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Passions Update Tuesday 7/17/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

While the blackmailer is choking Eve, he's telling her that he is through with her words and her lies.  He knows she just wants to turn him into the police and get rid of him just like she did when he was a baby.  Eve manages to barely ask for help, but the blackmailer says that he'll only help her die.

Fancy asks the police to let her help on the investigation to find the blackmailer even though she has resigned from the force.  Jared comes along and can sympathize since he wants to find the blackmailer, too, so he won't lose Theresa.  If anyone tried to keep him from losing her, he'd have to kill them.

Gwen wants Ethan to know that she has accepted they are getting a divorce and that when she tells him this secret that Theresa's been hiding, it's not as an ulterior motive.  He feels that with no ulterior motive, she sure is pulling out all the stops.  She says she has a right to after everything Theresa's done to her.  Once he finds out the truth, he is going to agree with her that someone should have fed her rat poison a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Theresa is with Sheridan at the Book Cafe drinking her rat poison-laced tea.  Theresa's throat starts feeling a little funny and Sheridan encourages her to drink more tea so it will feel better.  The demon elf is having a great time watching all this.  He says that once someone is possessed, they don't remember what they have done.  He is sure that unlike Gwen's attempt to strangle Theresa, this will work.

Fancy thinks Jared is being a little harsh in saying he would kill whoever got between him and Theresa.  He's serious.  He is sick of the blackmailer and Ethan coming between them.  They both want to find the blackmailer so they can keep the people they love, so they agree to work together.

Ethan is disappointed that Gwen can't be mature enough to let this fight go with Theresa.  He tells her Theresa is scared, and Gwen agrees she should be.  Theresa is scared that Ethan is going to find out her secret.  Ethan says she's scared because someone tried to kill her tonight.  Gwen then flashes back to her mother commenting on the rope burns on her hands matching those on Theresa's neck.  She wonders what happened.  Ethan wonders what's wrong with her.

Theresa apologizes to Sheridan for making her angry.  Sheridan says she's fine, but Theresa has to understand that she is not giving up on Luis.  She believes his little fling with Fancy will be over once he gets out of prison.  She and Theresa start to get in a heated argument again and try to agree to disagree.  They both agree that they need to catch the blackmailer.  Theresa says she can't imagine there isn't anything someone wouldn't do to free Luis.  Sheridan remembers the deal the blackmailer gave her to kill Theresa in exchange for bringing Pretty back to town.  She tells Theresa that maybe there is something she wouldn't do.

The blackmailer continues to strangle Eve and tell her that he's trying to get rid of him like trash once again.  Eve tells him to look in her purse.  In there he finds baby booties that she knitted for him all those years ago and has kept them all this time.  The blackmailer is touched and apologizes for hurting his mother.

Julian prays to God and thanks him for giving him this second chance at being a father.  He realizes that this gift is from heaven.

The blackmailer apologizes that he hurt his mommy.  Eve wonders why he wants to hurt people that try to help him.  She is just trying to help him and teach him right from wrong.  Eve wants him to get help, but he says he won't go to an insane asylum.  She tries to tell him that they are places to help people from hurting themselves and others.  He says that he still has work to do.  He wants to hurt all of Julian's children, except Ethan.  He loves Ethan because he was also rejected by Julian.  Eve is shocked to hear this and explains to him that Ethan loves Theresa.  The blackmailer freaks out at the sound of that name.  He also gets upset at her reaction to the idea that Ethan might love him.  He wonders why she has to keep hurting him and how much more pain he has to endure.  He goes and locks himself in the bathroom.  Eve realizes he's unstable and wonders what she's going to do.

Theresa begins to gasp and cough.

Gwen can't believe that someone besides her would want to hurt Theresa.  Ethan just wants her guarantee that she's not going to do anything to come between him and Theresa, but he can see in her eyes that that's not going to happen.  Gwen tells him she plans to leave Harmony when their divorce is final, but there is something she has to tell him first.

Theresa asks Sheridan if there's really something she wouldn't do to free Luis.  Sheridan covers and says of course not.  Theresa continues coughing and the demon elf wonders if she's told anyone how she'd like to be buried.  Jared and Fancy come in and tell them they have partnered together to find the blackmailer.  Jared looks forward to moving on with their lives after they find him.  Theresa says she needs to talk to him, but he wants to get coffee first.  Theresa continues coughing and Fancy asks if she's all right.

Gwen tells Ethan she remembers how hurt he was when he found out the wasn't a Crane.  She would think it would be unforgivable if someone did that to him again.  Ethan just wants her to spit it out.

Theresa is anxious to tell Jared that she and Ethan want to be together since Ethan is telling Gwen that right now.  Fancy tells her that he will be so hurt.  Sheridan looks at Fancy and says it's so hard when someone butts into a meaningful relationship.  As Theresa and Jared go to their own table to talk, Theresa is gasping for air.  The demon elf is excited as Theresa is about to die.

Eve can't get the blackmailer to come out.  In a panic, she calls Julian and tells him she's with their son.  He is so excited that he doesn't let her warn him first.  He can't wait to meet his son.

Jared tries to get Theresa to breathe and tells someone to call an ambulance.  The demon elf tries to tell him it's not going to work because the rat poison is foolproof.

Julian shows up, and Eve tries to tell him what he's in for, but Julian can't stop talking about how he's going to make up for his past mistakes.  He imagines that he's just like him.  Eve says she wouldn't count on that.  Eve goes to get him.  Julian tells himself that after tonight, his life will never be the same.

Gwen begins to tell Ethan that there is a little boy out there when Ethan gets a frantic call from Fancy telling him that Theresa is dying.  He leaves right away.  Gwen is upset that Theresa might get away before she has her chance at revenge.

Sheridan has a strange memory and wonders if she could have done this.  Fancy and Jared continue to try to get Theresa to breathe.  Jared is upset that Fancy called Ethan.  It doesn't look good for Theresa.

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