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Passions Update Thursday 7/19/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is surprised to see Kay and Miguel home already.  She assumed they'd be gone for the night.  They missed Maria and wanted to be close to her.  Miguel tells them he's going to change and then look at the car because he didn't like the noise it was making.  Kay thinks it's a little strange but wants him to be happy.  Tabitha is glad to see them together after all they've been through.  Kay tells her that from now on, their lives are going to be perfect.

Fox tells Spike that he wants Miguel out of the picture so he can have Kay back.  He doesn't care what Spike has to do to make it happen, just make it look like an accident.

Fancy tells Luis that his execution has been moved up again.  He could die within hours and they still haven't found the blackmailer.  Luis tells her that there's got to be a lead out there somewhere.  He knows someone has to know something.  Fancy only knows that she can't let him die.

Julian asks Eve what's wrong with their child.  It's not like he's a serial killer, is he?  She tries to tell him that their son is unique.  She tries to delicately put things and remembers when she found out that her own son killed Simone's lover, Rae.  The blackmailer whispers to himself that if she tells him the truth, they'll both have to die.

Ethan tries to get Theresa to go to the hospital since she's just been poisoned, but Theresa tells him she feels fine.  Gwen is glad to hear this because now they can have their little chat about fathers and sons.

Tabitha tells Kay she shouldn't tempt fate by saying that her future is going to be perfect from now on.  Kay says it will be because she has Miguel now and Fox is fine with it.  Plus, she's got her magic powers now.  Tabitha tells her that she is still a fledgling witch and needs to be careful.  Kay has decided to be a good witch, but Tabitha explains that it's not up to her.  The universe decides and once she's angry, her bad witch side will come out whether she wants it or not.  Kay doesn't like Tabitha putting a damper on her happiness.  Miguel comes back from changing.  Although Kay wants to go upstairs, Miguel says he can't sleep until he checks out the car.  She wasn't talking about sleeping.  He promises to be right up, but she insists on going out with him and helping like she did when they were teenagers.  Before she can leave, though, Fox catches up to her and says he wants to talk.

Luis feels that if he knew why the blackmailer was mad at him, he could use that to find him.  Fancy tells him that it is mad at his whole family since Theresa was poisoned tonight.  Luis assumes it was the blackmailer.  Fancy wonders how he always manages to get away.  Luis thinks somebody knows where the blackmailer is and is protecting him.

Julian says that he will do whatever it takes to fix his son.  The blackmailer wonders if his daddy would really do that for him.  Then Julian tells her that is, unless he's a serial killer.  Eve can't hide her expression from Julian and he lets her know he was kidding.  She needs to go out and get some air.  Julian asks her if she knows when they can see him again.  She says no.  The blackmailer says to himself that Julian is in for a lot more disappointment.

Ethan wants to know what Gwen was going to tell him earlier and what she means by fathers and sons.  Gwen says she'll tell him but first she wants some tea.  Ethan doesn't think that's very funny since Theresa almost died drinking tea not an hour ago.  Gwen assures him she has no agenda, she just wants tea.  Once he's gone, Theresa wants to know what she's up to.  Gwen tells her that she is finally going to have her revenge.

Miguel tells Fox that Kay doesn't want to hear what he has to say, but Kay says she has some things to say to Fox, too.  Miguel goes to work on the car.  Kay tells Fox that he's the most despicable man she's ever known.  Outside, Miguel says he needs a jack to get a closer look at what's wrong.  Spike tells himself that Miguel just gave him a great idea for how to make it look like Miguel dies from an accident.

Theresa figures out that Gwen only came back so that she could get Ethan back and her marriage.  Gwen denies that she wants Ethan back.  She just wants Theresa to feel as badly as she does and make sure that she is never with Ethan.  She tells Theresa she knows her secret and Ethan is going to hate her after hearing it.  Theresa reminds her that she is the one who spilled the beans about Ethan's paternity.  Gwen said she did that to help save Ethan from her.  Theresa tells her to stop playing games and just spit it out.  Ethan asks her to do the same thing.

Tabitha comes down and sees Kay talking to Fox.  Although they assure her they're all right, Tabitha decides to watch them.  Kay tells Fox that he never loved her, he loved controlling her.  She can't believe he watched Miguel go off to prison for something he knew he didn't do.  Tabitha is distracted by Miguel fixing the car.  She then sees Spike and realizes that he is going to rip the jack out from the under the car as soon as Miguel gets under it.  Then Norma and Edna show up and tell her that they're there to keep her from saving Miguel because he must die.

