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Passions Update Wednesday 7/25/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Endora complains about how loud the noises are coming from downstairs.  Tabitha says they've been at it all night.  Norma and Edna come down and comment that they think they're going to get away without punishment because they haven't heard a peep from the boys all night.  Tabitha wonders how strong their sleeping pill was since the house was shaking and grumbling all night.  Edna thought it was Norma sleeping.  She likes that sound and it sings her to sleep.  Tabitha doesn't want to hear anymore about their sleeping habits.  She tells them she's sure they're going to be punished and it won't be good.

Noah asks Paloma if he's ready to accept his proposal since she was just talking about them spending the rest of their lives together.  She admits she does love him.  Noah asks her to spend the next 60 or 70 years together with him.

Eve admits to Julian that  their son is a murderer and killed Rae to get back at Simone because she lived with Eve.  Julian is stunned.  Eve tells him they have to call the police so that Luis isn't executed for a crime he didn't commit.  Julian tells her to hold on a minute.

Whitney is trying to comfort Theresa.  They both know Luis is innocent.  Whitney remembers being jealous that Theresa had a big brother.  She's excited to meet her new big brother.  Since she's no longer with Chad, it will be nice for her kids to have a good male role model.  Then, Theresa gets a phone call from Vincent asking her for a statement about her brother's execution tonight.  Theresa is furious and hangs up on him.  Whitney hopes that her big brother takes care of this guy and teaches him a lesson.  Ethan walks in and Theresa asks if the governor is going to give Luis a stay.

Valerie comes home and her door is open.  She warns whoever is in there that she has a gun.  It turns out to be Vincent who doesn't believe she really has a gun.  Valerie demands to have her key back that Vincent still has.  They have broken up and she wants him to leave.  Vincent says they are not broken up until he says they are and refuses to leave.  He starts to rough her up a little and she asks him not to hurt her.  He tells her to shut and says she's not going anywhere.

Ethan tells Whitney and Theresa that he hasn't been able to talk to the governor yet.  He doesn't hold out much hope, though, since when his mother tried to talk to him about Miguel, he said his hands were tied.   The blackmailer's reach is long.  Theresa starts to give up.  Ethan reminds her that they beat the odds to be together and so will Luis.  There is still time, and the blackmailer must have family somewhere that knows where he is.  Theresa is going to pray for that.

Julian can't believe that they finally find their son, and it turns out he's a murderer.  Eve assures him that he confessed to her.  Eve says they have to decide what to do.  She can't live with Luis' death on her conscience, but she would be sacrificing their son. 

Norma and Edna are scared to death.  They want to figure out something to do.  They figure maybe they can make a deal with the demons.  Tabitha tells them that Howie Mandel is not down there.  They try anyway.  They offer to do something else if they will just give them another assignment.  They offer to take candy from children and give it to people on a diet.  Then they offer to rearrange Father Lonigan's furniture.  There is no deal.  Norma and Edna don't want to go back down to the basement because the NBC peacock is always squawking.  Tabitha doesn't know what it has to squawk about. 

Paloma is so honored that Noah has asked her to marry him, but she can't think of anything else right now but her brother's execution.  Noah apologizes and understands.  He asks if there's anything he can do.  Paloma tells him that Ethan was trying to reach the governor but doesn't know if he's had any luck.  Noah says this whole trial and execution thing has been so unfair.  Paloma asks him to not give up on her.  He says there's no way.  He loves her and he's sticking around as long as it takes.

Pilar says Fancy and Sheridan should be ashamed of themselves for fighting like this.  Fancy and Sheridan apologize to each other.  They just can't stand the thought of losing Luis.  Pilar tells them to get down in the kitchen and help her cook.  They are going to fix Luis the best meal he's ever had.

Norma has decided she is going to nail the basement door shut so that nothing can escape.  Tabitha has doubts about the plan.

