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Passions Update Monday 7/16/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Julian knows he has been a terrible father to his other kids and wants to make up for it with his son with Eve.  Tabitha agrees to help him find him and looks in her magic bowl.  Julian would like a son to play golf with, to drink beer with, etc.  Tabitha is shocked by what she sees in her bowl.

Eve can't believe that the blackmailer killed Rae and asks why he would do such a thing.  Eve can't believe what a monster he is.  The blackmailer freaks out at being called a monster.

Gwen and Rebecca can't wait to tell Ethan the secret that Theresa's been hiding that he is really Little Ethan's father.

Sheridan, having been possessed by the demon elf's minions, makes Theresa some hot tea laced with rat poison.  Sheridan gets angry that she won't drink it right away because it's too hot.  Theresa notices that Sheridan looks a little strange.  She apologizes for making her angry before, but she feels that if Luis wants Fancy, Sheridan should let her go.  Sheridan tells her that she's a hypocrite for telling her not to go after Luis but she can go after Ethan.  Theresa can't believe how Sheridan is acting.

Before Gwen can tell Ethan the truth, Ethan tells her that he is sorry that their long relationship has to end up this way.  Rebecca asks if he is trying to say that he wants Gwen back.

Tabitha realizes that Julian's son is a monster, but she decides not to tell Julian.  She makes up a lie and tells him that she didn't see anything in the bowl.  However, he doesn't at first believe her because he saw her reaction.  She says that she was upset because a fly drowned in her bowl and she has a fondness for them.  Julian goes on to ask her about the bowl and what it does.  He asks her if it gets DirecTV.  She says that it is heaven sent and too good for her bowl.  She will have to subscribe just like everybody else.  Tabitha asks Julian to get Endora something to eat and then talks to Endora about why she lied to Julian.  Some of Endora's goodness is rubbing off on her so she couldn't tell him the truth that his son is a monster and is going to destroy him. 

Eve apologizes for calling the blackmailer a monster.  Eve tells him that he has to turn himself in.  He has done horrible things, and he can't let an innocent man pay the price.  The blackmailer says that no one is innocent.  Eve says that she will help him through this.  The blackmailer had to get back at Whitney and Simone because they had all the love of his mother and he did not.  He says he thought many times of killing himself and wishes he had never been born.  Eve tells him how much she wanted him and how if she had raised him he would have had love.  The blackmailer sobs and falls into Eve's arms.  Eve consoles him.

Ethan says it's too late to give their marriage another chance.  He tells them that he intends to marry Theresa after they're divorced.  Rebecca wonders about a little thing called her husband.  Ethan says they will deal with that and that he is not asking for her blessing.  Rebecca says he might as well slit his own throat right now.  Ethan says he's glad Gwen has moved on and wants what's best for her.  Ethan asks if he can go tell Theresa that she has nothing to worry about, that Gwen is not going to try to destroy their relationship.

Theresa is confused by Sheridan's behavior.  Sheridan tells Theresa that she knows Luis better than Theresa does and that she should stop meddling.  She says she loves Luis and she is going to have him no matter what.  Theresa wonders what the heck has gotten into Sheridan.  The demon elf is disappointed that Theresa won't be around to watch all the fun, but she'll be dead.

Gwen can't believe that after everything that Theresa has done to her that Ethan would have the nerve to ask her not to do anything to Theresa.  Gwen says that Ethan should be promising her that Theresa won't do anything to her.

The demon elf calls off his minion and unpossesses Sheridan.  Theresa comes back from the bathroom and plans to leave since she's obviously angered Sheridan.  Sheridan doesn't know what she's talking about.  She doesn't agree with her feelings on Luis and Fancy, but she's not angry about it.

Julian reads Endora a story.  He regrets not having spent time with his other children when they were this age.  Julian is surprised to learn that Tabitha knows what happened between Pretty and Fancy.  Tabitha reminds him that she knows everything.  Then why can't she see anything about Julian's son?  Tabitha claims to be tired and makes something up about her bowl needing a tune up.  Julian asks her what she is keeping from him.

The blackmailer is so happy to finally have a mommy to love him and tell him stories.  That's all he ever wanted.  Eve wants to be there for him.

Julian wants to know what she's not telling him.  He sees this as a great opportunity to start fresh with another child, with no baggage.  Tabitha takes Endora up to bed and Julian calls her his angel.  Tabitha tells him that they don't use that word in this house.

Eve reassures the blackmailer that she loves him and will be there to protect him.  But, she also tells him that in order to be a good mommy, she has to teach him right from wrong and must turn him in.  The blackmailer is furious.  He realizes this was all a trick and that she is like all the others.  Therefore, like all the others, she must die.

Gwen is furious that Ethan would ask her not to do anything to Theresa.  She says she would be justified if she choked her to death.  Ethan tries to reason with her.  Gwen tells him that Theresa is nothing but a liar and it's time he knew her big secret.

Sheridan reassures Theresa that she disagrees with her about her and Luis but that she's not angry.  She insists that Theresa sit down and drink her tea.

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