Luis wants to try to get the blackmailer out of hiding.  They know that the attacks are not random.  This must be a vendetta against someone in Harmony.  Fancy finally agrees with Luis that someone must know something and they are protecting the blackmailer.

Julian admits that it must seem strange that he's so enthusiastic to help his son.  Eve agrees since he ignored his other children.  Julian wants to help him by giving him a career at Crane and teaching him the business.  Eve tells him that maybe their son doesn't want to know the business, that maybe he isn't like Chad.  Julian asks if he's gay like Chad.  Eve doesn't really answer, but says that Chad says he's not gay.  Julian wants to know what she is saying then.  Before Eve can answer, Pilar runs up upset.  She tells them that Luis' execution date has been moved up.  She doesn't know what to do because Luis didn't kill those people, and he didn't rape Fancy.  Julian tells her he knows that now.  Eve is so sorry for Pilar.

Gwen tells Ethan to be patient because what she has to tell him is delicate.  She starts by telling him she remembers how devastated he was when he found out he wasn't a Crane.  He tells her it wasn't about the money, but that he didn't know who he really was.  Gwen can't imagine what it must have been like for Julian or Sam.  Julian had to deal with finding out that he wasn't his son, and Sam had to realize too late that he had a son.  Gwen wonders what it must have done to Ivy to keep her secret all that time.  She figures it must have aged her.  Rebecca agrees and says just look at her.  Theresa suddenly asks Ethan for a sandwich.  Ethan just wants to hear what Gwen has to say, but Gwen tells him to go ahead.  Theresa asks Gwen what she is planning on telling Ethan.  Gwen tells her she knows her secret that Little Ethan is really Ethan's son.  She plans on telling him and destroying Theresa's life.

Fancy and Luis try to figure out what the connection is between the blackmailer and someone in Harmony.  Fancy is afraid she's going to lose Luis.  He tells her not to give up hope.  She agrees, and they go back to trying to figure out how to save him.

Eve tells Pilar that there has to be someone who can stop this execution.  Pilar tells her that she's been praying that someone will come forward, but she doesn't feel like God is listening to her.  She's afraid she's going to lose Luis like she lost her Antonio.

Gwen tells Theresa that she found J.T.'s USB stick, and it has all he proof she needs on it.  Theresa tells her she's bluffing.  Gwen denies it.  She tells Theresa that Ethan is going to hate her for not telling him he has a son.  Theresa tells Gwen she can't tell him.  She'll be ruining his chance at happiness.  Gwen tells her that she's really saving him from a life of pain of living with Theresa.  Gwen is happy that Theresa going to wind up with all the pain and misery that she deserves.

Kay tells Fox that it makes her sick that he hired someone to impersonate Charity and Miguel.  Fox is truly sorry and he wants to apologize to her from the bottom of his heart.

Norma and Edna tell Tabitha that the boys in the basement sent them to tell her to let Miguel die.  They are sick of all of her good deeds lately.

Spike is ready to make guacamole out of Miguel.

Eve feels so bad for Pilar.  Pilar runs off to be with Luis since he hasn't got much time left.  Julian leaves and asks Eve to let him know when he can meet his son.  Eve can't believe she's even thinking about keeping what she knows a secret so that she can save her son and Luis might die.  She wonders if she learned anything by what happened when she kept Ivy's secret.  The blackmailer tells her she should be worried about her own son.

Theresa begs Gwen not to tell Ethan.  Theresa doesn't want Gwen to hurt him.  Gwen is doing this for him, and she doesn't think Theresa is begging hard enough.  Ethan asks them what is going on.  Gwen is glad he's back because she wants to tell him everything.

Luis doesn't understand how someone who knows that he is about to be executed for crimes he didn't commit could be silent when they know who really did this.

Eve admits that she feels guilty about Pilar and Luis.  She has to go to the police.  The blackmailer tells her that if she does, then he will die.  Is that what she wants?

Kay tells Fox that she not only hurt Miguel, but her, too.  She ends up looking like an idiot because she thought he loved her.  He does love her and asks her to give him a second chance.

Tabitha can't watch as Kay's heart is going to break if she lets Miguel die.  Norma and Edna tell her she can't interfere per the orders of the boys in the basement.  If she does, they will bring all kinds of fire and brimstone on Harmony.

Ethan wants to know what Gwen meant when she told Theresa that all she had is gonna disappear.  Gwen tells him he'll find out when she tells him what she knows.  Theresa tries to get him to leave, but Gwen says he is going to hear everything she has to say.

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