says that since her powers are so strong, Endora needs a clear path to goodness and Tabitha's evil will muddy that path.  She asks her again to give up evil.

Eve tells Julian that he only slept with her because he knew Alistair would hate it.  After Alistair died, he didn't wait long to give rid of her.  Julian asks her not to rewrite history because it was she who left him.  Eve doesn't deny it but tells him he didn't try very hard to get her back.   Julian tells her he wanted to marry her, but after she left him, he realized all he had was Crane Industries and the family name.  She reminds him that every time she sees him he's with Ivy.  He tells her that he and Ivy are able to comfort each other.  Julian tells her that he's lost his family, her, and now he finds out his son is a serial killer.  Crane Industries is the only safe place he has left.  Julian tells her he would give it all up for her.  She doesn't believe him.  He says he would dig ditches if he knew that she was waiting for him at home.

Everyone has to stop Chad from killing someone and going to prison.  Chad blames it all on Vincent, but Whitney reminds him that he didn't have to sleep with him.  Whitney tells off Vincent and Pilar tries to calm her down.  Chad tries to console her, but she doesn't want him touching her.  They finally leave and Vincent tells Sheridan that Pretty is on her way.  Just then, she shows up.  Sheridan asks if this day could get any better, and Vincent has to remind her that Luis is about to be executed. 

Julian gives a very romantic speech about how he's sorry that he let his father convince him to let her go.  When they got back together, he felt human and grew.  He tells her she searched the arid plains of his soul and found joy there.  He loves her and always will.  He'll go to his grave with her name on his lips.

Tabitha tells Esmeralda that she will not be told how to raise her child.  She asks her to leave.  Esmeralda warns her that the universe has its eye on Endora.

Chad wants to convince Whitney that this is all Vincent's fault.  Whitney tells him that he can't blame Vincent, and she will never trust him again.  Ethan tells them this isn't the time or place for them to work on their problems.  Whitney apologizes.  Luis tells her the big news that he and Fancy are getting married.  Whitney tells him he couldn't have found a better wife.  Noah asks Luis if maybe they could have a double ceremony, and he could marry Paloma.  Fancy and Luis thinks that's a great idea.  Paloma says yes.  Ethan says he knows someone at the courthouse who can fax them a marriage license right away.   Theresa gets her divorce papers delivered to her while they are making all these wedding plans.  Ethan decides they can use this opportunity to make it a triple wedding and he and Theresa can get married, too.  After Ethan leaves to get the marriage licenses, Father Lonigan tells her he can't marry her and Ethan and she knows why.

Eve tells Julian to stop talking and they kiss.

Tabitha sees that Luis and Fancy are getting married.  Endora wants to go, but Tabitha doesn't want her to see a prison at least until she's six.  Edna and Endora convince her to let them go, but Tabitha insists they leave before the execution.

Paloma and Luis are crying they're so happy.  Paloma is so glad that her brother will be at her wedding.  Luis tells Pilar he'll hug Antonio for her when he sees him.  This just makes her cry more.  Fancy is so excited to be married to him.  Even if it's just for a short while, it's the most important thing to her.  Sheridan is upset because the prison won't let Pretty in.

Father Lonigan tells Theresa that he can't marry her and Ethan until she tells him that he is Little Ethan's father.  Ethan comes up and asks if what Father Lonigan just said is true.

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