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Passions Update Monday 7/23/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha tells Endora that the boys in the basement are very angry with her because she stopped Spike from killing Miguel.  Edna and Norma hope they don't take it out on them.

While they're kissing, Miguel tells Kay that the car is fixed.  Kay's not sure that this is the right time to be talking about car repairs.  Miguel tells her they can ride in the love mobile or go upstairs and do you-know-what.  Kay can't believe he said that and says his mother would be shocked.

Eve realizes that Vincent is her son.  But that means that he's also the vile blackmailer.  He asks who she is to call him names.  Eve says this means he's gay, too.  Vincent tells her he swings both ways.

Theresa asks Gwen and Rebecca if they've seen Jared.  Theresa thanks her again for not telling Ethan everything.  Rebecca says a nasty remark, but Gwen tells her they need to leave their past behind them.  Theresa wishes her happiness.  Rebecca is getting nauseated.  Gwen says that her revenge will come in time.  She cannot wait to see the look on Ethan's face when she drops the bomb.  Rebecca hopes he kills Theresa.  Gwen hopes that before he does, he tortures her some first.

The demon demands that Norma and Edna come back down to reap their punishment for not seeing to it that Miguel was killed.  They're both scared and don't want to go back.  They ask Tabitha for help, but she claims to be no match for you-know-who.  She and Endora leave and say goodbye, sure they'll never see those two again.  They decide to make a break for it.

Eve tells Vincent that she is so sorry.  Eve swears that if she had known he was alive, she would have come to rescue him.  Vincent doesn't believe her.  He knows that while he was going from foster home to foster home, she was living it up and loving Whitney and Simone.  She doesn't deny that because that's what parents do.  Vincent says they do that when they don't throw them out like garbage first.  Vincent says she forgot he existed.  Eve says that's not true.  Eve realizes that the thing he did to hurt Whitney was to sleep with Chad.

Theresa walks in while Jared is packing to leave and stay at a hotel.  Theresa never meant for any of this to happen.  She did love Jared.  He thinks she might have in the beginning, but he was no match for Ethan.  Jared tells her that he knows the only reason she married him was to keep her secret that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.  She can't believe he knows and wants to know who told him.  He heard Gwen and Rebecca talking about it.  He says a lot of people would be interested to know that Little Ethan is not a Crane.  He won't tell anyone because he would never hurt her.  Theresa guesses that Jared hates her now.  Jared says he could never hate her.

Gwen says that they're all getting divorced now and can move on with their lives.  Ethan really does want her to be happy.  He heard her talking about a man during their phone conversations and assumes she's moved on.  She tells him that she does have a new man in her life.

Miguel is so happy they can be together.  Kay says she feels bad for Fox.  Miguel tells her never to say that name again.  Kay suggests he slow down since they're not in high school anymore.  Miguel loves her so much.

Edna and Norma try to escape from the demon but there is no escape.  They make a deal with the demon.  If they kill Miguel then he'll let them go.  He says if they kill Miguel, then he'll see.  They look all over for a murder weapon.  They decide to sneak up on Miguel while he's upstairs making love to Kay.

Eve can't believe that Vincent did all of these things to hurt her daughters.  Vincent says he also did them to get back at her for her selfishness.  Eve said she wanted him so much and would have done anything to get him back.  He doesn't believe her because she was pretty busy being a drug addict and a whore.  She wants to convince him that he's wrong, but he says she can't.  She tells him that it was losing him that put her life back on track.  He's so glad he could be her "scared straight" program. 

Theresa tells Jared that he's going to find a beautiful woman to fall madly in love with.  He tells her he already did.  She tells him that he may not believe it, but it will take some time for her to get over him.  He says that's good because she doesn't know what she's missing.  Jared warns her to be careful because Gwen and Rebecca know her secret.  Theresa says that Gwen promised not to tell Ethan.  Jared can't believe she trusts her.  Theresa says that after tonight, she really thinks she can trust Gwen.

Ethan is glad that Gwen has a new man in her life, and he wants her to be happy.  She doesn't want to talk about it in case she might jinx it.  Ethan still wants her to be part of Jane's life and encourages her to stay close.  Gwen doesn't know where she'll be living, but it won't be in Harmony.  Ethan asks her not to go too far because Jane needs her in her life.  Jared comes downstairs all packed.  Gwen says they were just leaving.  Rebecca says they weren't, but Gwen pulls her along.  Theresa doesn't like the idea of Gwen seeing Jane, but Ethan says it's not right to keep Gwen from Jane.  Rebecca wants to know what the rush is to leave.  She wants Theresa to get what she deserves.  Gwen says she will but to be patient.

Eve tells Vincent that he is so filled with hate, but she really did want him.  He doesn't believe her  because she couldn't even quit drinking while she was pregnant with him.  If she doesn't like him, it's all her fault that he is who he is.  Whitney comes back and wonders why her mother is wasting time talking to Vincent.

Edna and Norma come right outside of Miguel's door ready to kill him.  Tabitha sees in her bowl that Edna and Norma are still alive and are on a murdering rampage.  She tells Endora that she can't stop it or the boys in the basement will be mad.  Edna and Norma go storming into the room.

Rebecca wonders where Gwen got her patience from because it sure wasn't from her.  Gwen tells her she needs to wait for the right time, right when Theresa is ready to walk down the aisle in her wedding dress.  Gwen doesn't think there's a better time to drop the bomb.  Jared walks up and asks what they are up to.

Whitney tells Vincent to leave and that her mother doesn't want him there either.  Vincent's not so sure about that.  Eve starts to tell her the truth, but Whitney interrupts and says he must have come from some corrupt gene pool.  Vincent says that's the first true thing he's heard since he's been there.  Vincent doesn't think Eve wants him to leave.  Eve starts to tell Whitney the truth again, but then she backs off and decides not to tell her.  Vincent  says  she'll pay for being too embarrassed to tell Whitney that he's her brother.

Endora puts a bubble around Miguel and Kay.  When Norma and Edna try to hurt Miguel, their weapons just bounce right off.  They end up hitting each other.  They go back downstairs and Tabitha laughs because they're no match for her Endora.  They're in trouble now because they didn't get the job done of killing Miguel.  The house starts to shake and Tabitha realizes they mean business this time.

Vincent finally decides to leave, but he tells Whitney that they'll be getting to know each other real well before this is all over.  Whitney asks Eve what he was doing here.  She says she doesn't know.  Secretly she's wondering how to get out of this mess.  She can't keep her son's identity a secret forever, and she can't let Luis take the fall for Vincent's crimes.  She can't think straight.

Theresa thinks it's so amazing that as soon as she divorces Jared they can be together.  Ethan asks her to trust him enough to tell him her secret.  Then he decides that he can live without knowing if  she can tell him that it's not about them.  She tells him it's not.  Then he assumes it's about Crane business and he doesn't care.  Theresa wants to set a wedding date as soon as possible.

Jared warns Gwen and Rebecca to be careful because karma is a real bitch.  They can't believe he knows the secret and didn't tell Ethan.  He had already lost Theresa so it wouldn't do him any good.  He tells Gwen she lost Ethan a long time ago and she should learn to live with it.  She tells him she has.  He hopes she'll leave the two of them alone.  Gwen is not worried.  She feels karma has already done its worst to her.  She is determined that Theresa and Ethan will never get married.

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