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Passions Update Wednesday 7/18/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Miguel surprises Kay by bringing her to a B and B.  She is thrilled that he did all this for her.  Miguel is happy that Fox is never going to come between them again.

Fox is drinking away his sorrows over losing Kay in a dive bar.  Spike comes up to him in a disguise.  Fox doesn't want anyone to see that they know each other.  Spike figures out why Fox is there and tells him that he has escaped from jail.  He refuses to go back there.  Fox says it may be too late as they see Sam walk in.

Julian doesn't understand why his son is hiding and doesn't want to meet him.  He says Cranes don't hide from anything.  Eve tries to get him to come out and meet his father, but the blackmailer is afraid of what will happen if he loses control.  Julian asks him to come out so he can see what kind of man he's become.  The blackmailer is not so sure he wants to know.

Fancy and Jared to mouth to mouth and CPR on Theresa.  Ethan shows up  and realizes that her tea smells sweet and informs everyone that sometimes poisons smell sweet.  He wonders who could have done this.  Sheridan has a memory of being angry with Theresa and fixing her some tea.  The demon elf is cheering Theresa on to die.

Miguel and Kay make plans to buy a little house together with a yard and swing set for Maria.  Kay can't believe how close she came to losing Miguel.  She is ashamed that she let herself be fooled by Fox.

Sam tells Fox he doesn't have to call him Chief Bennett since he's his son-in-law.  Fox tells him that that won't last long if Kay has something to say about it.  Sam says he can't blame her.  He wonders if that's why Fox is in this dive.  Fox offers to have Sam join him, but he declines since he's working.  Sam says Fox is not his favorite person right now but wants to know if he's seen Spike since this is one of his hangouts.

Julian is still confused about why his son won't come out to meet him.  He hears something and opens the door only to see the blackmailer go out the window.  He yells for him to come back.  Julian goes out the front door and thinks he sees his son and asks him why he ran off like that.  Eve tells Julian that she tried to warn him.

Ethan thinks he knows what Theresa ingested and he knows the antidote.  He goes to talk to the paramedics who have the antidote, but it has to be given in stages.  The first stage is inhaling it.  Jared wants to know how she's going to inhale it if she can't even breathe.  Gwen grabs Theresa and screams at her to wake up.  She has not waited all this time to get her revenge only to have Theresa die.

Fox lies to Sam and tells him he hasn't seen Spike.  Sam figures he's vanished into thin air but then thinks he probably wouldn't get that lucky.

Kay apologizes to Miguel for not believing him and doubting him.  He says there's no reason to apologize because everyone believed Fox's story.  She says she will never doubt him again.  He takes that opportunity to propose.  She accepts, but they have to wait until after she's divorced.  He says he wants to marry her tonight.  It may not be legal or in a church, but they can get married before God.  He says he's already got a Justice of the Peace who is already there.  He brings out a coat rack with a hat on it and a suit jacket hanging on it.  He talks to it like it's the Justice of the Peace.  He tells Kay that he thinks she's an angel and he's a lucky son of a gun.  Kay just laughs and tells him he's crazy.

Valerie comes home and sees that Eve got her text message.  Julian is upset that he didn't get to meet his son and never even got a "hi, Dad."  Eve tells him that he's always thinking of himself.  Valerie wonders what happened in her house.  Eve tells them that the first meeting with her son didn't go so well.  Julian asks if there was violence.  Eve denies it  and just says that he blames her for a lot of things, including feeling abandoned.  Julian tells her that wasn't her fault, she didn't know he was alive.  Eve says that as a mother, she should have known.

Gwen's shaking Theresa ends up getting Theresa to breathe again.  Ethan reluctantly thanks her.  They give her the antidote to breathe in right away.  Sheridan secretly wonders if she could have had something to do with this and remembers her deal with the blackmailer.  Ethan wants to get her to the hospital right away, but the paramedic tells him she needs more time to breathe in the antidote.  Rebecca can't believe Ethan would thank Gwen for slapping Theresa.  Gwen can't believe she would ever want Theresa to live, but she wants to continue to make her life hell.

Kay and Miguel share vows with each other.  Miguel promises to love and cherish her.  Kay thanks God for this chance to be with the man she has loved since she was little and for the wonderful daughter he has given her.  Miguel doesn't have any rings, but they know in their heart they are married.  Instead, Kay takes off her ring from Fox as a symbol of unmarrying him.  They both say I do and then Miguel kisses the bride.

