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Passions Update Friday 7/20/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

The blackmailer asks her if she wants to send him to his death because that is what will happen if she turns him in to save Luis.  She tells him she loves him and doesn't want to do that.  The blackmailer leaves her alone to think, but she realizes there's only one thing she can do.  She has to make the call.

Chad comes by because Miles left his stuffed animal at the studio.  Whitney won't let him go give to him because he just fell asleep.  She just wants Chad to leave.  Chad says he's not leaving until they get one thing straight.  Whitney says this is rich coming from her gay husband.

Fox begs her to give their marriage a second chance.  He realizes what he did was wrong, but asks her if the lengths he went through to keep her shows her how much he loves her.  Kay thinks maybe it just shows that a Crane will do whatever he has to to get what he wants.  Fox promises to never hurt her again.

Norma and Edna ask Tabitha if she's going to do what the boys in the basement want, let Spike kill Miguel.  She's thinking about it.  Norma tells her that they want the Tabitha back who caused Pompeii and the black death.  Tabitha warns them not to let Endora hear what they're talking about  because she would never let Spike squish Miguel.

Spike thinks to himself that all he has to do is knock the jack out from under the car and Fox will get his wish, having Miguel killed.

Ethan wants to know what Gwen has to tell him.  Gwen is sorry for dragging this out, but she is going to savor this moment that she's been waiting years for.  After she tells them what she knows, nothing is going to be the same for Ethan or Theresa.

Eve calls Dr. Wilson and tells him she has a patient who needs intense therapy right away.  She doesn't know the patient's name, but he has deep emotional scars which have caused him to commit murder and other horrible crimes.  Dr. Wilson urges her to call the police and turn this person in right away.  Eve tells him that this person is too fragile to be arrested.  Dr. Wilson agrees to see her patient as soon as he can rearrange his schedule.  Eve hopes it's soon enough to save both her son and Luis.

Chad tells Whitney is not gay.  Whitney says they are through talking because he's obviously still in denial.  Whitney tells him she's filing for divorce.  Chad begs her to take him back.  Whitney says there is no way she is going to do that.  Chad tells her she's making a big mistake.  Whitney asks if he's threatening her.  He's not that kind of guy, but he will fight for custody of his kids.  Whitney tells him there is no way a judge is going to let him have the kids because he sleeps with men.  Chad reminds her it was one man.  That doesn't matter.  Chad says he will fight for them and he will win.

Kay tells Fox she is not taking him back after what he's done.  She doesn't think she can ever forget that he lied about dying just to make sure she'd be stuck with him.  She is with Miguel now and she plans to be there forever.  Fox thinks to himself that she won't be with Miguel forever..

Tabitha knows she's a bad witch, but she doesn't want to see Miguel die.  Norma doesn't want too either because of his muscles, but she has to do it or there will be hail and brimstone on Harmony.

Miguel starts looking for his torque wrench.

Theresa tries to get up and leave, but Rebecca won't allow it.  Instead she hands Theresa a tissue.  Ethan is not amused.  Jared is standing around listening and wondering what Gwen knows that is going to change Theresa's life.

Fox blames his mess on his father and tells Kay that he's the one who had him do all of this.  Kay tells him it doesn't matter because they're over.  Fox thinks to himself that she'll come back to him once Miguel is dead.

Spike thinks that Miguel's car is his own death trap.

Dr. Wilson tells Eve he'll be there as soon as he can.  Eve hopes that Dr. Wilson can get the blackmailer to admit that he framed Luis in order to stop his execution.  Eve knows what he did to hurt Simone but wonders what he did to hurt Whitney and what he has planned next.

Whitney asks Chad to leave because she is not going to listen to him threaten to take her children away from her.  Chad says he wouldn't if she'd let him see them.  She is not going to expose them to his deviant lifestyle.  Chad would never do that.  Whitney tells him to leave.  He does, but not before telling her that this is not over.  Whitney hears pounding on the door and can't believe that Chad would dare come back after the argument they just had.  But it's not Chad, it's Vincent.  Whitney tells him he cannot come in.  He tells her they have so much to talk about and so much in common.  Whitney tells him they do not.  Vincent tells her they do...Chad.  Whitney doesn't want to talk about that because the thought of them together makes her sick.  Vincent tells her she can't talk since she gave birth to what she thought was her brother's baby.  Whitney asks him to leave.  Vincent taunts her about how they both made love to Chad and how good he is.  Whitney is getting sick talking about this.  Vincent tells her he loved it when Chad kissed him.  Whitney tells him to leave or she will call the cops.  She calls him an evil horrible person.  Vincent tells her that she thinks she's so much better than him because she grew up in the lap of luxury.  Whitney knows she and her family are better than him because he is evil.  Vincent says he may be that, but he's so much more.  When Whitney asks what he means, he replies that he is part of her life forever.

