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Passions Update Tuesday 7/24/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Eve is torn.  If she turns her son in, she'll save Luis from being executed, but she'll also betray her son once again.

Paloma, Pilar and Noah are fixing tamales and enchiladas for Luis on what could be his last day.  Noah tells Paloma he's not leaving her side today.  Pilar is upset that she could be making her son's last meal.  Paloma tries to calm her down by telling her that there is still  a lot of time in the day and anything could happen.  She is going to pretend they are just making Luis' favorite foods.  Pilar doesn't know what she'll do if she has to bury another son.

Fancy is talking to someone on the phone who has gone back on their arrangement for her to see Luis.  She is begging for them to let her see him for what could be the last time.  She finds out that someone is preventing her from seeing him.  Then, Sheridan walks into the room and she realizes who that someone is.  She blasts at Sheridan for being selfish and only thinking of making Fancy miserable when Luis is about to die.

Theresa is so happy to wake up and find Ethan lying next to her.  Ethan reminds her that no one can walk in on them, not Gwen or Jared.  Theresa wishes he would have woken her up sooner since this is her brother's execution date.  Ethan wanted her to get some sleep for that reason.  Theresa wonders how it is that all of her money and power couldn't save Luis.

Julian is writing in a journal as if talking to his father.  He hopes that his father is watching from the bowels of hell as he finds his new son.  He finds it fitting that his father loses Little Ethan as his Crane heir and he finds his son with Eve that he took from them.  He writes to his father about his deal with Theresa.  He keeps quiet about Little Ethan's true paternity, and he gets control of Crane.  Julian is looking forward to a real father-son relationship, one he never had with his father and one he denied Fox.  He knows there is nothing his father can do to stop it since he's six feet under.

Whitney comes down because she heard a crash.  It was just Eve's coffee mug.  Eve was pacing all night.  Whitney says it's no wonder with all the rudeness from Vincent.  Whitney needs coffee herself to get through today.  She's going to be with Theresa.  Whitney doesn't understand why someone who has information about what really happened isn't coming forward.  She doesn't understand  what kind of person would stand by and watch an innocent person be put to death.

Theresa wonders what is going on in this world when Luis is going to die for crimes he didn't commit.  Ethan can't answer that.  Theresa thought all her Crane power and money could help him, but it didn't.  Theresa thinks it's her fault.  Ethan blames  himself because he was the attorney and couldn't save him.  Theresa tells him he did everything he could.  Theresa blames it all on the blackmailer who's pulling everyone's strings.  Ethan reminds her that they have won over the blackmailer because they're together.

Pilar remembers Luis as a child, giving up his hopes and dreams to become the man of the house after his father left.  Noah thinks he's tough enough to handle Pilar's salsa, which is Luis' favorite.  He soon finds out he's not, and Pilar laughs.  She is looking forward to a family meal tonight.  She doesn't want to look at it as a last meal, but as a celebration of a wonderful life.  She believes there will be many more wonderful years ahead.

Fancy tells Sheridan that she won't let her keep her from seeing Luis tonight.  Sheridan already has.  Fancy will just have to see Luis with everyone else.  They argue over who Luis really loves.  Fancy tells her she knows he loves her because of the way he touches and kisses her.  Sheridan blames Fancy for Luis dying tonight.  If Fancy hadn't accused Luis of being her attacker, none of this would be happening.  Fancy calls her mean and miserable.  Sheridan accuses Fancy of wanting to hog all of Luis' time.  Fancy tells her she had talked with Pilar and they are coming later.  Fancy tells Sheridan it is driving her nuts that Luis moved on. She reminds Sheridan that she's the one who told Luis that she had moved on with Chris.  Sheridan claims to have been confused.  Fancy was there and saw the pain that caused him.  She accuses her aunt of being just like her father.  Sheridan denies this and warns Fancy that she'll tell Luis about what she did to Pretty.  Fancy doesn't believe she would do that to Luis.  Sheridan thinks it might make things easier on him if he knows what kind of person Fancy really is.

Whitney doesn't understand how someone could know something that could exonerate Luis and they wouldn't come forward. Eve says there could be lots of reasons, like maybe they are a relative.  Whitney understands it would be hard betraying a family member, but Eve taught her and Simone the difference between right and wrong, and this is the right thing to do.  Whitney knows there's nothing she can do to make this easier on Theresa, but she's going to be there for her.  Eve realizes she's the horrible person Whitney is describing.  She could save Luis, but she would be killing her son.

Fancy warns Sheridan not to say anything to Luis.  Sheridan asks her what she's going to do about it.  They get into a cat fight.

Paloma remembers eating this meal when she lived in Puerto Arena.  She wonders if her tia sent her mother the recipe because it is the same.  Actually, it was Pilar who sent her tia the recipe.  She wanted to know Paloma was having the same things they were in Harmony.  It was Luis' idea.  Paloma had no idea.  She thought her mother had forgotten her.  Pilar tells her she could never do that.  Noah tells Pilar that all the kids in school idolized Luis.  Paloma remembers how hard she was on Luis when she was in the police academy because she felt he was being harder on her.  Now she knows he was protecting her and making sure she was ready to be on the streets.  Now she feels bad that when he needs her the most, she can't protect him.  Pilar feels that somehow this will not be Luis' last mean and that they won't lose him tonight.

Ethan tells Theresa how much he loves her.  He promises to do all he can to save Luis.  Whitney arrives to give her support.  Theresa is sorry she's broken up, but Whitney tells her not to put on a brave face for her.  She wants to be strong for Luis and her family.  They talk about Pilar downstairs making his last meal.  Theresa feels like she's losing her father all over again.  Luis was a protector of her growing up.  Whitney tells her she was always jealous that she had an older brother like Luis.  Theresa asks her about the son Eve just found.  Whitney hasn't had a chance to ask her about that yet.  Theresa reminds her that now she's going to have an older brother and bets he'll be just as wonderful as Luis.  She thinks it's ironic that Whitney is gaining an older brother at the same time she's losing hers.

Eve wonders what her daughters are going to say when they find out Vincent is their brother, especially Whitney whose marriage was ruined by him.  Julian waltzes in the room.  He knocked, but she must not have heard him.  Julian wishes she would have called him about their son.  Eve gets angry with him.  Julian wonders what is wrong with her because she hasn't acted like this since she was hooked on drugs.  He realizes that she's been popping pills again.  He doesn't understand why she would do this when she has realized their dream of finding their son alive and well.  Eve says he's alive but he's not well.  She blurts out that their son is a murderer.

Sheridan and Fancy continue to fight.  Sheridan says she will tell Luis what kind of person Fancy really is, and Fancy says she won't.  Pilar comes in and breaks up the fight.  She can't believe they are fighting today of all days.  They should be thinking of some way to save Luis.

Noah tries to use Pilar's recipe and make the sauce, but it doesn't come out well.  Noah realizes he didn't inherit his mother's good cooking.  Paloma asks him to make her his mother's famous tomato soup cake sometime.  Paloma says it's a good thing she's a good cook or they'd be spending money on take out the rest of their lives.  Noah wonders if her comment means she's ready to say yes to his proposal.

Whitney asks how things are going with Theresa and Ethan.  Theresa tells her that they are both getting a divorce and things are great.  Whitney finds out about Jared, Gwen and Rebecca all knowing about the truth of Little Ethan's paternity.  Whitney can't believe that Theresa trusts Gwen not to tell Ethan anything.  Theresa wants to talk about something else.  She just wants to pray for a miracle for  her brother.

Ethan leaves a message for the governor but knows it's going to take more than the governor to save Luis.

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