Ethan tells Theresa he still hasn't heard anything.  She tells him that Whitney went to go warn Valerie about Vincent.  With all the crazy things he's been doing lately, she thinks Valerie might be in danger.  Theresa's glad that Chad ended things with Vincent so now he'll be out of their lives forever.

Vincent attacks Valerie and tells her she deserves it because she told them about him.  Now she has to pay.  Whitney hears the commotion going on and realizes Valerie's in trouble.  Valerie begs Vincent to stop.

Eve is getting hysterical and says they have to do something.  Julian needs time to think, but Eve tells him they don't have time because Luis is going to die tonight.  Eve thinks she's a horrible person for even thinking about not doing anything.  Julian tells her she's not horrible, she's a mother protecting her son.  Luis and his family are their friends, and she just can't do nothing.  Julian says they don't have any evidence that their son really did this.  Maybe he confessed to the crime to get their attention.  Eve doesn't believe that.  She needs to call Sam right away.

Whitney comes to Valerie's rescue.  Whitney wants to call the police, but Valerie is too terrified of him and it will only make Vincent madder.  Valerie tells her that he just kept saying that she exposed his secret, but she swears she didn't.  Whitney wants to know what she's talking about.

Julian doesn't let Eve call the police.  He has to protect his newfound power at Crane and the Crane name.  Eve can't believe he would think of business at a time like this.  Julian thinks that maybe he confessed because he's psychologically unbalanced.  Eve says that's an understatement.  Julian thinks maybe he's just a little bit crazy.  Eve thinks to herself that if only Julian knew just how crazy he is.

Pilar brings Fancy and Sheridan down to the kitchen so they can all cook.  Ethan can't wait to see those two cook.  Pilar decides to let them make salad.  They all work to cook a great meal for Luis.  Pilar says that whatever happens, Luis will always be in their hearts.

Norma and Edna are sure that they have a barricade that will hold the boys in the basement in.  Tabitha warns them that they are very powerful.  The doorknob of the basement starts to rattle.  A fireball blasts the door open, and fire can be seen down in the basement.  Norma and Edna cry and scream.

Julian knows that Eve is a loving mother and wouldn't just throw away their son.  Eve doesn't want to do that.  She spent all these years imagining what it would be like meeting their son and never imagined this.  She just wishes they never would have looked for him and that he never would have come to Harmony.  Julian asks her if there's something she's not telling him about their son.

Whitney asks Valerie what the secret is that Vincent thinks she told.  She knows it isn't that he's gay because he couldn't wait to tell her that.  Valerie doesn't think she should tell her because it would be too much of a shock.  Whitney says she can take care of herself when it comes to Vincent.  Valerie tells her that he's her brother.  Whitney misunderstands and thinks she's talking about Chad.  Valerie tells her no, Vincent is her brother.  Whitney is stunned and doesn't believe her.  Whitney has to leave.

Edna and Norma wonder what all the fire is about.  Tabitha tells them that the boys in the basement are laughing at their pitiful barricade.  They're coming to get them.  Norma and Edna try to outrun the boys, but they are being sucked back into the basement.

Whitney keeps telling herself that it can't be true that Vincent is her brother.

Before Eve can tell Julian anything more about their son, Vincent shows up.  Julian tells him to get out because they're having a private conversation, and they don't need some slimy tabloid reporter.  Vincent tells him he's hurt his feelings.  Julian doesn't give a care about his feelings.  Vincent says he thought he loved him and calls him daddy dearest.  Eve introduces their son to Julian.

Theresa, Ethan, Pilar, Noah, Paloma, Fancy and Sheridan are all in the kitchen trying to figure out how to stay strong for Luis.  Pilar doesn't know how she's going to take losing another son.  Fancy doesn't know if she can stay strong, but Pilar tells her she has to.  Sheridan has lost everyone that mattered to her, she can't lose Luis, too.  Theresa is determined to find the blackmailer who is responsible for all of this.  Pilar tells them all that they can't lose hope.  They have to pray for miracle.  Just then, the radio announcer says that the governor has rejected a request for a stay of execution.  The execution will go on as planned.

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