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Passions Update Thursday 7/12/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Julian wonders what is going on as he sees Tabitha and Esmeralda fighting the bad witches, Lucretia  and Griselda, with Endora looking on.

The blackmailer tells Eve that he is her son with Julian.  Eve starts to sob as the blackmailer begs her not to leave him.

Ethan begs Theresa to tell him the secret so they can all be together as a family and the blackmailer will lose control over them.  She's afraid he'll end up hating her.  He assures her that would never happen.  He's worried for her safety after what the blackmailer said about her.

Gwen and Rebecca search J.T.'s USB stick for the secret Theresa is hiding so they can tear her away from Ethan once and for all.  They also plan to delete their secret, that they were the ones who gave Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids.

Julian demands to know why this fighting is going on in front of Endora.  She's too sweet to witness such things.  He's afraid the special effects will hurt her.  Tabitha assures Julian that Endora is fine and asks him to go home.  He plans on taking Endora with him and they'll talk about Tabitha's parenting techniques in the morning.  Lucretia and Griselda will not allow that and when they threaten him, they learn that he is Endora's father.  They ask Tabitha if they'll trade Endora for Julian and she refuses.  She doesn't care if Julian lives or dies, even if he is Endora's father.  Esmeralda thinks Tabitha should be ashamed of herself, but she's not.  In fact, she doesn't care if they kill him.

Eve wonders if the blackmailer is wearing a disguise because he's ashamed of himself for all the wrong he's doing.  He admits he's ashamed, but not because of that.  Eve asks if he's done all of these horrible things because he was lost all those years ago.  He says he doesn't owe her any explanations.  Eve says he must know what he's doing is wrong.  The blackmailer replies that she must be his mother because she's nagging him already.  Eve tells him he needs help.  He needs to admit he has a problem and turn himself in to the police. 

Theresa is afraid that if she tells Ethan her secret that he will leave her for good, just like Whitney did when she learned Chad's secret.

Gwen finally gets in and opens up all the secrets that are hidden on the memory stick.  The first thing they are shocked to find is that Muffy Harrington is running a call-girl service.  Rebecca is a little disappointed she wasn't included.

Ethan continues to try to reassure Theresa that whatever her secret is, it could never tear them apart.  He tries to tell her that she could never keep a secret of betrayal the way Chad did with Whitney.  She would never keep a secret that would tear at his soul the way Chad's secret did.

The blackmailer stops Eve from calling the police.  He's sure she wants to ask him some questions first, like why he dresses the way he does.  It's because of his identity.  She doesn't understand, and he says no one does.  She wants to understand, and she wants to call Julian so the blackmailer can tell them both together.  The blackmailer wants to tell her first and doesn't think dear old dad can take the shock.

Esmeralda talks Tabitha into not letting the bad witches kill Julian.  They are determined to kill both Tabitha and Julian so Endora is an orphan and no one can fight for her.  Endora zaps the bad witches and frees her dad.  Julian is grateful.  Esmeralda determines that they have to fight these witches with an overpowering love.  Tabitha hates that idea and says it's like using nuclear weapons for peace.  Esmeralda reminds her that she's loved before with Timmy and Endora.  She says that's different, but Esmeralda knows they have to use the love of family to fight the witches.

Eve begs the blackmailer not to hurt her.  The blackmailer says he'd have to be a monster to hurt his own mother.  She didn't mean to imply that and asks that they wait until Julian gets here.  He wants to show her his face and thinks she can take it since she's a doctor.  He lifts up his skirt and she is horrified.

Theresa is afraid that Gwen will use her secret to tear her and Ethan apart.

Gwen finds the file marked Theresa Crane.  Rebecca can't wait to use it to ruin her.

Against Tabitha's better judgment, she, Julian and Esmeralda both fight the bad witches by thinking loving thoughts.  She decides to do it for Endora.

Eve apologizes for her reaction to the blackmailer's face.  She can't imagine what he's been through.  He doesn't want her pity.  He wants to know what she's going to do now that she knows who he is.

Ethan says that Gwen is only in town to finalize their divorce, and she's not going to be able to ruin their relationship.  Theresa is sure she'll try since she hates her with a passion for all she's done to her.

Gwen and Rebecca find out Theresa's secret, that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.  Gwen wonders why she kept it from him.  Rebecca knows that  when Ethan finds out, he is going to hate her forever and ever.

Julian is happy that they were able to use their love for Endora to fight off the witches.  Julian is shocked when he is able to read Endora's thought bubble.  Tabitha worries that now she has more explaining to do, but Julian understands clearly.  He knows now that the rumors about her being a witch are true.

The blackmailer admits that he has hurt everyone who hurt him because of the way he looks.  Eve asks him to let she and Julian make it up to him.  He says they can't because it's their fault his life is ruined.

Ethan tells Theresa he's going to find Gwen so she can sign the divorce papers.  Then she can divorce Jared and then they can get married.  Theresa asks him not to leave her to find Gwen.

Gwen wonders if they can trust what's on the memory stick.  She wonders about J.T.'s sources.  Rebecca assures her it must be true since the information about Chad on there was true.  Also on there is the information that Theresa started using the pill after she made love to Ethan.  It must be true.  Gwen knows that once Ethan finds out, he's going to hate Theresa.

Julian has to sit down as he takes in that Tabitha and Endora are witches.  Julian tells Endora that he loves her, too, his little witch.  He wonders what could possibly top the fact that his youngest daughter is a witch.

The blackmailer tells Eve that he is the way he is because of all the drugs and alcohol that she and Julian took before he was born.

Theresa begs Ethan not to find Gwen, but he assures her that neither Gwen nor the blackmailer can come between them.

Gwen can't wait to tell Ethan the secret because if she can't have Ethan, neither can Theresa.

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