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Passions Update Friday 7/27/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha refuses to let the hooded demon take Endora from her.  Tabitha tells him that she'll turn him into a set of luggage.  The hooded demon reminds her of her place.  He tells her that she's failed as a mother by encouraging Endora to be good and sending her to the good witch school.  The hooded demon realizes it was a mistake to send Norma and Edna to get Endora so he had to do it himself.  He tells Endora that she's coming with him.  Tabitha yells no.

Chad is not so sure that confronting Vincent is the best thing to do.  He suggests they contact Valerie first.  Whitney is determined to confront Vincent and find out why he did what he did.  Chad always did find a little something strange about Vincent but could never put his finger on it.

Julian asks Vincent why he's in this ridiculous costume.  Vincent tells him that this is the real him.  Eve confirms that she's seen him in it before.  Vincent tells him that all kinds of people in Harmony have seen him in this costume.  Julian finally puts it together that Vincent is the blackmailer.  Vincent tells him he's so much more than the blackmailer and asks him to see for himself.

Fancy asks Luis to marry him.

Tabitha threatens to destroy the hooded demon if he doesn't let go of Endora.  The hooded demon asks if she's going to call on her friends, the good witches.  Tabitha tells him she doesn't need backup, she has a mother's love.  The hooded demon is disgusted that she would use the "l" word.  Tabitha tells her that she hasn't changed, she's just evolved.  The hooded demon tells Endora to say good bye to her mother forever.  Tabitha tries to stop it, but she goes down.

Julian says he was not prepared for that.  Eve reminds him she told him that Vincent was not just their son.  Julian doesn't think that excuses his criminal behavior.  He wonders what is wrong with his family.  Eve tells him to hand her a pen and paper, and she'll make him a list.  Julian refuses her offer of a drink or a pill.  Vincent tells him that he has trouble finding clothes and wants to know if he wants to go shopping with him sometime.  Eve tells Julian that Vincent blames them for all of his troubles because of their alcohol and drug use.  Vincent tells them they let them take him.  Julian tells him that they didn't know he was alive.  Vincent tells them he hates them both and their families.  Julian asks someone to tell him that this is a bad dream.  Eve tells him this is a nightmare.

Fancy forgot that Sheridan and Father Lonigan are still there.  Fancy tells Luis that she loves and adores him.  He says the same about her.  He agrees to marry her.

Norma threatens to do mouth-to-mouth on Tabitha, and Edna asks if she's trying to finish her off.  The hooded demon tells Endora to come with her as the netherworld awaits.  Instead, Endora goes to kiss her mommy awake.  The hooded demon tells Endora to forget about her mommy as she will be taken care of by the finest nannies such as Lizzie Borden, Lucretia Borgia and Typhoid Mary.  Tabitha refuses to give up her daughter to the demon.  Endora refuses to go and uses some magic on him.  The demon is impressed at her abilities.  Tabitha tells Endora to be careful or there could literally be hell to pay.

Julian tells Eve that their son is more than he was prepared for.  Eve will drink to that.  Julian really wanted him to love them or at least be proud to be a Crane.  Eve thinks he certainly acts like a Crane and thinks Alistair would have been proud.  Julian thinks even Alistair couldn't have imagined some of the things Vincent has done.  Julian's first thought is protecting the reputation of Crane Industries.  Eve can't believe that he's thinking about that at a time like this.  Julian explains that their son is going to need a lot of help and Crane is what pays the bills.  He needs to keep it going for that reason.  Eve feels so bad for their poor Vincent.  Whitney overhears and can't believe she's worried about "poor Vincent."  What about her and Chad and the horrible things he did to them?

Father Lonigan wonders what's going on since it's so quiet in the room.  Sheridan tells him that Luis and Fancy are still kissing.  Father thinks that's so sweet and wishes he could see it.  Sheridan says that makes one of them.  Luis asks Fancy if she's sure she wants to marry him since he's going to be executed at midnight.  She tells him that marrying him will complete her.  He agrees.  Sheridan remembers Luis saying that she completed him.  Fancy and the Father go to get a special marriage license.  Luis tells Sheridan there's nothing like getting married to take your mind off being executed.  Sheridan wonders about Fancy being a widow so soon.  Luis thinks she's aware of that.  He tells her he doesn't have time for her trouble making.  She says she's not trying to do that.  She is really worried about her niece and wonders if she's really thought things through.

The demon threatens Endora if she keeps up with her defiance.  Endora gives it to the demon good.  The demon is sick of her and decides she is toast.  Tabitha says he will not kill her daughter.  The demon tells her to watch him.

Whitney wonders why her mother would say "poor Vincent," but then realizes that she's been drinking.  Julian asks Whitney not to give her mother a hard time as she's been through a lot.  Whitney says that she has too since she just found out that Vincent is her brother.  Valerie told her.  Chad wants to know where Vincent is because they want to talk to him.  Julian and Eve tell them he left and they don't know where he is.  Chad and Whitney don't believe them.  Julian tells them to just run along.  They are not leaving until they search the house for Vincent.  Whitney wonders why Julian doesn't want them to find him.  What does he know that Vincent has to hide?

