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Passions Update Thursday 7/26/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Edna and Norma beg Tabitha and Endora to save them from being sucked back down into the basement.  Down there, the Today Show is on 6 hours a day and there is no DirecTV!  They promise to only kill for food.  They apologize to Endora for trying to kill Miguel.

Whitney asks Chad if he knew that his lover, Vincent, was her long lost brother.

Eve introduces Julian to their child, Vincent.

Everyone comes to see Luis and bring him what may be his last meal.  Ethan tells Luis that the governor denied his stay of execution.

Edna asks them to save her and Norma because lesbians everywhere are waiting for their comeback tour, "Flannel is Fabulous."  Tabitha asks Endora if it's all right to save them because she does think they're really sorry.  Endora agrees.  The boys in the basement just get angrier. 

Chad can't believe that he slept with his nephew.  Whitney can't believe he didn't know.  Chad says it makes sense because Vincent set him so that Whitney and Theresa would find them together and mess with their marriage.

Vincent asks if he was worth the wait.  Julian said he played this moment a thousand times in his head, but it never looked like this.  Vincent asks what he should call him.  Julian calls him a sleazy tabloid reporter, a down-low home wrecker and a murderer.  But the thing that really angers Vincent is when Julian asks if he's crazy.

Everyone tells Luis they did everything they could to try and save him, but nothing worked.  Luis says he's lucky to have them all in his corner, and they should all eat.  The guard announces that the priest is here to give Luis his last rites.

Tabitha stops the wind, but then Edna and Norma get stuck and hit by a fireball.

Vincent tells Julian that he's not crazy, he just gets angry sometimes.  Julian can't believe he could angry enough to kill.  Vincent tells him he should know what that's like.  Julian tells him he's never killed a person in his life, nor has he slept with another man.  Julian accuses him of being gay, but Vincent insists he's not.  Eve tells Julian that things aren't always what they seem to be.  She asks Julian if he wants a drink.  He says he just wants answers.  She tells him that he's going to need a drink.  Julian tells him he doesn't need to be ashamed of being gay, but a murderer, that's a different story.  Vincent tells him he had reasons for what he did.

Father Lonigan came by to give last rites to a person dying of natural causes.  They are all slightly relieved that Luis execution didn't get moved up again.  They invite Father Lonigan to eat with them.  Father asks Luis if his conscience is clear.  Luis tells him it is and that he is innocent of all charges and has no secrets that he's taking to the grave with him.  He then overhears Pilar and Theresa talking about Ethan being Little Ethan's father.  Luis is shocked.  He asks Theresa to tell Ethan right now.

Tabitha decides to try and free Norma and Edna with a meat hook, but the suction and wind stops.  Out of the basement comes a hooded figure.  Tabitha tells them that this is the CEO, chief evil officer, of the basement.  She asks him if she can get him anything.

Whitney is not buying Chad's conspiracy theory that Vincent knew all along that he was Eve and Julian's son and set out to hurt Chad and Whitney.  She wonders what reason Vincent would have for destroying their lives.

Vincent tells Julian he'll answer his questions, but first he wants to get himself together.  Eve is horrified that he is going to go get on his blackmailer costume.  Julian doesn't understand what she's so upset about.  He doesn't understand why she would be so upset that he's gay given Simone's sexuality.  Eve encourages him to get a drink.  Julian keeps asking her what's going on, but Eve tells him he wouldn't believe her if she told him.  Julian doesn't know who needs more help, Eve or Vincent.  Eve says definitely Vincent because he is messed up emotionally and psychologically.  That may very well be, but he's also a Crane, he's Julian's son.  Eve tells him he's his son and so much more.

