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Passions Update Wednesday 7/11/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is sitting enjoying a martimmy when there's a knock at the door.  She hopes that it's not one of those missionaries trying to recruit her.  She opens the door from her chair and tells whoever it is to go away.  Julian comes in and wonders how she opened the door by sitting way over there.  She mumbles that it was on remote control.  Julian wants to see Endora, but Tabitha tells him he can't because she's in school.  Julian wants to know what kind of school is open at this hour.

Griselda and Lucretia, bad witches, have created a concoction allowing them to penetrate the goodness of Endora's school so they can get in and take her.  They intend to raise her as a bad witch and are sure Endora will thank them one day.

The blackmailer approaches Eve and tells her he's been waiting a long time for this moment.  Eve knows who he/she is.  She was supposed to meet her son here and wonders if the blackmailer killed him.

The demon elf looks on encouragingly as a possessed Gwen is strangling Theresa.

Ethan is trying to call Theresa and wonders where she is.  Rebecca comes along looking for Gwen.  They wonder if they might be together, but Rebecca doubts it since they really hate each other.

Gwen wonders why Theresa won't die.  The demon elf acts  as cheerleader, encouraging her to keep trying.

Julian wonders what kind of school Endora could be at in the middle of the night.  Julian is upset that she's not going to the Paul Revere Preschool he set up and thinks he should have a say in his daughter's education.  Tabitha assures him that she is taking care of her schooling and that she's perfectly safe.

The bad witches drink the concoction that will allow them to get into the good witch school.  At first it doesn't work and they wonder what they're going to do to get in there.  All of a sudden, poof, they have good witch dresses and tiaras on and they can now penetrate the goodness.  They're going in to get Tabitha.

Eve wants to know what the blackmailer has done to her son.  He/she wonders why Eve would assume he/she did something.  The blackmailer tells her she knows nothing about him/her.  Eve knows all of the evil it has done in Harmony and lists how it raped and attacked Fancy and killed Rae and the bartender and framed Luis. 

The demon elf continues to encourage a possessed Gwen as she strangles Theresa.  Theresa manages to cry for help and Ethan hears her.  Gwen comes back to normal and wonders what she's doing there.  Ethan comes over and realizes Theresa doesn't have a pulse.  Rebecca thinks to herself that Gwen finally killed her.

Tabitha tells Julian that Endora's school is none of his business and he should just leave it alone.  Julian admits that he was never a good father to any of his other kids and wants to make it up to Endora.  Tabitha wants him to stop making it all about him and think about maybe his kids are messed up because he's their father.  She just wants Julian to leave Endora alone and trust her to keep her safe.

Esmeralda realizes that they are bad witches.  They try to tell Endora that they are going to train her to be the baddest witch of all, but Endora tells them her mummy brought her here.  They tell her that her mom made a wrong turn.  Esmeralda steps in and tells them they can't take her.

Eve demands to know where her son is and what the blackmailer has done to him.  The blackmailer wonders why she cares about a son she's never met.  She explains it's because she's his mother.  The blackmailer says she never cared before and just threw him away.  Eve denies it and says Alistair Crane paid off the hospital staff to tell her the baby had died.  Once she realized it had been kidnapped, she started looking for him.  The blackmailer almost believes her.  She doesn't care what he/she believes, she just wants to see her son.  The blackmailer tells her that her son is in this house.

Rebecca asks if she should call 911, but Theresa comes to.  She doesn't know who attacked her because they came up from behind her.  She refuses to go to the hospital.  Rebecca says she has to go take care of something and leaves.  Ethan tells Theresa he knows who did this.

Tabitha asks Julian to leave Endora alone and not mess her up like he did his other children.  Julian succumbs and says he will have to trust Endora to raise her right.  Tabitha worries that he let that go a little too easily, but decides not to worry about it.  As Tabitha leaves with her witch hat, Julian is hiding in the bushes ready to follow her to see what kind of school Endora is attending.

The bad witches continue to try and trick Endora to come with them to the bad side.  Esmeralda tells them they can't take her because she's a good witch.  The bad witches decide they've wasted enough time and are ready to take Endora with them.

Rebecca is so proud of Gwen for almost killing Theresa.  Gwen says she hasn't even seen Theresa and doesn't know what she's talking about.  Rebecca tells her she had rope around Theresa's neck and shows her the rope burns on her hands.  Gwen is very confused and remembers nothing about this.

Ethan thinks it was the blackmailer who tried to kill Theresa.  Theresa wonders why it would do that when blackmailing her is working so well.  Ethan tells her that he talked  to it tonight and it told him a lot of things.  Theresa assumes it told Ethan her secret, but Ethan assures her it did not, but it did tell him it was going to get rid of her. 

Eve starts looking all over the house and crying out for her son but doesn't see him.  She demands to know what the blackmailer did to him.  The blackmailer assure her she will find out all the answers she wants, but they may not be the answers she wants to hear.

The bad witches tell Endora how pretty she is and how all bad witches are really pretty no matter what most people think.  They ask Endora to come along with them for non stop candy and ice cream.  There is growling and then the good witch tells them that Endora is  not going anywhere.

The demon elf wants to save the momentum Gwen had before and get her back to doing evil.  Rebecca is all excited because she found a clue about J.T.'s memory stick.  They talk about it and the demon elf grows impatient.  He makes it rain on the paper and then a map appears with an x on it.  They now can find the memory stick with all of J.T.'s secrets.

Ethan is worried that the blackmailer will come back to finish the job.  Theresa still refuses to go to the hospital.  Ethan tells her that the only way to stop the blackmailer is for her to tell him the truth.  Theresa thinks to herself that if she tells him the truth, their relationship will be over.

The bad witches tell Esmeralda that she can't do anything to them because that would be bad.  She tells them she'll flood them with good, happy thoughts and feelings.  Now they're a little scared.  Julian sees Tabitha go through a wall.  Tabitha arrives at the school and wonders why her daughter is not safe.  Esmeralda points out that Endora is fine, she's the one with the problem.  Tabitha tells them there is no way they're taking her daughter.

Gwen and Rebecca realize that the map leads them to Theresa's office where the memory stick has been all this time.  Rebecca tells J.T., wherever he is, that he's a genius.  They run off to Theresa's office.

Ethan begs Theresa to tell him the secret so the blackmailer has nothing more he can hold over her head, and they can be safe.

Tabitha and Esmeralda are trading laser beams back and forth with the bad witches.  Tabitha thought Endora would be safe here, but Esmeralda points out that Endora is sitting over there happy and safe while she's fighting for her life.  Meanwhile, Endora realizes her daddy is nearby and helps him get to her.  She makes a way for him to get past the wall.  He walks through it and finds himself among rocks and able to see the stars.  He goes up to the school and looks through the window and sees the witches fighting.  He wonders what the heck is going on.

Eve tells the blackmailer that if it hurt one hair on her child's head, she will kill it with her bare hands.  The blackmailer assures her that her son no longer exists.  She doesn't understand because the DNA matched.  The blackmailer explains that the son she had doesn't exist anymore.  Eve tells it she's through with his evil tricks and goes to leave.  The blackmailer asks her not to leave and calls her mother.  Eve asks it to repeat that.

Gwen and Rebecca are thrilled when they find the USB stick in Theresa's office.  Gwen says that Theresa is finished.

Ethan asks her to tell him the secret.  Theresa says it's terrible and she can't tell him.  Ethan says that he knows he loves her and he knows they can work it out.  Theresa doesn't know what to do.  She's convinced that if Ethan finds out, he's going to leave her.

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