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Passions Update Friday 7/13/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha, Julian and Endora are poofed back home.  Julian has many questions, and Tabitha suggests he take it slow.  She tells him how talented Endora is.  Julian wants to know everything.  Tabitha thinks to herself that he might not want to know everything about all of his children.

The blackmailer tells Eve that he is the way he is because of all of the drugs and alcohol that she and Julian consumed before he was born.

Sheridan remembers the promise the blackmailer made that if she kills Theresa, he will bring Pretty back to town who will convince Luis that Fancy is a liar and he should leave her.  She thinks to herself that no matter how much she loves Luis, she can't kill anyone.  However, she needs to fight off these strong impulses to do it.  The demon elf tells her that if she is possessed again, then his minions will make sure she does it.

Ethan asks Theresa to stop all this worrying about him hating her because he loves her.  He says let Gwen tell him what's going on because nothing is going to stop him from loving her.

Gwen and Rebecca celebrate knowing Theresa's secret.  Gwen can't wait to have revenge on Theresa.

Ethan wants to go to the mansion and find Gwen.  He asks Theresa to trust in their relationship.  She does, but she knows that Gwen hates her enough to use this to tear them apart.

Gwen is trying to figure out why Theresa didn't tell Ethan the truth.  She figures that she must have been afraid they would take Little Ethan like they did Jane.  That doesn't explain why she wouldn't tell him after they agreed to get a divorce.  They assume it was because of everything going on with Luis getting arrested and the blackmailer coming on to the scene.  Rebecca thinks this is great because now Gwen can get revenge and get Ethan back.  Gwen doesn't know that she wants Ethan back.

Ethan again assures Theresa that Gwen and Rebecca could never tear them apart.  Sheridan comes in and wonders what's going on.  Ethan tells her that somebody tried to kill Theresa.  He assumes it was the blackmailer because he can't think of another person that would want to hurt Theresa.  The demon elf just laughs and wonders where to begin.

Julian now understands why Tabitha didn't want to send Endora to preschool.  She tells him they had a few close calls, but managed to cover themselves.  Julian says he feels like he's in an episode of "Bewitched" and he's Darrin.  Tabitha reminds him that they are far from married.  Julian muses that that would be a prenup from hell.   He finds it amusing that while he thought Ivy and Rebecca were witches, she is the real thing.  Tabitha tells him that Alistair knew but didn't have any proof.  Julian says this explains all the weird things that have happened in Harmony.  Julian asks if Timmy was a witch, but Tabitha tells him that he was a doll she made in all of her lifetimes.  He wanted to be a real boy so then he became mortal.  Julian feels for what Tabitha must have gone through when she lost Timmy.  Tabitha says she will never get over it.

Eve asks the blackmailer to take off his mask so she can see him.  He's not ready to do that yet.  He continues to blame her and Julian for all his problems.  She says that they were both devastated when she finally remembered the truth that there was a man who came and took her baby.  The staff tried to tell her that her baby died, but she finally remembered the truth.  She tells him she suffered so much after remembering.  The blackmailer lifts up his skirt and tells her he bets he has her beat when it comes to suffering.

Julian consoles Tabitha as they remember Timmy.  Endora makes a couple of martimmys for them to remember Timmy with.  Tabitha and Julian are thrilled.  They reminisce about the last time Julian had a martimmy, the night they conceived Endora.  Julian insinuates that Tabitha used a spell on him to get him into bed.  She tells him she doesn't need magic to be good in bed.  She tells him if he wants a magical girlfriend to try this on.  She then chains him to a skeleton as he yells for her to get it off of him.  Endora finds it funny.

The blackmailer tells Eve that he went from foster home to foster home because no one wanted him.  He never got held or told what a good job he did.  Everyone treated him like a freak.  She asks him to believe her that Alistair stole him from her and as soon as they realized it, she and Julian tried to find him.  The blackmailer disagrees because he's not as pretty as Whitney or Simone.  He was her hideous mistake.

Ethan says he can't think of anyone else who would hurt Theresa but then we see the blackmailer asking Sheridan to kill her and the attempt that Gwen made.  The demon elf is proud of his minions who can make mortals do anything.  Ethan asks Sheridan to keep Theresa company while he goes to find Gwen.  He knows she'll be safe with Sheridan.  The demon elf says that what he thinks.

Rebecca can't believe that Gwen doesn't want Ethan back.  Gwen has another man now and is not even thinking of Ethan.  She says she loves this new man more than anything.  Gwen just can't wait to have revenge on Theresa.  Rebecca can drink to that.

Theresa tells Sheridan that she knows she and Luis had a great love, but he loves Fancy now.  She reminds Sheridan that she told Luis she had moved on and she has to let him go.  The demon elf notices Sheridan get more and more angry and suggests that she just needs a little push to kill Theresa.

Rebecca toasts to the complete destruction of Theresa.  She realizes that once this comes out, everyone will realize that Little Ethan is not a Crane heir and she'll lose all her power.  Ethan comes in and wonders what they're celebrating.

Tabitha lists to Julian all the important people she's ever had woo-woo with to prove she doesn't need witchcraft to be good.  Julian apologizes, but he notes that she is so good, he had to wonder.  They are both glad for what came out of it, their beautiful Endora.    Julian also compliments Tabitha for being a good mother.  He laments that he hasn't been a good parent.  He wonders if he would have done more if he could have prevented what happened between Fancy and Pretty.  Julian asks her to tell him who his child is with Eve.  He hopes it is the son he's always dreamed of.

The blackmailer always hoped that his mother would come find him but she never did.  He is envious of Whitney and Simone so he had to even the score.  Eve wants to know what he did to her daughters.

Julian wants to make things go right when he meets his son for the first time.  He asks Tabitha to find him.  He hopes to play golf with him and imagines he'll be a ladies man like his dad.  Tabitha agrees to help him.

Eve wants to know how the blackmailer hurt her two daughters.  He says he made it so they lost the people they love.  He admits he killed Rae.

Gwen and Rebecca tell Ethan they're celebrating the end of an era.  Ethan is sorry to hear that she was so unhappy in their marriage that she feel the need to celebrate their divorce.  Ethan says that will just make what he has to tell her about him and Theresa that much easier.  Gwen tells him she has something to tell him about Theresa, too.

Theresa asks Sheridan to let Luis go.  Sheridan gets angry and decides to go make tea.  She is then possessed and is determined to win Luis back, even if it's over Theresa's dead body.

Julian asks Tabitha what she sees.

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