Sam tells Fox he'll be all right.  Sam's been there.  He's going to check out some other places and keep looking for Spike.  Fox wishes him luck.

Julian thinks it's unfair that their son blames Eve for missing out on being with them.  They missed out on just as much.  It wasn't their fault that they didn't know he was alive.  Eve still feels that as a mother she should have intuitively known.  Julian promises that he'll get all the therapy and help he needs.  However, Julian feels that just knowing he's a Crane should solve any confusion.  Valerie suddenly pipes up and says that Luis' execution has been moved again, and he is  scheduled to die in just a few hours.  Julian is pretty sure Luis didn't commit those crimes.  Eve tells him she knows he didn't because their son told her.

Rebecca tells Gwen that now that Theresa has revived she can tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan.  Theresa wakes up and tells Ethan she loves him in front of everyone.  Fancy consoles Jared who realizes he means nothing to her.  Gwen can't wait to stick the knife in Theresa's heart.  The demon elf is mad that Theresa didn't die.

Spike thanks Fox for covering for him and says he guesses he owes him one.  Fox says he's going to collect on it tonight. He has a job for him, murder.

Miguel and Kay make love.  Miguel says this time it's different because they can't get caught and no one can come between them.  It doesn't have to end.

Theresa wonders what happened to her.  They tell her she was poisoned.  She assumes it was Gwen, but Ethan tells her he was with her when it happened.  Ethan asks Fancy to get an investigation started.  She will try, though they're not crazy about her since she resigned from the police department.  Ethan tells her to tell them that the chief's son is calling for it.  Jared goes to leave because he can tell that Theresa is more in love with Ethan than ever.  He can't believe he ever thought they were through with each other.  Theresa refuses to go to the hospital and just wants to be with her kids.  The paramedic only agrees if she sits there for the rest of the IV.  Ethan tells her maybe she should go to the hospital  so she'll be protected.  Gwen says even the hospital can't protect her from the truth.

Spike doesn't want to murder anyone now that he's a fugitive.  Fox tells him he can't say no to the Cranes and that he will do it.

Julian asks Eve if she's saying that their son was involved in a murder.  Eve didn't say that.  She just had a rush of maternal love when talking to him that made her understand Pilar's situation.  Julian doesn't see the connection between the two situations.  Eve tells him that their son was innocent when he was taken and then an evil person turned their world upside down.  Julian tells her that Sam was unable to find any evidence to clear him and he was sentenced by a court of law.  Eve reminds him that the trial was a sham.  She doesn't think anyone is going to come out and save Luis like Spike did with Miguel.  She feels that if something doesn't happen in the next few hours, Luis will be executed.

Ethan surprises Theresa by telling her she has Gwen to thank for being alive.  Sheridan comes over to see if Theresa is ok.  She's a little worried to learn that there is going to be an investigation.  She tries to leave, but Fancy tells her she can't until the police question her.  She tells the police she saw nothing out of the ordinary.  Ethan walks Sheridan out.  Gwen tells Theresa she doesn't blame her for wanting to be with the kids.  She asks if their father will be there.  Theresa says she doesn't keep up with Julian's schedule.  Rebecca tells her to go in for the kill, but Gwen wants to wait until Ethan is there.

Spike covers by saying he was just making a joke and of course he'll murder someone for Fox.  Fox tells him he wants Miguel dead.

Valerie has to go back to the office.  She wants to be there for Theresa when she hears about Luis.  Julian wants to know everything that happened when Eve talked to their son.  Eve realizes she forgot to ask his name.  Julian wonders about what Eve said earlier about him knowing about Luis' innocence.  He wants to know if his son has been in trouble with the law or is a serial killer or something.  The blackmailer whispers that his mommy better not say anything or he'll have to kill them both.

Theresa tells Gwen she doesn't know what she's talking about, but what else is new.  Gwen tells her she's talking about the truth, but she wants to wait until Ethan can hear it, too.  Theresa is feeling shaky.  Fancy tells her that's normal.  She sent the teacup to the lab and they will have the results soon.  Theresa asks about Jared.  Fancy tells her that he told her to tell her that he had to go back to the office.  Ethan can't believe he would leave after his wife almost died.  Fancy tells them that he made sure Theresa was all right  first.  Ethan gets Theresa to agree to go home via ambulance.  Gwen tells Theresa to take care of herself.  Rebecca doesn't understand why Gwen doesn't do it now.  Gwen tells her there will be plenty more opportunities and she wants to wait until the best moment to have her revenge.

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