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Passions Update Tuesday 7/10/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is feeling lonely without Endora.  She remembers saying goodbye to her at the good witches school.  She decides to take a look in her bowl and see how  she's doing.  She sees Esmeralda telling Endora what a good witch she is going to turn out to be. 

Gwen asks Sheridan if she's felt like killing Theresa the way she has.  Sheridan confirms she has and says that if she does, the blackmailer will bring Pretty to town and then Luis will dump Fancy to be with her.  They both decide that although the urge is great, they could not kill anyone in cold blood.  The demon elf says that's what they think.

Whitney comes to apologize to her mom for blaming her for Chad cheating on her with Vincent.  Eve says she shouldn't apologize because her sister Liz told her that her lies would come back on her, and they have.

Chad comes over to see Theresa to ask for her help with Whitney.  She says that he should have thought about how hurt everyone would be before he slept with Vincent.  Chad says that he thought Theresa would understand that secrets always come out.  He thinks she should tell Ethan her secret before he finds out from someone else.

Ethan tells the blackmailer he's made the right choice.  The blackmailer is scared and Ethan understands that, but he's going to be with him every step of the way and he'll make sure that he's treated with respect because they are friends now.

Chad asks Theresa if she'd do anything to hold on to Ethan's love, including keeping a secret.  She agrees.  That's why Chad didn't tell Whitney about sleeping with Vincent.  He asks Theresa to talk to Whitney for him.  She doesn't think Whitney will listen to her.  Chad says that she's her best friend and he wants to let her know how sorry he is and how much he loves her.  Theresa isn't making any promises, but she'll talk to her.

Eve tells Whitney she's sorry she failed her and Simone as a mother.  Whitney says she hasn't.  Eve feels guilty about the son she hasn't met yet.  Whitney tells her that it wasn't her fault that the baby was kidnapped from the hospital after it was born.  Eve hopes that her son will let her make it up to him.

Ethan makes the call to his dad and gets put on hold.  When he looks up, the blackmailer is gone.

Tabitha sees how well Endora is doing in school and how she doesn't miss her.  Tabitha really misses Endora and decides to make herself into a cat and sneak into the school to be near Endora.  Esmeralda tells Endora that she's just as smart as her mommy, but hopes they can use it for good instead of bad.  Esmeralda tries to get rid of the cat that has invaded their lessons.

Eve gets a text message from Valerie saying that her son wants to meet with her right now.  Whitney offers to go with her, but Eve says that it's just to be the two of them this time.  Whitney wishes her luck.  Eve is so excited for this moment.

Sheridan and Gwen are both scared about these urges they have to kill Theresa.  The last time she had this urge, Gwen almost killed her mother.  They both feel like they're going insane.  Sheridan has an idea of what to do and tells Gwen to come with her.  The demon elf wonders where they're going.

Tabitha tries to get Endora's attention in the classroom.

Ethan tells Chad that he feels sorry for the blackmailer because it's sick and desparate.  Ethan wishes that he would have told him Theresa's secret.  Chad wonders if maybe Theresa knows what she's doing by not telling him.  Ethan says he has to know, he can't believe it could be that bad.

Whitney tries to get Theresa to tell Ethan the truth.  Theresa refuses.  Theresa tells Whitney that Chad went to Vincent to heal his heart but when he got back together with Whitney, it was too late to turn back without causing a lot of pain.  Whitney wants to know if Theresa is defending Chad.  She says she's not, but she does understand how he felt he could control something that he couldn't.  It was a lose-lose situation, kind of like with her and Ethan.

Sheridan and Gwen go to Father Lonigan to try and get some help for their homicidal impulses.  Of course, the demon elf can't go inside with them or he'll burn to a crisp.  Father Lonigan has felt something much more evil than the blackmailer.  When Gwen and Sheridan confess they've been having their urges, Father Lonigan's fears are realized, the demons have been unleashed.  If they can't get rid of them, they are doomed.

Eve goes to see Valerie, but no one is there.

Ethan is sure that he wants to know Theresa's secret.  Ethan gets the feeling that Chad knows more than he's telling.  Chad just wants him to think about what could be so bad that Theresa would marry someone she doesn't love.  Ethan has racked his brain and can't think of anything that would make him not want to be with Theresa.  He thinks Theresa is just being her usual overly dramatic self.  Chad warns him that maybe she's not exaggerating this time.  Chad hopes that he still wants to be with her when he finds out the truth.  Ethan says he will, but Chad tells him that's what he thought about him and Whitney.

Theresa tells Whitney that she knows what Chad is going through.  Whitney doesn't see how because she isn't having an affair.  Theresa explains that she is betraying Ethan by keeping this secret from him.  Whitney thinks nothing would make Ethan happier than finding out Little Ethan is his son.  Theresa thinks that would be true, but he would hate her.  Look at what happened with Ethan and Ivy.  Whitney reminds her that Ethan and Ivy get along all right.  Theresa says that Ethan will never trust Ivy again and they won't have the same relationship as before.  Whitney knows she can never forgive Chad and then decides to leave.  Theresa then thinks that that is exactly why Ethan can never find out the truth because he will just walk away like Whitney has.

Eve calls out for Valerie and the blackmailer tells her he's here.

Gwen has to leave to run some errands.  Sheridan thinks she should stay and pray for more strength.  Gwen says that no demon can be as bad as everything Theresa has put her through.  Father Lonigan tells her not to count on it.  Sheridan admits that she's scared.  Father Lonigan tells her she should be.  The demon elf runs after Gwen.

Esmeralda makes up some excuse to get Endora out of the room and lets Tabitha know that she knows it's her posing as the cat.  She tells her how much she missed Endora and how she's worried for her after what the bad witches did.  Esmeralda understands, but asks Tabitha to trust her.  She doesn't think those witches can be around  so much goodness and Tabitha thinks they're probably all dead anyway.  However, they're all actually watching what's going on.  They promise to get Endora and teach her the ways of the dark side.  They believe Tabitha is a horrible mother for taking her daughter to a good witch school.  They plan on getting Endora soon.

Sheridan asks Father Lonigan what he thinks about bringing Pretty back to town.  Father thinks it would be ok unless Sheridan wants to use her to break up Luis and Fancy.  Sheridan didn't realize he knew everything.  Fancy had come to him a couple of years ago and told him everything.  Sheridan asks  if he forgave her.  Father admits he was shocked, but he is more concerned about Sheridan right now.  If she does this, she may win back Luis, but she will lose her soul.

Gwen is possessed by the demon elf and starts looking for Theresa.

Tabitha realizes that she needs to leave Endora alone at the school and she will be safe from the dark side.  Meanwhile, the bad witches are cooking up a plan to snatch Endora.  They cook up some green potion that will allow them to be in the good side long enough to snatch Endora.

Father Lonigan tells Sheridan that if she brings back Pretty for the wrong reasons, her soul will pay.  But Sheridan says she must be with Luis.  Father tells her she knows that she will be making a deal with the devil and can't do this.  Father Lonigan thinks she knows that if she does this, it will destroy her.

Chad tries to get through to Whitney to give him another chance.  He promises to God that he won't do this to her again.  She thinks it's humorous that he's bring God into such a Godless situation.  He promises her again that things will change, but she can't trust anything he says.

Eve is so grateful that her son wants to meet with her.  The blackmailer tells her he's been looking forward to it, too.

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