Sheridan doesn't want to see Fancy act impulsively again.  Luis wonders what she's talking about, and she brings up Pretty.  Luis can't believe Sheridan is bringing this up again.  Sheridan is worried about Fancy's future reputation after marrying a convict.  What will her future beaus think?  Luis wonders if this is another ploy to break them up.  Sheridan denies it and tells him that if he wants to marry Fancy, go ahead.  Luis doesn't believe her, but he does feel she has a point.  Sheridan tells him if she really wanted to break up him and Fancy all she'd have to do is tell her what Fancy did to Pretty.  Luis can't believe it's that bad.  Sheridan tells him it's not for her to tell, but maybe Fancy will as a wedding present.  Fancy comes back with the marriage license and is all excited. Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis is having second thoughts.  Fancy figure out that it's Sheridan who put doubts in his head.

Endora continues to fight the hooded demon.  Tabitha wishes she could help her. Edna and Norma suggest she tell Endora how much she loves her.  She does, and it seems to help.

Whitney wants to know if Vincent knew he was her brother before Valerie found him.  Chad wants to know if they were set up.  Julian tells them he and Eve couldn't possibly answer these wild accusations.  Whitney just thinks he won't answer them.  Chad wants to go looking for Vincent but Julian asks him to wait.  Whitney wants to know why her mother didn't tell her about this.  Eve tells her that Vincent has some serious problems and she wanted to help him with those first.  Whitney thinks they're both making excuses.  They are feeling overwhelmed by just having found their son.  Whitney tells them that Vincent beat up Valerie.  Julian asks if that's all he did.  That makes Whitney even more suspicious about what they really know.  Julian tells them it's complicated.  Whitney's sick of her mother covering up lies and says her latest lie may have cost her her marriage.

Fancy wants to know what Sheridan said to Luis.  Sheridan says it doesn't matter because Luis can make his own decisions.  Fancy says even at his last hour, she is still trying to tear them apart.  Sheridan says to go ahead and marry Luis, it won't matter because she will be spending eternity with Luis.  Father Lonigan asks her why she would say that.  Sheridan explains that because of their commitment ceremony in Mexico, she and Luis are bound together in God's eyes for eternity.  Father Lonigan tells her that's not for her to determine.  Sheridan tells him that he wasn't there so how would he know.  Luis can't believe Sheridan is talking this way to the priest.  Fancy tells her it doesn't matter because Luis loves her now and she let him go.  Sheridan says she only did that because of her grief over losing Marty.  Father Lonigan breaks up the fight and says Luis shouldn't have to spend his final hours listening to them argue.  Vincent comes in and Sheridan takes him aside, wondering what he's doing there.  Vincent tells her that she didn't keep her end of the bargain, so now she has to pay.

Endora is killing the hooded demon with kindness.  However, at the same time, the house is coming down.  Tabitha tells Endora to focus so she can save their house and still kill the demon.

Chad tells Whitney he can't find Vincent in the house.  They decide to go look for him.  Eve tells Whitney she's sorry, but Whitney says that isn't helping her.  Chad says it doesn't help him either because he ended up sleeping with his nephew.  Julian tells him that if Vincent hadn't been the one, he would have found some other man to sleep with.  Chad doesn't think that's true because there was always something different about Vincent.  Sometimes, it felt like he was with Whitney.  Whitney is totally grossed out.  She wonders how many of their secrets will destroy lives and how many lives Vincent will destroy.

Father Lonigan tells them that God promises that all who believe in him will share life eternally.  Fancy asks Luis what Sheridan said to him.  Luis tells her that she thought it might be a burden for her to be a widow of a convicted felon.  She doesn't care about that.  She promises him that she won't regret this.  She is so upset with Sheridan for making him unsure about all of this. 

Sheridan asks him why she shouldn't turn Vincent in since she knows he's the blackmailer.  Then Luis would be free.  He reminds her that he would be free to be with Fancy, not her.  Sheridan is torn by what to do.  Vincent shows her a picture of Pretty getting a plane to Harmony today.  He says he can get Luis execution postponed so that Pretty will have time to get there.  Sheridan can't believe how much Pretty has changed.  Vincent tells her she's been through hell.  Sheridan says she will stop Fancy from marrying Luis.

Endora defeats the hooded demon and saves them all from the boys in the basement.  They are all so happy.  Endora just tells them she's hungry. 

Julian tells Whitney not to yell at her mother because she's been through a lot.  Chad suggests they blame Vincent, the real bad guy here.  Whitney remembers that she needs to get to the prison to be there for Theresa.  Eve has to go too because she is supposed to be the coroner and declare Luis dead.  She doesn't know if she can do that when she knows that Luis is innocent.  Julian tells her she can't stop the execution.  He won't let her.

Luis agrees to marry Fancy if she is ok with the stigma, but asks one thing first.  He wants to know what happened with her and Pretty.

Pretty is on the plane about to land.  A woman remarks that she can't remember the last time a Crane flew commercial.

Vincent tells Sheridan it's up to her to use Pretty to come between Fancy and Luis.  Sheridan says that's no problem.  Chad grabs Vincent, who tells him to get off of him.  Chad tells him he's going to kill him with his bare hands.

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