Fox tells Kay about how Miguel forgave her for tricking him into getting her pregnant, her father forgave her for keeping the secret about her mother.  He's just asking for her to forgive him.  Even if she could forgive him, she is planning on living her life with Miguel and she plans on divorcing him.  He says no.

Norma is enjoying the food around here because everything down there is burnt.  Edna tells her to be quiet because Miguel is about to kick it.  Norma said she love some good Mexican.  Tabitha can't watch.  She really has grown to care for Miguel.  Norma and Edna warn her that it's talk like that that has the boys in the basement testing her.  She agrees that she can't do anything to make them more angry.  Norma and Edna recommend she get Endora out of the way so that she doesn't do something to mess up their plans.  Tabitha tells her to go study her alchemist alphabet.

Miguel wishes he had his old car.  It just wasn't the same after it ran over Fox.  Spike thinks to himself that that's funny because this one won't be the same after it falls on his face.  He doesn't laugh for long as his hammer flies out of his hand.

Ethan tells Gwen to spit it out already.  Theresa is about to faint knowing that her secret is about to come out.  Gwen surprises everyone by telling Ethan that she has decided to give him the divorce.  Rebecca and Theresa can't believe that she didn't tell Ethan.  Gwen tells Theresa that she didn't tell him because she didn't want to hurt him.  However, she tells her mother that she is waiting until Theresa is happiest and has her guard down.  She plans on spilling the beans right before Theresa walks down the aisle.  Rebecca is thrilled.

Theresa runs into Jared.

Whitney asks Vincent what he meant by saying that he's part of her life forever.  He tells her she'll find out soon enough.  Eve comes in and wants to know what Vincent is doing there.  Whitney tells her she was trying to get him to leave because he was saying all kinds of gross things to her.  Eve tells him to leave.  Vincent tells her she has a lovely home and that Whitney and Simone were lucky to grow up there and be loved by her and Coach Russell.  Whitney goes to check on Miles and hopes Vincent will be gone when she gets back.  Vincent tells Eve that he's not leaving.

Fox asks her to give him one more chance.  Kay tells him she can't because she doesn't love him the way she loves Miguel.  Fox reminds her that Miguel left her once.  What makes her think he won't do it again?

Norma wonders why the hammer went flying out of Spike's hand.  Tabitha hopes that Endora didn't have a part in saving Miguel.  Spike decides he doesn't need the hammer and will just kick it with his feet.  Endora steps in, however, and saves Miguel.  Tabitha is afraid she's going to get them all killed.

Fox and Kay wonder what all the noise is outside.  Kay has to keep him from going down to the basement.  Fox looks out and wonders why Miguel is still alive.

Eve tells Vincent to get out.  Vincent tells her he's not going anywhere.  Eve tells him he's a horrible person because he cheated on Valerie and slept with someone else's husband.  Vincent thinks it's funny that she's lecturing him on morality when she did drugs, slept around, had a baby out of wedlock and drove drunk.  Eve wants to know how he knows all this.  He is a tabloid reporter, among other things.  Eve tells him that his parents obviously did a bad job of raising him.  He agrees.  Eve tells him that they are through talking and she's going to call the police.  Vincent tells her she won't.

Gwen tells her mother that she hopes Jared didn't hear what they were going to tell Ethan.  Rebecca said it wouldn't be so bad if he did because then he'll divorce Theresa sooner and then she'll marry Ethan.  That's when Gwen can get her revenge.

Theresa is sorry that Jared had to find out about her and Ethan.  He already knew because he heard them at the Book Cafe.  She doesn't know what to say.  Jared agrees to give her a divorce and says that he knew being married to her was too good to be true.  Gwen and Rebecca realize that he doesn't know anything else.  Rebecca is disappointed that Jared is letting Theresa off the hook so easily.  Gwen tells her that it's ok, she'll make Theresa's life miserable.

Kay is surprised to see Norma and Edna.  They tell her they came from the boys in the basement to give Tabitha a message.  Tabitha tells her the boys have got themselves in an uproar because Endora has done good again.  Miguel comes in and asks where Fox is.  Kay tells him he was just here.  Miguel tells her he fixed his car and they can go wherever she wants.  Kay doesn't care as long as she's with him.

Fox is outside with Spike asking why he didn't get the job done.  Spike tells him that Tabitha and Endora must have done something to him.  Spike goes on to tell him about the demons in the basement.  Fox thinks he's high.  Spike is out of there.  Fox sees Miguel with Kay and swears he won't let him have her.

Eve wants to know why Vincent thinks she won't call the police.  Vincent tells her that he already told her how he hurt Simone, doesn't she want to know how he hurt Whitney.  Eve realizes that Vincent is her son.

Jared goes to pack his things.  Ethan stops Theresa from following him.  He tells Theresa how happy he is that they are both free now to be together and be a family with Jane and Little Ethan.  Gwen whispers to her mother that Theresa should enjoy it while she can because her days with Ethan are numbered.  Rebecca says to let the countdown begin.

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