Luis tells Theresa that she knows how much Marty meant to him and Sheridan.  She has to tell Ethan the truth right now.  Sheridan overhears him talking about Marty.  She tells Luis that he'll be seeing Marty soon because he'll be there to greet him in heaven.  Luis is looking forward to that.  Sheridan wishes she could be with him and Marty.  Luis tells her she has too much to do down here.  Sheridan doesn't think she has a life down here without Luis.  Ethan can't believe that Luis is really going to die.  Theresa is so sorry that things have come to this.  Ethan figures she's talking about Luis but she tells him she's sorry for other things, too.

Tabitha asks the hooded demon what he's doing here.  She points to Endora.  Tabitha asks if she wants Endora and the hooded demon says yes.  Tabitha yells no.

Theresa tries to tell Ethan her secret, but he's called away by the guard to sign papers.  Sheridan overhears Theresa saying that she tried to tell Ethan but doesn't understand what she's talking about.  Theresa tries to cover by saying she didn't know Sheridan would be here.  Sheridan tells her that it's no secret she still loves Luis.  She always will, kind of like Theresa loving Ethan.  The only difference is that she's losing Luis, and Theresa's not losing Ethan.  Theresa thinks to herself that she could be.  Theresa mentions something about secrets and the prisoner behind her says he knows all about secrets.

Paloma apologizes to Luis for how she treated him and Sheridan when she got back from Puerto Arena.  Luis is sorry he treated her like his baby sister when she's obviously a young woman.  They both agree she's turned out all right.  Luis is proud of her.  Pilar asks her to fix Father Lonigan something to drink and get him a plate.  When they leave, Noah asks Luis for his blessing to marry Paloma.

Fancy tells Pilar that she and Father Lonigan have been talking about doing something, but she wants Pilar's honest opinion first.

Chad tells Whitney that Vincent picked him and kept the conversation going.  He thinks Vincent had this planned all along but can't figure what motive he would have to do this.  Whitney says it would be pretty sick for Vincent to knowingly sleep with his uncle.

Julian thinks Eve is being melodramatic and acting as if life as he knows it is about to end.  Eve tells him it is.  Julian thinks she is using all this as an excuse to go back to using drugs and alcohol.  She agrees that could be true, but thinks he is going to want to join her.  Julian can't believe there's more to it than what he's already heard.  Eve tells him to turn around and see for himself.  Vincent comes out as the blackmailer wearing half male, half female clothing and does a little twirl.

Luis gives Noah his blessing to marry Paloma.  He also asks him to watch over his family for him.  Noah is honored and agrees.  Luis tells him that if he doesn't, he's going to haunt him.  Luis is relieved that he'll die knowing that someone is going to watch over his family. 

Pilar thinks Fancy and Father Lonigan's idea is a great one.

The prisoner recognizes Theresa as Luis' sister.  He asks her if it's true that he Cranes have lots of secrets.  She confirms they do.  He asks her to tell him her secret.  Who is he going to tell?  She is afraid she could lose the man she loves if she tells the secret.  The prisoner tells her that his wife kept a secret from him, and he killed her.

The hooded demon needs to take Endora so that Tabitha will go back to being evil again without a distraction.  Tabitha promises to do better at being evil, but the hooded demon is going to take Endora.

Whitney tells Chad that if it's true that Vincent set them up, it doesn't change anything because he still cheated on her.  Chad knows it was wrong but believes they should tell Eve and Julian.  Whitney agrees, but she first wants to get the truth out of Vincent.  Chad is worried that whatever Vincent tells them might be more sick and twisted than they thought.

Eve asks Julian if he wants a drink and/or a pill.  Julian asks if he's really his son.  Vincent asks him if he wants to go play some baseball.

The prisoner tells Theresa that he killed his wife for keeping a secret about their son.  He tells her that if a woman comes between a father and his son, it's unforgivable.  Ethan comes back and wants to know what she wanted to tell him earlier.  She tells him she forgot.  Ethan takes Pilar and Paloma with him to sign some papers as next of kin.  Luis asks Theresa if she told Ethan yet.  Theresa says she hasn't because she doesn't want him to end up on death row for killing his wife.  Luis is confused.

Fancy asks Luis if he'll marry her.

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